Useful Smartphone Apps List for Android Devices You Own

Now Smart Phones have become part of life. We use it regularly for social networking, searching online & other tasks. We can do various tasks using smartphone apps list. Android is one of the most popular OS for smart phones with a lot of free & useful apps. Below are some apps which is very useful for any Android user:-


[huge_it_slider id=”15″]It is very simple but must have app for your android device. It is nice flash light app to be used like torch or blinking lights for entertainment. It has real looking button to on flash & above button it has slider to show how fast you want to blink the flash light. You can set it to 0 if you don’t want it to be blink. Slider is very smooth & attractive in look with below side counter showing. It is ad supported app. There is sound button to on/off sound of button pressing.

Run keeper.

[huge_it_slider id=”14″]It is one of the most useful apps for android. It does keeps tracking of your all physical activities. You can use this app for jogging, running, walking measurement of distance & speed. Plus it will show you estimated calories burnt during those activities. Personally I am using this app since last 5-6 months. It is one of the best app to help you in being healthy & fit. It will speak every 5 minutes telling you distance & time spent so you no need to keep it in hand while doing physical activities.

FX – file Explorer

[huge_it_slider id=”13″]It is file explorer app for your Android device. On main screen of the app you will see how much storage is used & free. There is cleaning tools as well to free up more space on your device. You can delete duplicate files. Or You can view large files which occupying more space on device. Search facility – keyword + add criteria (by location, by kind, by date, by size). It will let you explore files stored on your android smart phone similarly Windows file explorer does on a PC.  You can explore folders >> files in an easy way. On tapping a file it will open that file in suitable programme for it. Its shows overview of memory on your smart phone.  You can view data stored by applications on your device. If you are interested you can view system files as well.


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