Useful and Best iPhone Apps List for You

Apple has changed the way we think about technology. Before this revolution applications on mobile phones weren’t so much popular. Although there were some apps available from Nokia to install & use in top models till year 2010. Now everything is changed, Apple,  Samsung, Blackberry are looking for apps world improvements. Apps world popularity is also considered today as a achievement & plus point for a device.

Here we have tested some of the Useful and Best iPhone Apps List for You :-


App Name

Category/ Use of App


CNNNews App
2Time MobileNews App
3ReederNews App
4BGRMobileNews App
5Scanner 911News App
6WeatherbugWeather App
7AccuweatherWeather App
8WeatherEyeWeather App
9MyweatherWeather App
10TwitterfonTwitter App
11Simply TweetTwitter App
12TwittelatorTwitter App
13TweetDeckTwitter App
14TweetieTwitter App
15TwitterrificTwitter App
16SimCityGame app
17ScrabbleGame app
18PriceisRightGame app
197CitiesTDGame app
20Force UnleashedGame app
215th GraderGame app
22MondoGame app
23Space MonkeyGame app
24FreeCellLiteGame app
25BomberManGame app
26Solitiare CityGame app
27SolebonGame app
28StarWarsGame app
29TetrisGame app
30MS Pac-manGame app
31DactylGame app
32HUarongDaoGame app
33PigShooterGame app
34PoolGame app
35MahjongGame app
36DR. AwesomeGame app
37CrashKartGame app
38EnigmoGame app
39DeblobGame app
40ToppleGame app
41Cro-MagGame app
42ChopperGame app
43Jelly CarGame app
44Live PokerPoker Game App
45GTSWRGame app
46ScoopsGame app
47TapTApGame app
48FerrariGTGame app
49FieldrunnersGame app
50HoldEMGame app
51iCopterGame app
52IronmanGame app
53LabyrinthGame app
54Midnight PoolGame app
55MonopolyGame app
56MotochaserGame app
57Moto RacingGame app
58ParkingLotGame app
59PhotohunterGame app
60PolePositionGame app
61pool RebelGame app
62Touch physicsGame app
63TouchgrindGame app
64ResurrectionGame app
65The Sim3Game app
66Sonic1Game app
67Hero Of SpartaGame app
68iDraculaGame app
69CubeGame app
70Assasin’sGame app
71AwCasinoGame app
72BackBreakerGame app
73Blackra1nGame app
74AWSolitiareGame app
75ToybotGame app
76UNOGame app
77Falling GemsGame app
78FlickFishingGame app
79GravulousGame app
80iSlotsGame app
81iSTarFighterGame app
82Blue SkiesGame app
83BIAGame app
84TunnelGame app
85GalagaRemixGame app
86GameboxGame app
87Cannon CadetGame app
88Air HockeyGame app
89Ant SmasherGame app
90CollapseGame app
91Cut the RopeGame app
92Death WormGame app
93Slice itGame app
94GangstarGame app
95THSP2Game app
96NFSUGame app
97papiriverGame app
98Bejeweled 2Game app
99ScrableGame app
100PaperTossGame app
101Topple2Game app
102VectorBAllGame app
103DoodleJumpGame app
104TrisGame app
105BiiballliteGame app
106S.DeadbeefGame app
107Maze FingerGame app
108Poker TrainerGame app
109FastlaneRacing Game app
110iNXESGame app
111Tangram ProGame app
112CookingMamaGame app
113Deer HunterGame app
114EverestGame app
115EliminateProGame app
116iGemGame app
117CanabaltGame app
118WormsGame app
119Goaaal!Game app
120HRBattleGame app
121FlightControlGame app
122HarborMasterGame app
123BoardwalkGame app
124Fruit NinjaGame app
125iVamp OnlineGame app
126YcalGame app
127Meteor BlitzGame app
128XgpsGame app
129SporeGame app
130ToybotfreeGame app
131SportacularGame app
132SudokuGame app
133SP2LiteGame app
134Asphalt4Game app
135PapiJumpGame app
136gameboyGame app
137ExpandoFreeGame app
138Bskies LiteGame app
139DiceGame app
140DriverGame app
141AgencyWarsGame app
