Common Issues with Old Laptops and Their Solutions

Old LaptopIn previous article we have come to know about uses of Old Laptop at home, Now we will discuss about some common issues found in old laptops. As we uses them for 3-5 or more years continuously so it is obvious to get some issues in your old laptop. If you identified issue yourself it is better, Otherwise visit to a service center & let them know you about status of various things about your Old Laptop.  We have listed below some of issues which will help you in taking a decision about what to get repaired and how to in your Old Laptop.

Laptop’s Battery life is over

If Only Battery have issue:- Laptop’s battery has life span of it. If there is only Laptop battery life is over then no need to worry. Laptop battery is very replaceable part in Laptop. Simply visit to nearest store & find a replacement battery for your Laptop. Here you have option to select local manufacturer or branded battery as per your expending capacities. If you got longer use plan for your Old Laptop then you should buy original & branded Laptop battery for it.

If Battery + Charging system got an issue:- If you found that your Old Laptop has battery charging issue, You have two option to use laptop further. One is to get repaired your Old Laptop charging which will cost you more than you expecting. Second option is to use your Old Laptop with direct AC powering. It depends on what is uses of old laptop for you. If you want for specific time running for old laptop you don’t need to get it repaired. If you want to make your old laptop 24*7 working then you should get its charging & battery option repaired.

USB Ports stopped working

If one or more USB port is still working:- As you uses your Laptop for longer time, its USB ports also have becomeUSB Hub non-working. If still there are one USB port is working in your Laptop than you are not needed to get it repaired. You can extend one USB port into many USB ports in easy way. Simply buy an USB hub which works with self power. It will avoid power failure when you plug in many USB devices in that Hub.

If all USB port has stopped working:- If there is all USB ports stopped working, then it will surely need hardware replacement in your Laptop. Or you can choose your Laptop to use for some tasks where you don’t need to plugin external devices to it.

Flip of Laptop Display become loose

Old Laptops normally becomes loose in their flip joint of display & downside laptop body. It makes trouble in keeping display in sight of our to use it. As a solution of this issue, We can do two things. First we can put our Laptop display aligned by vertical wall or other equipment surface. Second option is that we can bought a stand for putting behind laptop display to keep it stable in sight of ours.

Laptop is Slow in responding

Install Fresh Window again:- If you have rights to install windows again, You should try to install windows in your Old Laptop formatting all data on it. If there is something important in your Old Laptop, get backup of that data in various storage devices. After fresh installation of Windows your Old Laptop will start working smoothly. This time only install minimum programs which you will need to use it further.

Linux Installation:- Linux is very easy to use operating system for any kind tasking. Plus you don’t need to buy an OS as Linux is free open source software to use.

CD/DVD Drive has stopped working

external portable DVD PlayerAlthough in current time it is not so important to have CD/DVD in our Laptop. It shouldn’t be major issue for anyone. But if you need some kind disc writing or other need then you can buy external portable dvd player for this purpose. This external portable DVD player will help you in installing games/ videos from CD/DVD to your Laptop. You can enhance your use of Old Laptop by buying such portable external DVD player. You will be able to use this portable external DVD player with other computers/Laptops as well.

Laptop inbuilt Speaker sound has become terrible

If your old Laptop got issue with inbuilt speakers it have, Just get them replaced in a service center. Or second option is to use external speakers or headphone for audio listening.

Onboard Keyboard keys have become loose/un-usable

Onboard Keyboard keys becomes loose due to regular use of them. If the keys are missing on your keyboard, You can get those keys placed again onboard through a mechanic at service center.

WiFi has stopped working

WiFi is no longer working properly in your Old Laptop? For this problem you can buy external WiFi adapter or you can start using internet via a LAN cable with your Old Laptop.

Auto-Restarting problem in Laptop

Sometimes Old Laptops begin auto-restarting problem in them. It may be due to over heating in laptop. For solution double check your old laptop fan & cooling system. If there is bug, get fixed it.

And there are many problems causing old laptops not working properly. If you aren’t much tech savvy and not familiar with all the Laptop related stuff, You can get your Laptop repaired by service center. If they told something is faulty at hardware side in Laptop then ask them what is alternative ways to solve that issue in laptop.

