Skype Video Android- Text Messages, Calls using WiFi or 3G

Skype has changed the way we chat and call over internet. If you have internet on your Android Phone or Tablet, You can video call to Skype contacts using Skype App for Android over WiFi or 3G. You can send text messages, share photos, videos using Skype on your Android Device. Skype is compatible with multiple devices like iPhone, iPad, Windows, Mac, Linux, Blackberry, Modern TV’s and other smartphones. So it is easy to communicate using Skype with friends, relatives and others. It doesn’t matter on which device they are online.

Skype App for Android

Skype for Android

Skype is available for most of Android devices available in market. Skype supports devices who has front camera and have Android 2.3 or Above. Skype is supported by Samsung Galaxy Note, Galaxy S( II, IIII), Nexus one, HTC Sensation, HTC X one and other Android smartphones. To check whether your device is compatible with Skype App, Open Google Play Store on your Mobile then search “Skype” if Skype is available for download, then your device is compatible with Skype for Android App. After installing Skype on your Android device you can send text messages, share Photos, Videos and make voice or video calls  to your Skype contacts in a easy way.

Skype Video Android

Benefits of Skype App for Android

Skype is most liked Android app because of many features as below :-

  • Instant Messaging on Android Device
  • Skype to Skype Voice Calling using WiFi or 3G
  • Skype Video Android to your Skype Contacts
  • Call on International mobile or Landlines in low cost
  • Receive Skype Calls, Messages on Android Devices
  • Conference between multiple Skype calls
  • Share photos, files on Android
  • Connecting to Bluetooth devices

Video on


So Skype is useful for Android devices to call & share content.  You should have it on your Android phone to Video call, text messaging and Sharing content.


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