Sony Xperia Sola coming soon in market Worldwide

Are you looking for ease of use and best entertainment smartphone over market? In answer I will recommend you Sony Xperia Sola smartphone. Sony Xperia Sola is going to be launched worldwide in Second quarter of year 2012. And as we came to know andriod phones market is going to boom these days, This andriod smartphone with innovative & smart technology will surely rock. Its coming in Black, White & Red colors.

Colum MacDougall (Head of Xperia Marketing for Sony Mobile Communication) Said,” Xperia Sola Comes with the power of Sony and a sense of magic with floating Touch, giving consumers a fun new way to browse the web and latest technology to show off.”

Innovative features of Sony Xperia Sola

  1. Display:- 3.7″ Reality Display technology with Capatitive touchscreen. Having 16 M colors. 480*854 pixels Display. For the safety of screen Scratch resistant Glass used. Floating Touch Display is advance feature of the smartphone. Which makes easy to access the web & other content is a smarter way. It will come with NFC enable two Xperia SmartTags. You can launch pre decided profile configurations by touching on NFC Andriod Smartphone on a SmartTag. Assume you walking in your hall at your home. You can easily activate any profile mode via SmartTag option.
  2. Performance:- It coming with 1GHZ Dual Core Processor for better performance of  device. It will make possible for users to access faster as they generally do on PC.
  3. Sound Quality:- Sony is well known for the quality of sound of devices. Smartphone also going to prove this again. This Andriod Smartphone is coming with xLoud  and 3D surround system. Its obeviously Rocking for the lovers of music.
  4. Camera:- 5 Megapixel camera with 16x digital zoom is coming with the smartphone. 720 High Quality HD video recording option available via the camera.
  5. Home Entertainment Network:- Sony Xperia Sola has come with DLNA Technology. Technology in which all devices at home can be connected easily via DHCP & other technologies. So one can easily access & share multimedia between devices such as camera, tv, phone, laptop etc.
  6. Sony Entertainment Network:-Smartphone has advance facility to connect to Sony entertainment Network. Where users can browse latest content available on the network.
  7. Memory:- Coming with 8GB memory. in which 5GB is user accessable Memory. It supports Micro SD cards upto 32 GB making users able to store more entertainment & other related data.
  8. Apps & Services (Already Installed) :- its already having some popular apps & services. Like as PlayNow Service, TrackID Music recognition, Facebook inside Xperia, Sony Entertainment Network, Sony Channel in PlayShop.

Year 2012 is really going to launch Innovative, ease to access & entertainment smartphones. And Sony Xperia Sola is one of that type. How xperia booms it depends on time.


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