Let us know below in comments if you have any query, suggestion, feedback about it.

Think Again about Uses of Old Laptop at Home

Technology has been ever changing thing since stone-age. In recent years we have seen rapid changesOld Laptop Say I can help you more growing in technology field. We also need to go with latest trending technology as time passes. First Desktop computers, Then Laptop Computers and now Smartphone & Tablet devices are trending in current tech field. As of now many devices are coming in hybrid mode(tablet + Laptop). So we need to buy new devices for being with latest technology. After buying these devices you will not need Laptop for your regular uses. Or secondly you have bought new Laptop with advance hardware & OS, then you will not need Laptop for regular uses. Below we have listed some cool ideas to think again about uses of Old Laptop at home.

Use as Secondary TV for different channel viewing

It is very common thing in a family that different members want to view separate channels of their interests. Your Old Laptop may be good solution for your this problem. You can make your Old Laptop second TV for your home. For this you will need to buy a USB TV Tuner Card for Laptop and have to setup that. After Setting up connect it to your Cable line or DTH service to make channels available for viewing.

Webcam & video conferencing maker

You can use your Old Laptop as webcam & Video conferencing maker device whenever you are aren’t at home. For this you will need Skype, WhatsApp, Facebook messenger etc. IM installed over Old Laptop with internet connectivity. When You are on travel or out of house and You want to make conference call at home with family members. This Old Laptop will be good medium of communication maker.

For Home Theater and Entertainment media device

Mainly Home Theater system has two parts in it one is Music/Audio System and another is Projector for displaying media on screen. You can configure your Old Laptop to be a Media stream for Stereo/music System and Stream for Projector device for entertainment. You can use hard drive storage of your Old Laptop to store various movies in it which you want to view in Home Theater.

Security System Installation

You can use your Old Laptop as CCTV Camera for your home security. It is useful idea for turning your spare Laptop into a intelligent security CCTV Camera. To do so you need to download Dorgem software which is open source to use. After download software install & configure it watching this video

Use for home automation

Home automation is one of the very recent trend to follow. You can use your Old Laptop to configure automation at home. This home automation may include auto lights on/off, Auto Door unlocking/Locking and controlling other electronic equipment within house. There are many commercial home automations systems to buy and install on your Old Laptop for making home automation. For example one resource for buying automations systems is

Gift to Someone who need it

Is there someone in your neighborhood, relation, family, friends for whom your Old Laptop is useful? If your Old Laptop isn’t in proper running condition, You can donate its hardware to someone who does research/experiment with such devices. You can also make your Laptop available for donation to someone who can’t afford to buy a Laptop device. It is better than throwing your computer to dustbin.

Let your kids & Family connect with Technology

Is there any member in your family who aren’t familiar with technology? Or they know less about computer technology and want to learn it. In this situation use your Old Laptop for teaching them. Let them play with your Old Laptop to learn things. Thus they will be able to connect themselves to the latest tech world. If your wife is housewife only then tell her to connect using your Old Laptop and do many things at home in spare time. Your Old Laptop also have a lot things to do with creativity.

To do practical of Computer Hardware Learning

Your Old Laptop is very useful for someone to learn practical things about Hardware courses. You can yourself learn about computer hardware by following some Youtube videos or tech articles at home. Or if there is another member in your family who doing such tech related courses then such practice will be very useful to learn things more accurately.

Make it as a Guest computer

It is also good option for your Old Computer to make it public as a computer of Cyber Café for your guests. Let your guests enjoy free internet at your house. It will make them happy to have such facility at your home. Plus one advantage that it will also help you in less disturbance if your guests need some kind tasks on computer.

For making WiFi repeater for signal boosting at home

Your Old Laptop is very useful in signal boosting of WiFi in two ways- First You can place your Laptop in low signal area and it will have good signal for connectivity to other devices as well because Laptop WiFi have stronger capacity to receive signals in comparison of Smartphones and Tablets. Secondly you can make your Old Laptop as wireless repeater between various devices. It is very effective to do way for signal boosting of WiFi.

