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Water management is the big issue for today. Specially in regions like as Rajasthan where rainfall is less, its best option for making progress.

Water resources are limited on earth. It is said that only 1% water of earth are useful for drinking.  In india there are many rivers which supply plenty of water to many states of country. But in rajasthan & many hill areas in other states having lack of water.

Utilization  of  water in proper way is need for current time. For this its mandatory to make some acts for making it longer useable. Water harvesting system is one of them.

We have made water harvesting system at home to fulfill a 1,10,000 litre water tank. A 200 Sq. yard rooftop can fulfill it if having average 500-700 MM annual rainfall. Annual rainfall data can be searched in google. You can have idea how much water can be collected via this. This water can be used for recharging ground water level as well.

In Above picture gallery you can see all pictures to know about water harvesting system at your own. No special technical skills required for this. Simply dug according to size which size water storage tank you want to make.

200 sq. yard rooftop area will collect about 90000+ liter rain water if annual rainfall is average 500-700 MM. On this rough idea you can make water tank. Then connect all rooftop using PVC pipe.

This rain water will work best for all trees you want to grow. We have planted some trees in our farm to test it. And finally results are good out of 200 trees we planted, 99% trees planted sucessfully. And all trees having good growth rate.

Rainwater harvesting system is requirement of these days. We all should be aware about this. Secondly its best way to utilize water.

Hoping it will help someone to make their own water harvesting system for future water needs.




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