Must Have Features in Windows 9 (Newer full version releases rumor)

With Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 version launch windows has developing tablets, handheld PCs and Windows phones with advanced touch screen and gesture operating experiences. Still it is in starting point at Microsoft side to implement touch screen to their products, but we can expect better in coming versions. Due to this there is huge decline from users for Windows 8 tablets. If it were advance in touch functionality as of android or iOS tablets, these tablets from Microsoft would be best device as of now.

There is no official saying from Microsoft about newer version of Windows. As of now Windows 9 (new completed Windows release version) is a rumor. All we can say is that Windows is planning new full release version. Innovators and developers of Microsoft are planning a way to enhance user experiences with their products.

  • Touch screen enabled devices:- Windows newer version will come with new touch screen experience for users. They would love to do tasks on touch screen of their phones, tablets. Windows 8 and 8.1 versions have done a lot of in this field but still it need improvements. Touch screen implement will make them faster to use devices with ease.
  • Gesture, Voice command enabling, possibly 3D cameras:- We always love to operate machines by sending signal, voice etc. It is will make windows newer version more human friendly. Today the time is switching us from GUI (Graphical user Interface) to HUI (human user interface) in latest OS. Operating devices by gesture will be enhanced by 3D cameras to have more specific 3D actions to run device.
  • All in one OS for Tech Devices:- If You have choice given to get all in one printer or a simple printer in same price which will you select? Obviously you will prefer all in one solution. Users will love to see Tablet, Phone, Game consoles and Desktop PCs coming with a single OS. It will give users limitless experience of sharing, syncing & mixing tasks over different devices.
  • Advanced and Improved Windows app Store Experience:- Connectivity issue resolving, smoother browsing, installing experience from app store. No more hassle and confusion in app store opening, installing, switching to other apps (navigation will be easy). There will be easy to go Windows app store without less errors & communication breakdowns. Hoping it will be more responsive in coming window versions.
  • Free and Quality apps in Windows app store:- Chances of having same app for all window tablet, Windows phone and Desktop versions. It will make option of buying app one time and use that on all devices you have. In current time iOS and Android is having major advantage of high quality apps they have available in their app store. Those apps are brining of many developers skills and creativity to their handheld devices by paying a little amount.
  • More battery backup & hardware improvements:- Some rumours are there that Windows 9 will be 64 bit OS only. Rather than this we can expect more battery life with their tech devices coming with newer versions of Windows. For sure excellent team of Windows is planning some newer hardware structure for running newer window versions with smoothness.
  • Different media boot screen:- There may be boot model in windows 9 which will start device according to media it has been attached. For example if it were attached to TV, USB, Internet, WiFi, Game console etc. it will open boot screen media option to start device.
  • Cheaper Tablets and devices with new version of Windows:- Windows tablet are very expensive as of now. Possibly they will be cheaper in future. In current competitive era it will be plus point to have less expensive devices in market.
  • Hopefully Window will implement old Windows advantages to latest devices:- user need easy to understand OS system and Windows has great advantage of this in their previous versions. Microsoft Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 versions can’t help people in using Windows xp like experience on touch screen devices.
  • Innovation in Internet services (Cloud computing, social integration, live media streaming):- In coming years we can expect huge media uses by users. Mostly user will focus on audio, video, animations for their tasks and it will be easy to communicate by latest 4G LTE technology.

And many countless features we can’t imagine or expect from newer versions of Windows. Let me know below in comments which features you will love in newer windows full release?


2 thoughts on “Must Have Features in Windows 9 (Newer full version releases rumor)

  1. Arun Prasath says:

    Still i didn’t experience Windows 8, But there came rumors about windows 9?

    1. I will advise you to try Windows 8. At first it will make some illusion in use but later on you will be able to use Windows features in a modern Metro UI. There is no official word about Windows 9 … Till now it is rumor only.

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