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Technology is ever changing thing since Stone Age. It has been researched, invented, discovered, and implemented a lot of during this period. Many technologies are today part of our living. Even we can’t imagine to living without them. Capitalism, revolutions worldwide & other political, social , economic changes in last two centuries have made notable impact on technological emergence. After 1970 computer’s use arisen initially in Western countries and then to all over the world. A room sized computer of its early time is now available in a pocket. We have capabilities of doing work as a PC in tablets, smartphones, LED’s etc. devices.  Android, iOS has boosted this trend a lot in recent 4-5 years.


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Here is a short & notable wearable technology devices list:-

These inventions are continue in our life. The most fancy & trending thing which is arising in current scenario is uses of Wearable technologies & devices. There are large list of such devices those are useful in our day to day life. Apple iWatch is going to be next exciting thing in this segment. Possibly it will be arrive in market soon by end of this year or in early 2015.

Smart Watches

We have seen this kind smart watches in Hollywood movies like James Bond. And now it is becoming common for us to see such devices on hand. There are many companies which are manufacturing smart watches. Sony is one of the leader in this market. Although Sony has focused on styling more than usefulness of the device. In the same segment there are other companies like Qualcomm, Pebble,  Wearing Digital WEDA,  RuputerNikeFuel etc. who have launched their smart watches. And people accepting all these watches as per their own needs. Smart watches have received mixed response in past 2-3 years. But still there are many fixes required to make  smart watches more  useful for us. One of the major points of attraction in this field is launching of Apple’s i-watch will be. As seeing quality of other Apple Products we can expect i-watch to be one of the best smart watch in market.


I don’t thing I need to introduce you headphone device in current time. We all love to use headphones for listening music, audio, & Radio. It is available in many forms in market. Current headphone devices are enriched with Bluetooth, Android Connectivity & many other smart features.

NFC Rings / Smarty Rings / ring as a input device

NFC devices are  new trend in market in recent years. Although responses for NFC devices are not so exciting in market but still it has good technology to use. There are rings in market which is useful to make payment, confirmation of bookings, security access etc. tasks via NFC enabled in those Rings. In my personal view it is really stylish to use a ring for above mentioned tasks. We no longer needed to imagine that it would be really nice if our ring has some kind display to connect with tech world. These smart rings will let you know who is calling us. From whom we received SMS or Email at our smartphone? Which friend has tagged us in facebook photo? Which friend retweeted our twit? All these activities will be shown on rings display. And we can use those smart & high-tech rings as input device as well. We can use them to instruct / input our connected devices in real time. We can play next song in our smartphone without touching phone in pocket.Read more about NFC Rings.

Google Glass

Google glass is very ambitious project led by Google. This device is one of the most quality & functional wearable technology available as of now. It has full HD camera to record moments at the time they are happening. You no need to stick around while your friends enjoy to capture the moment. You can capture moments while you are also enjoying using Google glass. Although Google glass product is costly for common users, but may be in future it will be available at cheaper cost. Many tech savvy people are using Google glass & doing many routing activities using Google glass.  Google glass users can read their e-mail; browse sites & do many internet stuff using their eye lids.

Smart Clothes and textile

Some companies have developed wearable tech T-shirts, Gloves, Shoes etc. Which have different kind of utilities in day to day life.  High tech Shoes can suggest you how much calories you burnt so far? How long you have run? It is really helpful device for tracking fitness activities. There is a high tech T-shirt which is made of fiber & will keep track of body temperature. Health sensor devices put on skin of user.  insole for Shoes to measure activities. Some wearable  Cardiac Device are helpful in tracking physical fitness & activities in real time.

Nail Watch

This will be nail watch which will have display time on your finger nails. So we can expect in future for time checking we no longer need smart watch or normal watch. Although it is still thing to come in market in physical & practical form. For detailed information about it visit here.

Smart Hand Band

LG is developing a wrist handband which will keep track of kids activities. These wristband will connect call to kids in 10 seconds if they will not answer. And will give location alerts for kid. Really helpful device for caring of kids. Read more about it at here.

Hidden Spy Pen

If you need to capture something secretly without letting know other people you can do this via using this spy pen camera. You can record images, Audio & video using this spy pen camera. You can keep it on continuous recording mode. It have nice storage capacity for storing media files.

Changing & going with trend in technologies is requirement of current time. We are seeing a lot of new technologies coming day by day. Even today we can’t imagine what will be future technologies. Please do let me know what you think about wearable technologies & its future for serving mankind.


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