Google Streaming Device – Chromecast for More Entertainment on TV

chromecast with mobileMost of Internet users are fan of Google in term of their services. But when it comes to their offline or physical products usefulness, it is not so much popular yet. Chromecast is first physical device from Google which is getting huge amount of sales in market. Google streaming device Chromecast let users play media  from devices to TV. You can connect mobile, tablet and Laptop etc. devices to stream content on TV screen. Below are few main benefits of getting a Chromecast device-

Playing subscription services videos on TV– It will let users play online video content streaming services like netflix, hulu, etc. on their TV screen. Using this a person can share his favourite online show, movie, presentation video with all family members or guests. There are huge online videos available on these subscription services to view in free time paying a low subscription fees. It is replacement for old DVD movie watching experience.

Playing Youtube videos on TV– We all love to watch Youtube videos as per our interests & requirement. There are open scope to view videos on Youtube. Chromecast brings this wide scope to our TV screen. So you are not bound to watch commercial ads stuffed shows or boring TV programs. Using this device will make it possible for you to choose a video to play as per your choice. It multiplies your fun on TV watching.

chromecast with laptopPlaying a Website video on TV– Many websites are having fun videos, presentation videos, Tutorial videos etc. available to view. Now you got option to view all those videos on TV screen with some detailed viewing. Plus you can show those videos in same time to other viewers at your home.

Using Chromecast apps for fun over TV– Here is a big list of apps which support Google Chromecast. Some of those apps like Google+, Eros Now, spuul, YuppTv, Plex, Real Player Cloud etc are available to do tasks on TV.  It is useful in multi tasking for example a person can check email while viewing a video on TV.

Easy plug & play device– It is simple device to plug & play. It is easy to setup device. Google has officially written instructions for setting up a Chromecast with other devices and TV. It is easy to carry a Chromecast device in a laptop bag. And it will let users opportunity to anytime plug & play to start streaming media on device.

Easily control TV playing contents via Mobile device– Using Chromecast device you can easily control your TV playing options. Although there are some other ways also to do so, but no other way is so easy as the Chromecast itself provides.  You no longer needed to do boring stuff to use your Smart phone or Tablet as Remote control of your TV.

Soon it will let guests use your Chromecast– It will let you share your Chromecast browsing experience with guests without telling them Wi-Fi secret keys. It will bring more fun in that way. You will be able to allow your guests to let use your TV for streaming media using Chromecast. Its another plus point in direction of socialism.

If you are from India, It is just arrived at online stores to purchase. So order a Google streaming device chromecast device to connect all your online media to your TV. You will love to use this technology with your main entertainment medium (TV) at home.


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