Transfer Media Files Directly from Other Devices to iPad

How I faced need to Transfer Media Files Directly from Other Devices to iPad? Yesterday my friend Vijay visited to my place. He brought her sister’s marriage ceremony DVD’s. He asked me to load those DVD videos on iPad. I was in some confusion. Then he introduced me to a great app. I will say it was finding of new way for me. I transferred all 4 DVDs videos on his iPad. It was approx. 12-13GB of Data transfer.

We all familiar to use iTunes for transferring media files on iPad. Imagine if there isn’t iTunes available on PC then what to use for it? There is a nice iOS app for it. It removes limit of any OS, device, or Software requirements. It let you transfer audio video files to iPad easily over a WiFi network. It is a free app available for iOS devices.

I will tell about the app later in post.  It will explain you how to transfer wireless DVD files from PC to iPad devices without iTunes. Before that I would like to share some hypothetical situations.  Just a little imagination, more you better know how you can use it.

Life Conditions Where You may Find it very Useful:-

  • Assume you have recently a ceremony Like birthday party, Marriage function, anniversary, festival celebration. You want to Load those videos on iPad to view on the move. you can do it using this app.
  • Do You want to load entertainment videos from a DVD to your iPad? Just directly select DVD files to send to iPad using this app. You no longer to need them first copy to computer for sending to iPad.
  • You want compress a video size? You can compress video size via PC tools.  After that you can store it on iPad.
  • Sometimes you don’t have removable memory storage device. In that situation You can use your iPad to carry large amount Data.

Transfer Media Files Directly from Other Devices to iPad using Wi-Fi

Finally I am revealing the name of app. It is HD Player by By Khoa Tran Anh. It has many nice features including WiFi file Transfer. It is available for iPad and iPhone devices.

To transfer Open the app in iPad. You will find it under options in app. Just have a slight experience with app. After knowing some about app make it ready for transfer. Then go to device from which you want to send media files. Open web browser on that device. Now Type in browser check in iPad app WiFi transfer interface for correct IP). It will open like this.

Wi-Fi Transfer for transfer media files directly from other devices to ipad

Select a file and submit to start sending. You will see sending progress in status bar at left side. It will transfer with data transfer rate of approx. 1 MBps. You will need some spare time to complete this task, so keep attention of that.

I will suggest you to plan a schedule for it if the data files are in GBs. You will also needed to keep attention of power source if you are doing it via WiFi Router. Once it successfully send a file, it will show all transferred files list below it. It will have details like file name, size, transferring complete time.(as shown in above image).

Problems Seen During File Transferring.

  1. Some time connection broken after one file upload completed in it. So don’t worry about that. Refresh it and try again to upload.
  2. One notable thing is that keep the browser IP showing screen active on iPad in HD Player App.
  3. Check if complete file downloaded or not to iPad. To verify check the size of file on iPad. Sometime it doesn’t transfer full size of file. (it is just caution fact, don’t worry about it)

Ways to Use App for Transferring Media to iPad?

  • Content from PC storage to iPad
  • Content from CD/DVD drive on a PC to iPad
  • Content from Android Smart Phone to iPad

Avoiding Similar Video File Replacement via Renaming Files

While moving video files to my friend’s iPad I faced this issue. What if two DVD tracks have same name? To avoid the replacement of files you will need to copy that file in computer first before making transfer from DVD player. There is no standard way for renaming files over iPhone or iPad devices. If your iOs device is jail broken one then it Is possible to rename files on iPad via some apps.

Then rename it on PC. And after that you can send it to iPad. Just it is long route for transferring media on iPad. Its just a note to avoid similar named file replacement.

Hoping it will help you in loading big sized media files directly to your iPad even without iTunes on a specific device. Let me know below in comments your suggestions, feedback and any ideas you have regarding this article.


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