Use Software Online to Play music, edit documents and more

Sometimes we need to view some kind documents urgently, unfortunately we found that PC hasn’t that software installed. So what is the easiest solution for this situation? Finding online sites which will help you in viewing & even editing of some kind files online without a software. Below is few sites & online portals which will help you in Use Software Online to Play music, edit documents and more:-

  • Online Excel Viewer:- If you got any excel report from a client, friend or any other, you can view those files using this site to view excel files:-   You can Edit your excel file & save in your account or Export the file. Browsing using this site is quite easy to start with a excel document.
  • All Document Viewer:- There is great site which supports all kind major document formats. Microsoft Word Document, Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet, Powerpoint presentation, PDF, Text files etc all document types at a single place. Either you can browse a file stored in your computer to view Or you can view online file putting url in url field over this site.
  • Google Document Viewer:- It does support most popular document types. Users have to put url of file to view via this document viewer. It will do the same work which above site will do.
  • Online Photo Editor:- Have a look over this site . You will see option photo editor there. As you choose this option it will open like as you seen Photoshop.  If you have to create new image or edit existing one. Simply do it using this tool. If photoshop not installed in your PC, It will not let you feel that you can’t do image creative works.See below picture which will show you how this will look like:-

  • Online music player:- – Its a cool site for playing music online. Simply do search your track & start listening your favourite music tracks easily. You can on Radio also. Playing control options are shown below near status bar in your browser. It will do work like as a media player for music files.


Above all sites will help you in doing some works which is generally not possible without having specific software for that. It is very common that photoshop will not be installed over a computer which is not doing general works of photo/image related. In this case above online sites will help you a lot. Let me know your response about these use of software online for playing music, document viewing etc.





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  1. Normann Skaren says:

    The best web browser to use is Windows internet explorer.

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