What is Air Conditioning Benefits and Uses?

Today, every one knows about Air conditioning(  known as AC) .  Lets know how air conditioning benefits at workplace or home? Air conditioning gives us comfort zone at our working place . Bcoz comfort zone increase efficiency of human beings & machines. Air conditioning maintain not only temp. but humidity also . This  concept is not new .  In ancient time, people also used this concept. But that time they used only traditional method of air conditioning . Modern Air conditioning is different from traditional .

In that time people flow hot or cold water through walls in pipes as requirement     ( cooling & heating ) . In 19th century, invented  modern air conditioning unit . It is a mechanical unit which invented by Willis Haviland Carrier in 1902 .

Basically, Air conditioning maintain four major thing like Temperature, Humidity, Air velocity & Air purity . But it’s possible by modern air conditioning . Air conditioning use according to application. There is two major types of  air conditioning which mention below

1. Comfort Air Conditioning benefits                2.Industrial Air Conditioning benefits

 Comfort Air Conditioning benefits

In this air conditioning method we design the unit according to human comfort Because comfort zone increases efficiency . So we maintain temp. and a suitable percentage of humidity( 18-25 degree centigrade temp.& 50-60% humidity). This air conditioning use  in various places like house, office, restaurant, hotel, car , bus etc. Bcoz that place use by human beings. Comfort air conditioning is also three types.

Cooling  is used in summer season and also used there temp. always be high. In this method we remove the heat from our desire space by a mechanical refrigeration unit and also remove humidity by the system . This system works only in summer season not in winter .


As we know that heating is used in winter season . In this method we add heat in our room or space . For add heat we flow hot water or steam & can use heating element .  Generally this system used in western countries because there always be low temp.


In this method we also use mechanical air conditioning unit . This system works both winter and summer season. It is like an air conditioner but it has a four way valve. So it’s called HEAT PUMP . With the help of this valve we can use the system winter and summer season. It’s cost a little high rather than normally air conditioner but in long term it will be cheap.

Industrial Air Conditioning benefits

This air conditioning use in industries. This system design according to industries not according to human comfort. Generally, this method use in printing plant to control humidity in monsoon by mechanical unit. This method is mostly used in production plant where makes tool part .  These production plant has CNC(computer numerical control) machines. These machine works only at certain temp. So we have to maintain required temp. surround the machine other wise machine will not work.


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