For internet surfing & Downloads from less-trusty sites

Internet has a lot of sites to do various things online. There are some sites on internet which is more risky to browse and download stuff from. You can use your Old Laptop for download stuff which is less trustable for you. It is very good way to enhance your online security and re-using of an Old Laptop. Some people are also taking risks of watching adult videos on sites which aren’t safe for users at all. In such case you can use your Old Laptop for this.

For various Home Tasking

Below is some cool ideas to use Old Laptop in a enhanced way:-

Digital Wallpaper:- Set your Laptop to be Digital Wallpaper for your wall side. To do so you can arrange a Stylish custom made stand for putting laptop on it. This digital Wallpaper will have unlimited wallpaper showing for your wall.

Recipe book:- Put your Old Laptop in Kitchen to be used like as a Recipe book. We always afraid of putting Laptops and other devices in kitchen because of risk of getting dirty it. So solution has come up to you. Your Old Laptop is very good device to be used in Kitchen showing you various recipes and methods of cooking.

Your Digital Library:- Are you book reading lover in a library? Go find a place in your home to make your own digital library using Old Laptop. Just make silence zone with installation of various E-books in your Old Laptop. Or you can manage subscriptions of digital libraries available online for this.

DIY Project analyzing on it:- It is great option for DIY project makers at home to use their Old Laptop as projection tool. Put all your DIY project researches, analysis and data on Old Laptop for better classification from other business documents. You no need to put your personalized DIY projects on a newly bought Laptop.

Schedule making for different household things:- At home we need to schedule many things like watering in garden, wake up alarm setting etc. You can use your Old Laptop for making all schedules available on desk and let them alert by sound on fix time as per schedule.

Home server making

You are habitual to work on server based environment at office? It is good chance to make your own server at home for taking advantages of a virtual server. It will make good environment for sharing files between various devices in home area. To setup home server follow instructions here.

Use like a Game Console

Playing games over game console is really different for us. You can also install dedicated game playing solution on your Old Laptop PC using some connectors like Easycap. You need to install some software as well to work this game console for you. For more understanding this watch this Youtube video:-



There are many more ideas for using your Old Laptop at home. It differs from person to person how they love to use their tech devices. So there are many more options to use old laptops as per individuals. There are many advantages of using a Old Laptop beside throwing it to dustbin. First it will help in less environment pollution by its re-use. Second it will be useful for people who can’t afford it or buy it. Third advantage is that you can enhance your home environment using such old Laptop. Plus it solves some problems as viewing different channel interest in TV from separate members, CCTV solution, Home automations and so on. You can also gift your Old Laptop to tech savvy person, he/she will love to do experiments on your device. And there are many countless ways to enhance uses of a Old Laptop.

For sure there are ideas in your mind also about using an Old Laptop, Let us know them below in comments.

Uses of Consumer 3D Printers in Customized 3D Printing

3D technology has changed many areas of technology field. It have made possible to view Print my 3d shape3D in images and videos in various screens from mobile to cinema hall. In recent trend 3D technology is growing more & more. It have great upcoming features in term of Consumer 3D printers, 3D home maker machines and other heavy industrial 3D printing machines. Recent trend of 3D printers have brought possibilities for home users to do various 3D printing tasks at home. It does Plastic printing for making 3D objects. These 3D printers doesn’t support metal printing yet. As of now Solidoodle, Portabee Go 3D Printer, Cubify Cube, MakerBot Replicator 2, Stratasys Mojo,Hyrel E2 Hobbyist are popular consumer 3D printer manufacturers.

Uses of Consumer 3D printers in 3D printing at Home

Household Plastic items

You can produce small plastic pipe, Plastic lunch box, Plastic hooks, Plastic pins etc. various plastic items using these 3D printers. It is all about your creativity and ideas about various things. You can produce many items as per your own plans. You can produce stylish table lamp cover or paper weight for your computer desk at home. Beside this you can create pen stand, toothbrush stand, towel stand and many more we use in household regularly.