142Cannon GameGame app
143Monkey BallGame app
144Joostmovie, music, video app
145Sling Playermovies app
146Flixstermovies app
147Moviesmovies app
148RemoteRemote control App
149AirsharingFile Sharing App
150EarthScapeGoogle Earth like app
151DynoliciousData logging tool app
152YelpYelp App
153Photobucketphoto sharing app
154ifFoundLock Screen App
155AptBackupBackup of Jailbreak apps
156BibleE-book app
157StanzaEbook App
158UnitsUnit Converter App
159WhiteNoiseBest Sleeping App
160Beejive IMIM app
161dtunesDownload music app
162Boss ToolMove Applications to jailbreak, free space app
163LolCatsEntertainment App
164WebMSGrmessaging app
165Scratchfun app
166Sega GenesisFun App
167Antsfun app
168SketchesArt & fun app
169Diskportable drive app
170Grocery iQgrocery shopping app
171Mint.compersonal finance app mailhotmail app
173MySMSSms app
174KeeperPassword Security App
175NyTimesJournalism app
176Easy Writerproductivity app – e-mail creating
177Night Standproductivity alarm clock, weather app
178Targetlifestyle app
179PonderEntertainment app
180LineRiderentertainment app
181FML Proentertainment app
182VuvuZelaentertainment app
183FMLentertainment app
184TFLNEntertainment app: Text from Last night
185EyeTVentertainment app – Digital media collection
186i.TVentertainment app
187TivoEntertainment app
188BackgroundsEntertainment ,,, Wallpaper App
189What’s On TVTV app
190iOwe YouKeep track of Owe with friends or other person app
191Arcade Hoopsbasketball game app
192Big2 Pokerpoker game app
193ChinesePKRpoker game app
194DanceDance app
195PandoraRadio apps
196EmerRadioradio apps
197AOL RadioRadio apps
198WunderRadioradio apps
199BiteSMSSMS app
200SMS CounterSms app
201Lemonadeeducation app
202iDBSportssports app
203Weekly Dealscatalog app
204AroundMelifestyle app
205Have2Eatfood & drinks app
206Metal Quotesfinance app
207iTranslateproductivity app – translation use
208Craigsphonecraiglist app
209Fringsocial networking app
210UrbanSpoonfood & drinks app
211Lose itweight loss app
212MyWiwifi network app
213iFilefile storage, document viewing app
214Bargain Binshopping deals app
215iSipVOIP apps
216TrapsterWith GPS speed tracking app
217Planetsutilities app
218GEICOutilities app
219AppBox Proutilities app – professionals tool
220Air videoutilities – video library app
221CameraManutilities app
222Redlaserutility app
223VNCutility app
224Contact Flowutilities app
225Jaadu RDPRemote Desktop app
226NetshareNetwork Sharing app
227AirMousewireless remote for computer app
228PdanetWireless Router App
229Vonagesocial networking app
230Bumpsocial networking app
231HeyWaysocial networking app
232Blogpresssocial networking app
233Challengesocial networking app
234Boxcarsocial networking app
235AutoStitchpanaroma making app
236SportsTapsports app
237ScoreMobilesports app
238WCP2009sports app
239MLB.comMajor League Baseball app
240CBSSportssports app
241GoGiants!sports app
242SportsTapsports app
243GolfShotGPSsports app
244FoxSportssports app
245IMDBmovies & tv app
246gpsPhoneGPS app
247GPS NavGps related app
248Red RocketNavigation App
249CopilotNANavigation App
250geoCoachingNavigation App
251MapQuestNavigation App
252Sleep CycleHealth & fitness app
253WhiteNoiseHealth & fitness app
254Videorecoder3gvideo recorder app
255cycordervideo recording app
256RecorderSound Recording App
257iDictovoice recorder app
258Instagramphoto sharing app
259MomentileMoment sharing app
