Microsoft HoloLens Virtual Computing and Entertainment

I want you to remember the scene from movie “i-robot” where professor creates a holographic message to be displayed after his suicide. It was one of the best scene in that science-fiction movie. In that display it creates 3d display on the air to broadcast his message.

Microsoft HoloLens is much like that holographic display in iRobot movie. Although it doesn’t create display on the air. It simulates that display in an Eye glass wear device. When you wear it you will feel that you are viewing display in real life environment. It will also let you interact with those displays.

Are You assuming it is like the Google Glass? Of course not, it has only similarity is that it will be an eye glass like Google glasses. You no need to de focus from real life things to view on screen like Google Glasses. You can view it adjoining with real life objects.


Microsoft HoloLens to Entertain and to let do Computing

For example you can see LED TV screen on wall in front of you using the Microsoft HoloLens. It will simulate screen like that you will have experience of viewing video on a LED TV on wall.  You can play games using this device like you do in real life.

After you wear this device and start using it, you will start behaving like abnormal because of virtual environment interactions you will do with it.

Microsoft HoloLens are good devices to wear like a glass. A persona may use it to do virtual video calling. Here I am trying to explain you a calling method which simulates the next person on other place like in front of you. It will simulate that person in real time in the room or place where you are calling.

Although it will require some time in getting advance in doing such tasking to simulate real life simulations. Every technology takes time in acceptance by many users. After some early adopters find it useful, it becomes popular among other mass public.

Microsoft HoloLens is designed to entertain people in real life. It will create an imaginary world around the user incorporating with real life seeing objects. It can simulate a super hero in real time in your room.

Will it bring any kind revolution in virtual environment and computing world?

Still not sure but it is surely next step in virtual world creation around us via technology. It is hidden what will be happen next in technology era.

In current situation Microsoft is struggling to keep its big organization for innovating devices which can be useful and entertaining for their worldwide customer base. So this step will help them in getting advancements in their products.

Personally I do like the concept behind the Microsoft HoloLens at first sight. It simulates environment in attachment of what you can see with naked eyes.  In simple words whatever you can imagine you can see in your room in form of Microsoft HoloLens. It gives you new way to look surrounding the environment.

Just wait and watch to see this science fiction thing becoming a real product. You can read more about the product here on Microsoft site.

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