Dolls & Toys

Every parents want to make their kid happy. Dolls & Toys are really good way to express your love to kids. Thanks to consumer 3D printers they have a lot of possibilities to create Dolls & Toys as per your instruction. If your kid love Doremon’s doll then you can create it via 3D printer at your home. By printing such 3D items and placing them to your kids bedroom you can make it Disney Styled bedroom for your kids.

Cup for Tea

Oh! till now it can produce only Cup for Tea. Off course you will need to make tea yourself, It can help in making your custom designed Cups only. If you have particular idea of making Cup designs, Stuck to your idea and manufacture one with your own Consumer 3D printer. You can give it color of your choice with different designs to implement via 3D printer. Although as of now there is limited colors available but later it will have more options to choose color from.

Plates & Bowels

Consumer 3D printer will enhance your kitchen in smart way. We all need customize in our daily usable things. So these consumer 3D printers have arrived in market to help us. This youtube video will give ideas how many designs you have to print with a Consumer 3D printer.

Stand for digital equipment

Now you can create custom stands for your Smartphone and Tablet devices to be used at various places. All you have to plan how you want to be your stand for particular device. And give instructions to 3D printer via a 3D design to print your favorite Stand choice for digital equipment. Beside these you can make custom stands for other household electronic devices like WiFi Router, Ironing device, TV, Radio, Stereo, hair Dryer etc.

Gadgets cases & Parts

Have you broken up back cover of phones? no worries you can print them at home with your own customization using a 3D printer. Or there is possibility you will want a new stylish touch pen for your Smartphone. You can print different styled touch pen for your own devices. You can print a case for your iPad, iPhone, Tablets etc. tech devices.

3D Art Printing

There are many people have with creative ideas in mind. We have seen their creativities on Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter etc. places. Consumer 3D printers which can be used at home as well are good option for those creative minds. They can use 3D printer for publishing their arts to a real object. Many 3D art prints are being published all over the internet these days which will bring possible customers and value also to their creative works. One of pinterest board about 3d printing art is having a lot of 3D printed arts in it. You can imagine how creativity enhancer will be these 3D printers.

Commercial uses of current 3D printers

Project Modeling

Are you a Civil engineer? You got chance to make 3D models of your upcoming building projects. It is really helpful for people who have real estate and construction based business. If you want an innovation to your current home design? First get a 3D printed model for it from builder and review it how it will look like. It is also good for other business to have 3D models to demonstrate their presentations in meetings & seminars.

Historical items Printing

Many historical items are still surprise for builders to create. For example TajMahal is one of kind building with unique design. Apart from this there are many unique designed palaces of kings all over the world. With these kind 3D printers builders will be able to do some designs to upcoming buildings and homes. Secondly Historical items printed in 3D will enrich Museums all over the world. A book printed design will take form of 3D object to demonstrate visitors in a museum.

3D Miniature printing

Miniature printing will be more easier for businesses using these 3D printers. Large size 3D printers will able to do printing of various miniatures to put in Showrooms as per the custom needs of businesses. So it will change our shopping experience as well in malls & shops. There may be different designed chairs & tables in Restaurants etc. places in coming time because of these 3D printers.

3D home printing

Home printing isn’t possible as of now by 3D printer. But researchers and developers are trying to make such huge machines prototypes for printing home buildings in future. Some architects are starting 3d print houses in small sizes. We have hopeful eye towards future in this field as well.

Order Cloud 3D printing

You want Your own Star Trek Figurines? You can order cloud printing it at here . They will ask you for your two photographs and figurine looking similar to your will be mailed to your address. It is kind of Cloud 3D printing services start up in current market. There are many possibilities in future about such practices. Then you will order various things in a particular 3D design and that will be delivered to your house.


Know more what you can do with a 3D printer

For some tech lovers, above said things aren’t enough to know 3D printing completely. So here is two important resources we will recommend you for more knowing about 3D printing uses.

1. Read Magazines related to 3D printing on your iPad

Download this magazine to your iPad from here:-

2. Complex 3D printed Arts and Tools

Various 3D printer users, reviewers and experts stats that 3D printer can’t produce a product as a quality standard we got from factory manufacturing by a Company. But there will be more improvements and advancements to 3D printers in coming years. For sure 3D printing will be great technology innovation in coming time. At that time we wouldn’t need to buy a product, but we can buy a 3D design and raw material to produce a product as per our needs.

