Think Again about Old Laptop Uses at Home

Technology has been ever changing thing since stone-age. In recent years we have seen rapid changesID-10072167

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growing in technology field. We also need to go with latest trending technology as time passes. First Desktop computers, Then Laptop Computers and now Smartphone & Tablet devices are trending in current tech field. As of now many devices are coming in hybrid mode(tablet + Laptop). So we need to buy new devices for being with latest technology. After buying these devices you will not need Laptop for your regular uses. Or secondly you have bought new Laptop with advance hardware & OS, then you will not need Laptop for regular uses. Below we have listed some cool ideas to think again about uses of Old Laptop at home.

Use as Secondary TV for different channel viewing

It is very common thing in a family that different members want to view separate channels of their interests. Your Old Laptop may be good solution for your this problem. You can make your Old Laptop second TV for your home. For this you will need to buy a USB TV Tuner Card for Laptop and have to setup that. After Setting up connect it to your Cable line or DTH service to make channels available for viewing.

Webcam & video conferencing maker

You can use your Old Laptop as webcam & Video conferencing maker device whenever you are aren’t at home. For this you will need Skype, WhatsApp, Facebook messenger etc. IM installed over Old Laptop with internet connectivity. When You are on travel or out of house and You want to make conference call at home with family members. This Old Laptop will be good medium of communication maker.

For Home Theater and Entertainment media device

Mainly Home Theater system has two parts in it one is Music/Audio System and another is Projector for displaying media on screen. You can configure your Old Laptop to be a Media stream for Stereo/music System and Stream for Projector device for entertainment. You can use hard drive storage of your Old Laptop to store various movies in it which you want to view in Home Theater.

Security System Installation

You can use your Old Laptop as CCTV Camera for your home security. It is useful idea for turning your spare Laptop into a intelligent security CCTV Camera. To do so you need to download Dorgem software which is open source to use. After download software install & configure it watching this video

Use for home automation

Home automation is one of the very recent trend to follow. You can use your Old Laptop to configure automation at home. This home automation may include auto lights on/off, Auto Door unlocking/Locking and controlling other electronic equipment within house. There are many commercial home automations systems to buy and install on your Old Laptop for making home automation. For example one resource for buying automations systems is

Gift to Someone who need it

Is there someone in your neighborhood, relation, family, friends for whom your Old Laptop is useful? If your Old Laptop isn’t in proper running condition, You can donate its hardware to someone who does research/experiment with such devices. You can also make your Laptop available for donation to someone who can’t afford to buy a Laptop device. It is better than throwing your computer to dustbin.

Let your kids & Family connect with Technology

Is there any member in your family who aren’t familiar with technology? Or they know less about computer technology and want to learn it. In this situation use your Old Laptop for teaching them. Let them play with your Old Laptop to learn things. Thus they will be able to connect themselves to the latest tech world. If your wife is housewife only then tell her to connect using your Old Laptop and do many things at home in spare time. Your Old Laptop also have a lot things to do with creativity.

To do practical of Computer Hardware Learning

Your Old Laptop is very useful for someone to learn practical things about Hardware courses. You can yourself learn about computer hardware by following some Youtube videos or tech articles at home. Or if there is another member in your family who doing such tech related courses then such practice will be very useful to learn things more accurately.

Make it as a Guest computer

It is also good option for your Old Computer to make it public as a computer of Cyber Café for your guests. Let your guests enjoy free internet at your house. It will make them happy to have such facility at your home. Plus one advantage that it will also help you in less disturbance if your guests need some kind tasks on computer.

For making WiFi repeater for signal boosting at home

Your Old Laptop is very useful in signal boosting of WiFi in two ways- First You can place your Laptop in low signal area and it will have good signal for connectivity to other devices as well because Laptop WiFi have stronger capacity to receive signals in comparison of Smartphones and Tablets. Secondly you can make your Old Laptop as wireless repeater between various devices. It is very effective to do way for signal boosting of WiFi.

For internet surfing & Downloads from less-trusty sites

Internet has a lot of sites to do various things online. There are some sites on internet which is more risky to browse and download stuff from. You can use your Old Laptop for download stuff which is less trustable for you. It is very good way to enhance your online security and re-using of an Old Laptop. Some people are also taking risks of watching adult videos on sites which aren’t safe for users at all. In such case you can use your Old Laptop for this.

For various Home Tasking

Below is some cool ideas to use Old Laptop in a enhanced way:-

Digital Wallpaper:- Set your Laptop to be Digital Wallpaper for your wall side. To do so you can arrange a Stylish custom made stand for putting laptop on it. This digital Wallpaper will have unlimited wallpaper showing for your wall.

Recipe book:- Put your Old Laptop in Kitchen to be used like as a Recipe book. We always afraid of putting Laptops and other devices in kitchen because of risk of getting dirty it. So solution has come up to you. Your Old Laptop is very good device to be used in Kitchen showing you various recipes and methods of cooking.

Your Digital Library:- Are you book reading lover in a library? Go find a place in your home to make your own digital library using Old Laptop. Just make silence zone with installation of various E-books in your Old Laptop. Or you can manage subscriptions of digital libraries available online for this.

DIY Project analyzing on it:- It is great option for DIY project makers at home to use their Old Laptop as projection tool. Put all your DIY project researches, analysis and data on Old Laptop for better classification from other business documents. You no need to put your personalized DIY projects on a newly bought Laptop.

Schedule making for different household things:- At home we need to schedule many things like watering in garden, wake up alarm setting etc. You can use your Old Laptop for making all schedules available on desk and let them alert by sound on fix time as per schedule.

Home server making

You are habitual to work on server based environment at office? It is good chance to make your own server at home for taking advantages of a virtual server. It will make good environment for sharing files between various devices in home area.

Use like a Game Console

Playing games over game console is really different for us. You can also install dedicated game playing solution on your Old Laptop PC using some connectors like Easycap. You need to install some software as well to work this game console for you. For more understanding this watch this Youtube video:-



There are many more ideas for using your Old Laptop at home. It differs from person to person how they love to use their tech devices. So there are many more options to use old laptops as per individuals. There are many advantages of using a Old Laptop beside throwing it to dustbin. First it will help in less environment pollution by its re-use. Second it will be useful for people who can’t afford it or buy it. Third advantage is that you can enhance your home environment using such old Laptop. Plus it solves some problems as viewing different channel interest in TV from separate members, CCTV solution, Home automations and so on. You can also gift your Old Laptop to tech savvy person, he/she will love to do experiments on your device. And there are many countless ways to enhance uses of a Old Laptop.

For sure there are ideas in your mind also about using an Old Laptop, Let us know them below in comments.


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