The Best Paid Games for iPad and iPhone

I am using iPad since 1 Year after buying lot of games on my iPad i found best games which you should really buy for your iPhone/iPad device.

Below is best games for you iOS devices:-

Angry Birds Rio HD
In Angry Birds Rio, the original Angry Birds are kidnapped and taken to the magical city of Rio de Janeiro, where they eventually escape their captors and set out to save their friends, Blu and Jewel – two rare macaws and the stars of the hit motion picture, Rio. Angry Birds Rio will pair the physics-based gameplay of the original game with unique twists based on the film.

Bit.Trip Beat HD
BIT.TRIP BEAT is the arcade game you can play this game with your friends using gamecenter.BIT.TRIP BEAT is the arcade game for the new millennium, fusing Pong with interactive beats. Use the accelerometer or touch controls to move the paddle up and down bouncing beats back from which they came! Listen and react to different beat progressions as you try to survive an onslaught of spectacular retro visuals. Successfully chain beats and obtain the megasphere to go for insane scores, not to mention the elusive “Perfect Score.” Team-up with your friends for the intense Multiplayer Gameplay Mode! Bounce to the beat with BIT.TRIP BEAT!

Flight Control HD
A HD version of the game called Flight Control HD was released for the iPad in March 2010. In this game Players get role of an air traffic controller at an extremely busy airport. The airport has many features like runway for large red jets, small runway for small yellow planes and halipad for blue helicopters. You need to land all of these as you are air traffic controller in game. On each successful landing you get points. So go for this game you will surely enjoy this game.

Jetpack Joyride
Halfbrick’s latest, Jetpack Joyride, is yet another in a long line of these endless runner games. But don’t let that turn you off. Between responsive controls, colorful sprites that are easy on the eyes, and a clever rewards system that will keep players coming back for more, Jetpack Joyride is comfortably the best in its class.

Lane Splitter
Ride your motorcycle at insane speeds through ever changing traffic. Your reflexes will mean the difference between surviving or crashing in spectacular fashion. Do you have what it takes to reach TOP SPEED? Just be aware when you got jump and other troubles when you are playing…..

NBA Jam is a 2-on-2 basketball game that has a unique way of showing the players from the game off. In the game, the bodies take on a 3D look, while their heads take on a 2D look, which have realistic digitized likenesses. The game retains its usual exaggerated nature of play – players jump many times above their own height, making slam dunks that defy both human capabilities and the laws of physics. There are no fouls, free throws, or violations except goaltending and 24 second violations. This means the player is able to freely shove or elbow his opponent out of the way. Additionally, the game has an “on fire” feature, where if one player makes three baskets in a row, he becomes “on fire” and has unlimited turbo, no goaltending, and increased shooting ability, until the other team scores (or the player has scored four consecutive baskets while “on fire”).

Plants vs. Zombies HD
Plants vs. Zombies is a tower defense action video game. In Plants vs. Zombies, players place different types of plants and fungi, each with their own unique offensive or defensive capabilities, around a house in order to stop a horde of zombies from eating the brains of the residents. The playing field is divided into a number of horizontal lanes, and with rare exceptions, a zombie will only move towards the player’s house along one lane (the main exception is if it has taken a bite out of a garlic). Most plants can only attack or defend against zombies in the lane they are planted in. In later levels, players can purchase upgrades so as to adapt their lawn mower to new environments like pools or rooftops.

Robot Unicorn Attack HD
The object of the game is to prolong gameplay without falling off the stage, crashing into the edges of platforms, or colliding with crystal stars (without first dashing). Points are earned with play time, by collecting pixies, and by destroying crystal stars by dashing though them. As the game progresses, the stage slides faster. Jumps and dashes can be chained together while the unicorn is airborne. The player has three lives (referred to as “wishes”), and the sum of the scores from each life count for the player’s final score.

The game opens with Kannon cruising an LA neighborhood in his undercover car. Passing some shady looking characters, and giving a wave to a passing patrol car, he takes a call from Police HQ alerting him to gunshots in a nearby area, or as he describes it “…a fudgeing gang war”. After starring out some hip-hop thugs, he speeds off to the rendezvous point. It all plays out a bit like a scene from Boyz in Hood. Next we are in control of Kannon outside the gang’s hideout. Here we creep down the side alley of the house to the back yard where we encounter our first Gangster pimping out his ride. “Police! Freeze, fudgeer!” shouts Kannon, as we hit the bullet time button and sending Kannon in the air, bullets flying. The gangster flails in a hail of bullets (think Tropic Thunder, but less funny) before dropping to the floor.

Dead Space HD
Dead Space is a sequel to the original Dead Space, a console and PC joint created by the folks at EA Visceral. It’s a confusing name at first glance, until you peel the experience back a bit and learn that Dead Space iOS really doesn’t do anything to separate itself from its forerunner. It feels like a one-off experience just so happens to take place before the events of Dead Space 2 on the mining colony “Sprawl.”