260PixelPipeUpload your video in HD to youtube etc. sites.
261MitubeYoutube Stream & download app
262My DJDJ app
263Touch DJDJ app
264Tunermusic app
265Midomimusic app
266AMPkitmusic app
267Astrologyastrology app
268Seize The Dayproductivity app
269EbayEbay app
270IMPlusInstant Messenger app
271MxtubeDownload youtube to iphone directly app
272ZenbeList yourself at home app
273WhitePagesPeople & business searching app
274Moon GlobeEducation app – satellite imagery
275Thingsproductivity app – todo lists etc.
276uYH Goldbusiness – Handwriting app
277AnyRingCustomize ringtone app
278CheatSheetlifestyle app
279Tapatalkforum browsing app
280Mover +Move stuff between two iPhones app
281Clipishshare text messages with animations, emoticons app
282MenzalWordfun & time pass – word searching app
283Hulu PlusMedia streaming app
284iMobileICICI Bank mobile banking client app
285Picasa Web AlbumsWeb album app
286DrinksFreeMake drinks yourself app
287CheckPleaseFinance app
288PkgBackupBackup phone app – Package installer
289RecallIts like reminder app
290Speet Testspeed test checking app
291Bookmarkbookmark managing app
292TodoTask managing app site app
294SlydialVoice messaging app – New way to voice mail
295Cardstarlifestyle app
296Fifa10football game app
297Funboothphoto & video fun app
298HavaPlayerMedia Player app
299iDiskRemotely docs, media access app
300IntelliScreenscreen customize app
301Installusapp installation manager
302QIKphoto & video app
303Nimbuzznimbuzz messenger app
304iRealSMSSms app
305Season8fruits & veg. app
306Ovucalendarcalendar app
307AllRecipesfood & drinks app
308WattpadEbook Reader app
309Chasefinance app
310ICYapps manager
311EPOcratesmedical app
312iheartradiomusic app
313CompassUtilities app
314Spendfinance planning app
315Amazonamazon app
316DVR RemoteRemote control App
317EngadgetTechnology news app
318Snaptellpictures, video sharing app
319Fedex Mobileshipping app
320JottDaily Schedule, Contacts, sharing app
322MIMmedical images app
321iBlackListBlacklist contacts app
322RockPackage installing app
323MyLitelightening app
324Show timesLocal movies shows app
325iFlixMovie app
326Phonezapcontent sharing app
327ShazamMusic app
328Snapturesnapshot app
329SwapBTBluetooth app
330AIMMessenger app
331Bloombergcasual stock app
332Mobile fotosPhoto App
333Koi PondPond & aquirium Apps
334SwirlyMMSMMS Apps
335iNetworkTestNetwork Speed test app
336Mobile finderMobile finding app
337Navy FederalNavy Federal app
338BofABank Of America app
339palringoMessaging App
340Wikipanionwikipedia app
341HolyBibleEbook app
3425.0 MPXcamera app
343NiceKickslifestyle app
344Jaadu VNCRemote Desktop app
345InFormantArrange your life schedule app
3461Passwordproductivity app – password app
347DoodleBuddyPainting, drawing, sketching app
348KAYAKtravel app

If you have any other App which you think should be listed here, suggest me in below comments.

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  1. Doug Whitey says:

    Bejeweled 2 is a tile-matching puzzle video game. The sequel to Bejeweled, it was developed and published by PopCap Games. In 2004, Bejeweled 2 Deluxe was released. They both add extra game modes and features to the game. Bejeweled 2 Deluxe, like all PopCap titles, is available on a “try before you buy” basis. Bejeweled 2 Deluxe was released for the Xbox 360 as a downloadable Xbox Live Arcade game on November 22, 2005.`

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