Play Games in Computer – Easy & Interesting gaming

Start playing games in computer to make some fun in free time. The best way to do this is selection of nice games which will make your computer rock during playing. Below are four games with full review for you to entertain in best way:-

1. Demon’s Souls:-
Are you lover to view horror movies kind of Hollywood Monsters movies? If yes then this game is surely going to make you excited during the game playing. You have to enter in dark areas with courage & activeness. Warrior is in a Stylish look.

Put your steps very carefully during playing the game. There may be hidden attack on your warrior, so be careful. This game has option for you to turn back to see if somebody is behind you. So you can fight with them in a easy way.

There may be wide animals, giants to fight with warrior in this game. The Dragon bird is very interesting character in this game. It will be very interesting to play game with this Dragon. It can fire to kill in seconds.Be careful in moving the palace. It may be act of seconds to burn out your warrior. Keep attention to make it fight in really a strong way. Warrior have no fear to Death. Its moto of warrior to move forward in darkness as well.In Dark side of the palace you have to show strength to Old king. This is time to do or die. Option is at your side, What you want to select in this situation.

2. Contra

This  is a special game for you. You have gotta responsibility of saving Humanity over the world. So be prepare for the big fight.Below 2 persons become Contra. Game is going to be very exciting with these people.Move on straight. Fire on enemies. & have real time suspense to have fight.You can fire by led down on surface, Saving yourself from firing of the ridiculous bots. Its good strategy to go for a win.Obstacles are spreading all over the destiny. So you have to fight with safe steps in the game. Reward is also awesome if you are doing well.3. The Oregon Trail

No doubt, many people have hobby of hunting animals. This game is specially entertaining for them. So target animals & shoot them.Your score will appear as below in picture. Here is you will see all info what you achieved & what can you carry with yourself.Its overview of your supplies. Which is very useful for you in shooting. This game is full of fun game.4. Super Mario Bros

New Super Mario Bros game is having superb graphics. There is blue sky, Piramyd & other attractive structures in the game.Mario will hang to do activity in game. Collection of reward points and rescue from other obstacles in the game is very fun act in game.This is perfect way to hit by Mario. Mario will hit by throw to attack on enemies & kill them.The Mario Riding is very exciting. Riding in blue sky is thrilling experience for Mario to kill enemies.This Dark light scene for playing game in a different way. Mario has got more challenges this way. But no worry, activities of Mario will help by extra ordinary task in dark scenes.Below points are delivering Round black obstacles for Mario in a continue manner. Mario now need more attention for such challenges.Moving Round cubes are next challenge for Mario. But this warrior is very smart to deal with such objects.Greenery & reward points is encouraging for Mario. Surely it will work like as charm for Mario.This scene is having a skelton for Mario to move on. Come on Mario, Do it your way. Show something clever & active point to us.Personally I do like above 4 games very much for better time passing. Hoping it will be liked by Game lovers. Let me know via commenting below about exciting experience you have with such games.



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