Manage Things over Facebook for Better Social Communication

No doubt these days Facebook has great value in field of Social Networking.  Almost all over world people do like to make friends and share things with friends. We can say this as magic of Social Networking has come up in revolution after Facebook has been invented.  Now everybody can share anything he/she want to share with others over Facebook. But it has created some problem to other users in matter of Privacy & their private space.

Facebook for better social communication

how to manage things over Facebook for a healthy and better Social Communication:-

  • Manage things related to your Timeline Posting and viewing by others:- Visit Facebook settings page via button on upper Right side options on Facebook profile page. Let’s decide who can post things on your Facebook page.
  • Manage Tags by people and tagging suggestions:- Sometime people do tag in you such a weird, ugly pictures in which you don’t want to be tagged in. In such case you need to set permissions about Tags by people. You can even personalize tagging suggestions from your friends or public.
  • Turn off whole chat if you don’t want to chat with anyone at the moment:- Imagine if You need to browse stuff only on Facebook. And you don’t want to be disturb, Then you may Turn Off whole Chat. It will help you in making better social interactions without any disturbance from unwanted messages, chats.
  • Turn off Chat for individual if they are unexpectedly chatting with you:-Some person in your friends list over Facebook may be keen to do chat with others. And this may lead you to unwanted formalities, conversations which may waste your time and mood for a healthy Social Conversations. You have option to turn off chat for individuals if you want to chat with others but not with the person who will possibly disturb you.
  • Hide Chat Sidebar if you want to focus only on Timeline things:-  Is there something important for you in only Facebook Timeline things? Ok. You can hide Chat Sidebar if you want to focus only on Timeline things.
  • Show Ticker Option:- You have choice to show or hide Ticker option in your Facebook page. You can utilize this option as per you own requirement of use.
  • Unfriend People who you think making you disturb over Facebook:- What is always suggested about a person who making you disturb again and again?  Simply unfriend them who making your Social Communication worse. It will make your social communication more useful and friendly.
  • Don’t add friends who you think are not in your contacts:-  Have you ever met or know somehow to person who sent you add request now? If answer is not, It is not advisable to make them friends. Or if you want to make them friends, Simply add them and focus on their activities for few days. You have always option to unfriend them at later time.
  • Don’t accept all App requests on behalf of your friends:- Some apps are using Facebook for solely for their advertisement needs. We get App request sometime on behalf of our friends, which is not always advisable to join. Because there may be false request on behalf of our friends Or our friends might got it accidently.
  • Never reveal very personal things on Facebook timeline:- People like to share everything over facebook profile, Which is not advisable for both their Personal and Social life. Some things are needed to be private in life, So don’t make it worse posting over Facebook.
  • Use Facebook Report and Abuse posts option:- If you found any post, image abusive, offensive, or somehow not appropriate for Social community. Simply let them know by Facebook report and abuse option.
  • Use Facebook emoticons for better communication in less words:- As per a famous Chinese say “an Image works of a thousand words”, Chat emoticons and graphics make summarize of things in Social profile. So use them for better communication.
  • Don’t post everything on Facebook, Post only value which is good for Social Communications. It will help in making good social communication.
  • Facebook has got some advertising things to do over with it… Keep attention while giving payment, credit card details there.
  • If you only want to chat someone over Facebook, Simply use Facebook messenger for desktop, mobiles.
  • Never post things which hurts any person, community, religion or feelings of the public in any way.

Facebook is best Social Community site but as always happens with good things. It has some worse parts also of it. We should be careful while using our Social profile over Facebook to make it less vulnerable & clean Social identity. What things you can suggest for better managing things over Facebook for Social communication? Let us know in below comments.


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