So what creative things you will love to make with PLA 3D printers available in market starting from $350? Let us know in below comments we are eager to know your creative 3D printing ideas and plans.

How to Use Smart Bluetooth Devices for Wireless Tasking

Bluetooth is personal area networking service which works with various tech devices for wireless tasking. It has been a long time since Bluetooth has maintained its place in most of tech innovations as well. There are many tech devices which helping users in their day to day life with ease of Bluetooth access. As new smart technologies have emerged in market Bluetooth technology is becoming more useful with its accessories for high end devices. Bluetooth enabled devices and accessories to make Smartphone, tablets and Computers more smarter in uses. Below we have some ideas on how to use Smart Bluetooth Devices and accessories you may use as per your own need.

Bluetooth Keyboard for PC

Logitech Bluetooth® Keyboard (Mobile)Bluetooth Keyboard is one of smart way to make your personal computer desk free of wires. No one wants to see a lot complicated wiring at their computer desk. Some researches have shown that clean desk produce more creativity and focus in users. So using this kind accessory will help users in keeping their computer desk clean in a easy way. Secondly users will be able to use keyboard with their computer from 1-2 meter distance as well using these wireless Bluetooth Keyboards. Only you need to plugin Bluetooth dongle to USB of your CPU and start using your Bluetooth keyboard wirelessly. For example personally I am using Logitech Bluetooth Keyboard which has rechargeable battery cells to power keyboard and its battery backup is very amazing. It doesn’t require recharge until months of regular uses of it. Apple wireless keyboard, Logitech, Amkette, AMAZON Listings are a Bluetooth keyboard are some good solutions for your personal computing needs.

Bluetooth Mouse for PCBluetooth Mouse by Logitech (Mobile)

Another cool accessories for your PC is Bluetooth enabled mouse. You will be able to operate your Desktop/Laptop computer from a small distance providing you more leisure at your home and office desk. You no need to stuck your desk to do some clicks on your PC. It consumes more battery than Bluetooth keyboards as per my own experience with it. You will need to recharge your Bluetooth Mouse cell batteries in a cycle of 4-5 days if you use them daily. But it shouldn’t be major issue for wireless accessories lovers as it is not so troubling to recharge batteries in 4-5 days. Another option is that you may bring one more set of Cell batteries for extra battery backup.

Bluetooth Stereo and Speakers

Bluetooth Stereo is good accessory for music lovers. Plus it will avoid any kind wiring stuff for your music speakers to keep. One of most uses we have seen of Bluetooth Stereo is in cars. Whenever we are in car we can easily pair our Bluetooth Stereo with our latest Smartphone or Tablet device in easy way. And it provide more entertainment opportunity in comparison of previous ways of plugging in USB Stick, Memory Card etc. Bluetooth Speakers are good option for Speakers without any wiring stuff to put anywhere in office or home. For example You need to put Speaker right behind Your bed, then using Bluetooth Speakers you will able to do it easily. No extra stuff, No extra wiring needed, Just start streaming your favorite track when you are at bed to enjoy those speakers.

Bluetooth Headphone

Nokia Bluetooth HeadsetBluetooth Headphone is good option for answering calls and listening music without any wiring from your Smartphone or Tablet to your ears. There are various kind of Bluetooth Headphones available in market with different styles and pricings. It will not only make you easy to do useful tasks but also it will help you in being stylish and modern. Till now it is one of the most popular tech wearable accessory which is loved by majority of tech persons. Bluetooth Headphone are making driving more secure by its use. Beside this in a world where people getting busy in themselves only, It is good to listen music and calls privately using this accessory. Bluetooth Headphone is very useful when your hands aren’t much free in day time to pick up calls always. Nokia has some cool Bluetooth Headset designs to buy from.

