Year Round Air Conditioning System Features & Benefits

As we know that there are three types of comfort air conditioning. Air conditioner year round is one of those. Cooling and heating system is used for separate season summer and winter . Air conditioner year round system is the combination of heating and cooling .  It works winter and summer season so it called year round air conditioner . You can save your money to buy this system because it wiil solve your cooling and heating purpose. Initial cost of this system is high but in running it will be cheaf because it works both summer and winter season. Due to works in both season it also called HEAT PUMP.

In the heat pump , it is like a normal air conditioner but It has a” four way valve” extra from an AC. The valve works and system gives us cooling and heating. Heat pump is available in window AC and split AC . You can operate this valve manually or automatically with the help of remote.

What is air conditioner year round- benifits and Features


Four Way Valve Function


Four way valve is installed on the compressor where suction line enters into compressor and  discharge line outlet. Both lines goes through this valve .  In normal condition system works like a normal air conditioner and gives us cooling. In winter season , we use of four way valve for space heating . The four way valve change the flow direction of refrigerant. In normal condition the refrigerant goes into condensor through discharge line. But when valve operate and refrigerant goes into direct evaporator or cooling coil through suction line . Now evaporator works like condensor and  reject heat in the space & refrigerant convert vapour to liqued and  . We use this heat for space heating & space get hot and now condensor works like evaporator and absorb heat from environment & refrigerant convert liquid to vapour. This vapour goes into compressor through discharge line and this process run continuously.

When refrigerant vapour enter into cooling  coil , the vapour pressure keep high and high press. of vapour is not acceptable in the evaporator. Because high press. vapour pass very fast through cooling coil and decreases system efficiency. So we use a press . reducing valve in the suction line and remove this problem( shown in the figure above).

Thus if you are thinking to buy an AC. I suggest you to buy HEAT PUMP. because you can use  this system in both season and feel comfort for year round in same cost.


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