Dungeon Hunter HD
Dungeon Hunter now features impressive high resolution graphics and an optimized in-game interface. When the darkness awoke, evil flooded over the land of Gothicus. Dispel the darkness in your realm, uncover your memory about terrible events and fight the evil queen who tyrannizes the kingdom… the queen you once loved.

Eternal Legacy HD
Enter a huge world made of cinematic 3D environments in this intense role-playing game, a worthy heir of its Japanese predecessors. The absorbing story implies heavy responsibilities: as Astrian, you must save Algoad from destruction and restore the living bond between humans and nature. Enjoy dozens of hours of exploration and fighting in majestic landscapes. Talk to the people you meet, featuring full voice acting: they may join your team, reveal some secret, give you a quest, and more. The thrilling turn-based fighting system will bring you to the heart of action!

Infinity Blade 2
From Epic Games and ChAIR Entertainment comes Infinity Blade II, the sequel to the critically acclaimed, best-selling iOS game Infinity Blade. Infinity Blade II continues to raise the bar for triple-A mobile gaming. Journey into the world of the Deathless tyrants and their legion of Titans. Build skills and upgrade characters… all while delving deeper into this mysterious, timeless adventure.

The King of Fighters-i
The King of Fighters is a Fighting game.

Mirror’s Edge
n Mirror’s Edge, the player controls the protagonist, Faith, from a first-person perspective as she is challenged to navigate across a gleaming city, by jumping between rooftops, running across walls, and gaining access to buildings through ventilation shafts. This is accomplished by use of techniques and movements inspired by the discipline of parkour.

N.O.V.A. 2 HD
6 years have passed since the events depicted in the first episode. Humanity is now thrown into a bloody civil war between the central government of the Orbitals and the self-appointed Human-Alien Alliance. Kal Wardin left active service in N.O.V.A. years ago and now lives among the colonists of the desert planet Scorpius. But war never spares even the most peaceful places… With its immersive universe, coupled with varied gameplay including single player and multiplayer modes, this game is arguably the new benchmark of the sci-fi FPS genre.

Order and Chaos Online
Buy it from here:-

Rage HD
The user plays as a survivor of the 2029 Apophis asteroid impact who has just woken up inside an Ark (part of a worldwide movement which buried VIPs underground in cryo-pods in order to rebuild Earth). The player awakens to the realization that his Ark has malfunctioned and that he is the only survivor from it. The game primarily consists of first person shooter and driving segments, with the player using his vehicle to explore the world and travel between missions.

Combat is undertaken from a first-person perspective; the player is armed with a variety of firearms, as well as a crossbow, and boomerang-like weapons called “wingsticks”. There are several types of ammunition available for each weapon, to allow the player to further customize his or her player style. As an example, the crossbow’s primary ammunition is metal bolts, but it also can shoot electrified bolts, explosive bolts, and more. There are two standard varieties of enemies, enemies with firearms which will take cover and exchange fire with the player, and melee enemies that will charge the player and attack with melee weapons.

There are a variety of vehicular events for the player to participate in, including races and checkpoint rallies. Racing events may or may not have opponents, and some of them are armed races while others are not. Players have the ability to augment their cars with various items and upgrades they can gain by completing events.

Rage also features some role-playing game (RPG) elements, including an inventory system, looting system, and different types of ammo. Players have the option to customize their weapons and vehicles, as well as build a wide assortment of items using collected recipes.There are also side missions and a number of other minor exploratory elements.

Real Racing 2 HD
eal Racing involves players taking control of either a hatch, sedan, muscle, or exotic car. There are 48 different cars to choose from and 12 tracks on which to race. Game modes include a career mode in which players race 5 CPU cars around a set of circuits which points are rewarded for positions and counted up at the end. It also includes C, B, and A class difficulties and a time trial lap with a goal to proceed. Other options include a quick race, time trials, which are connected to online leaderboards using Firemint’s Cloudcell technology, and connected which includes local multiplayer and time trial leagues. Firemint have announced a 6 player online multiplayer is in the works.There are 5 different control modes to choose from: Method A which includes accelerometer steering, auto accelerate and manual brake, Method B which includes accelerometer steering, manual accelerate and manual brake, Method C which includes touch to steer, auto accelerate and manual brake and Method D which includes touch to steer, auto accelerate and manual brake. Players can also adjust brake assist and accelerometer sensitivity.

Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP
The game play is relatively simple, with the user just tapping where he/she wants the character to go. The accelerometer is incorporated in the gameplay as well, with the user turning the device 90 degrees to make the character take out her sword. Fighting is also simple, just tapping either the shield button, or the sword button to use it. Most of the dialogue is actually done through thoughts, once the user has acquired the “megatome” or the magic book that lets the character read people’s minds. Another interesting aspect of the game is the two worlds which the character can jump to and from: the “real” world and the “dream” world. The user jumps from one world to the other by letting the character sleep, which is done through making her sit down at a specific place in the game.

Above All games i found interesting on iPad/iPhone i hope you will enjoy all of above games.


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