ooVoo Video messenger to make 12 way video chat

Why to Join ooVoo Free Video chat for making Friends?

Ooovoo is a video chat messenger to make your community more realistic over internet. Today we all are crazy about sending update messages, texts, tags etc over social networking sites.But in this whole networking process picture & video sharing is liked very much.Infact without sharing media there is no existence of current social networking fun.

What plus we got over facebook? we  got there easy connectivity with sharing pictures, videos etc. media in a few clicks.Its Quite interesting to have video calling option over Facebook or any other social networking platform these days.

oovoo has come to make it possible for you to do video calling with facebook friends or other community friends. Lets have look over ooVoo Video messenger to make 12 way video chat :-

  • Chat with 12 people at same time:- With this video chat IM you can make video chat with your 12 friends at a time. Do gossip with friends as usual you do offline. Group video chat with all friends together is really cool environment for friends circle.
  • Instant Messaging anytime:- With oovoo you can send video message to your friends anytime anywhere. So its 24*7 connectivity for friends want to do enjoy with friends community.
  • Mobile video chat app:- There is no doubt most of people out of us today having latest mobile devices. Which supporting all major applications available online. Oovoo has apps for your android, iOS, windows phones to make video calls instantly from your phone.
  • Make new friends using oovoo:- ‘Friend’s friend is my friend’ Its very common between us. So having upto 12 friends video chatting with each other will surely help you in growing your social network. This application will make feel as what we all do during hanging with friends.
  • Video message, greetings:- Till date you wishing all friends via Text messages, over phone? Lets have a change in a pattern. Say them congrats over oovoo using video message. So make them feel happy to see wishing you.
  • Connecting facebook friends:- oovoo has get advanced connectivity with facebook friends. You have to join oovoo community & you can connect your facebook friends even they haven’t oovoo IM installed. Facebook is synonym of social networking these days so having this connectivity is very nice specially being with community.
  • Video chat with facebook friends & other community friends:- You can video chat with facebook friends or other communities (google+, yahoo etc.) members using oovoo very simply.
  • Real time fun chat experience:- Can you kiss your girlfriend over a text message to make her please? Offcourse you can text a kiss to her. But having such kiss video messaging is really different than that. So you can do some real time fun with chat in this app.  Some people even do romance over video chat.
  • Latest Devices supports:- It supporting all major devices which is trending in current market. Android, iOS, windows platform are supported by this software. So got some modern with having  this modern video chat messenger.
  • Youtube video share:- Beside uploading some chat scenes in youtube, you can do some creative work as well to upload in youtube using this software. Video sharing & video messaging is growing these days rapidly. People like to do something which feel them more real over internet.
  • Video chat rooms service:- If you have a blog or website you can create video chat rooms option which is supported by oovoo to handle your customers, to suggest your blog visitors, to assist any person. Thus its very helpful in business prospect as well.
  • HD video supported:- HD resolution is like a eye protein in current life of rush. Playing a HD video over your pc, TV, or mobile feel your comfort than any other video format. So having support to this latest format of video makes oovoo more perfect.
  • Screen Sharing:- Over oovoo video chat you can share your screen of computer with other friends using this software. Its very easy to do so. You can present a report to many people at a same time.  a presentation, progress report, accounts or any kind reports can be shared in a easy with all persons who connected at that time.
  • Private & trusted video chat service:- oovoo is providing very secure environment for users to do video chat keeping information private. You can set your privacy option during chat who can call you , who can video chat with you, who can add you & many more. This all will make you surely confident about your privacy.

Having video chat with oovoo is really a cool experience for anyone. If you love to chat in video with friends (which is generally liked by most of people today), You can download oovoo free of cost. This application is useful for both personal & business uses. Let me know your experience about using this application for video chat.


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