Bluetooth Car Steering Wheel Hands Free Speakerphone

Bluetooth Car Kit FM Transmitter MP3 Player Steering Wheel USB SD MMC HandsfreeIt is good accessories to install on your Car Steering for making some tasks automate for you while driving. You can see caller ID and use it handsfree for making calls. You can tune in FM radio and MP3 music playing with this accessory in a easy manner. During music listening if there will be calls, It will automatically switch to speakerphone as well. Using Line in function in this accessory you can transmit music to car Stereo also. It may differ from person to person in using such accessory on their car steering. But it is really useful for a busy person who can’t miss calls during driving. It is another good solution for safer car driving experience.


iPhone Slider Bluetooth Keyboard

It is good accessory for a person who looking for keyboard solution with iPhone. Or in a case you need to type a lot on your iPhone it is good accessory to buy. This is external keyboard solution having Bluetooth connectivity with your iPhone to type easily. It will have magnetic force to stick with your iPhone for making it look a like slider. This Youtube video will explain you how useful it may be.


Mini Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard for Android Tablets

Logitech Tablet Keyboard for Android is good wireless Bluetooth Keyboard for Android Tablets. It works on android 3.0 and later versions. This Bluetooth device accessory will make you able to transform your tablet uses to a PC or Laptop using. With this wireless mini Bluetooth Keyboard you will be able to type as you do on desktops. These Bluetooth Keyboards will come up with a stand for your Tablet device to keep them safe and more usable like a screen. This Youtube video will help you in setting up a Bluetooth Keyboard for Android Tablets.


Bluetooth Game controller for Smartphones

Are you addict of playing games on Xbox One or Sony Play stations? You want to bring such experience on your Smartphone or Tablet as well? If yes these Bluetooth Game controller is surely going to help you in it. Using this accessory you will start controlling and enjoying your favorite games on Smartphone or Tablets without scratching and hard pressing on your Smart devices Screen. You will have experience of game playing like as you do on Game Consoles. It is another smart way to utilize your Smartphone capabilities.

Bluetooth Smart Watches

Pebble SmartwatchPebble company is already selling Smart watches. It has support by many developers to make apps for communicating and tasking between Smartphone to Pebble Smart Watch device. With this watch you will able to see instant notifications and battery life etc. things about Smartphone on your wrist. It has good communication pattern with apps in your Smartphone to let you manage many things in this Smart Watch. Apple’s iWatch is much awaited gadget in market so far. Samsung is also planning to launch Smart watches in coming years.

LiveViewTM  SmartWatch by Sony

Sony LiveViewIt is a wearable wireless micro display using Bluetooth by Sony Company. It will work much more like a remote control for your Smartphone. It will let you control things with apps on your Smartphone. You don’t like current playing music track? simply tap on wrist watch to play next music track, pause and play. It will show up  text message, facebook update onscreen.

Bluetooth Smart Devices

Bluetooth-SmartApple Announcement for Bluetooth Smart Ready for making future Smart device enabled with Bluetooth technology. It will bring much more features than we can imagine as of now. Samsung has also made Announcement for Bluetooth® Smart Ready devices in coming years. Android has also opened its door for Bluetooth Smart and Bluetooth Smart Ready devices to be developed. We have come so far with Bluetooth Technology in Smart devices and Accessories as of now. And We can expect this journey will continue in coming time as well. There are huge possibilities with Bluetooth technology uses in coming years.

Let us know below in comments if you have any query, suggestion, feedback or idea about Smart Bluetooth devices and accessories.

Import Bookmarks and Settings from Firefox, Internet Explorer to Chrome

google chrome web browserChange is Law of Nature? Yes it is true. This era is about faster, smarter, easiness & uniqueness. In past years only Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Safari & Opera web browser was in top choice list of internet users. But Now Google Chrome created a milestone in web browsers. The Chrome web browser tops in share of current web browsers list. The Chrome web browser has 40% share in October 2013 as shown on status counter . So it is best trending web browser for browsing internet. Although Chrome doesn’t increase speed of internet rather than it renders web pages faster. As Google is founder of this web browser so Google focus on faster website page render. Below are ways to import setting from Internet explorer and Firefox. This importing features is inbuilt in chrome web browser.

Import Bookmarks and setting from Internet Explorer to Chrome

To import bookmarks and settings from internet explorer click on customize and control google chrome“customize and control google chrome” (this icon is just below of window close, minimize and restore buttons). Now click on setting. In setting go to users section and click on “Import bookmarks and setting “.

import bookmakrs and setting to chrome

Now select Microsoft Internet Explorer, select items you want to import. After selecting just click Import button and you have done importing all settings you have selected through check box.

importing bookmarks, saved passwords, browsing history and default search engines from internet explorer

Now close and reopen chrome browser and start browsing as you were doing on previous web browser. You can import Browsing history Favorites/Bookmarks, Saved passwords and Search engines.

Import Bookmarks and setting from Mozilla Firefox to Chrome

To import bookmarks and setting from Mozilla Firefox web browser click on customize and control google chrome “Customize and control Google chrome” (This icon is just below of window close, minimize and restore buttons on chrome). Now Click on Setting, In setting go to users section and click on “Import bookmarks and setting“.

import bookmakrs and setting from firefox to chrome

Now select Mozilla Firefox from drop-down list, Next select check on items you want to import. After selecting just click Import button and you have done importing all settings you have selected through check box.importing bookmarks, saved passwords, browsing history from firefox

Now restart chrome web browser (Close and reopen it). You have successfully imported all setting you have checked when importing.

The Chrome web browser is lighter, faster and it can be used multiple web browsing using tabs. The chrome plug-ins makes it different and user friendly. There are a lot of plugins, games & apps in chrome store. This let you do more with a web browser. The chrome web browser is available for all internet devices like android phones, iOS (apple iPhone / iPad ), Mac and windows platforms. So it is ease to select chrome as default web browser as it will sync all you settings between all of devices you have signed in. No matter on which device you accessing internet.

Above is a simple guide about how to import settings from internet explore, Firefox to Chrome web browser.

If you have any questions you can ask me below in comments.

External Portable Battery Charger Solutions for Tech Devices

We all have many tasks to do with Smartphones, tablets and Laptops in our daily routine. Many times we face low battery issue in our tech devices. Some services like WiFi connectivity, Video playing are causing faster battery drainage in our tech devices. These battery issues are ok to manage when we are at home or office. But when we have to go for outing for travel or business purpose it becomes trouble for us to have low battery at tech devices.

Tech innovators are experimenting day by day to improve battery backup with compact sizes adjustable to these tech devices. But as of now we need to have external portable battery charger solutions for limitless uses of these high end devices.Below we have listed some of external and traveler portable battery charger solutions as of now.

USB Portable Chargers

Samsung Micro USB Car ChargerGo on popular online shopping portal which you love and search “USB portable charger”, you will get result listing USB Chargers to buy from. Top Smartphone manufacturing Company Samsung is providing Mini USB portable Car charger as Smartphone Accessories. If you don’t want to go for branded USB car charger for your travel needs, You can buy a cheap charger from local retailer. There are many local car chargers which have multiple charging pins to support many popular models of mobiles available in current market.


Portable Inverter for powering Tech Devices

car ac Adapter chargerUsing portable car inverter you can make available AC power for Laptop, Mobile, TV, Radio, Fan, Lightening CFLs and Bulbs, Desktop Computers, Hair Dryer etc. tech devices. In a case when there is no power source nearby, you can use your car inverter as temporary power source. It will provide you power as you get on normal inverters at home and office. It is really life saving tool in conditions where you got emergency for power. They are Economic to buy inverters to be used with your Car battery or any other battery 12v DC source for running this Inverter. As shown in image, my Car inverter gives me 2-3 hours power in any emergency if car engine is not start. There is no limit on this source if you have kept your Car start. It is smart solution for your temporary outing and traveling solution as external battery charger.


Mobile External battery Charger Pack iFlash® Mobile External Battery Pack

iFlash battery charger is  listed on Amazon (With AC Adapter) to buy in only $22.99. It is good solution for chargingiPhone, iPad and other top Smartphone models. In purchase you will get iFlash External Battery with 4 connectors for most phones and one extension charge cable. It  has slick design to make it ultra portable while travelling. You can put this easily in your pocket or Laptop/ipad Bags in easy way.

Laptop Charger Bags

For a travelling and tech geek person this kind solution is awesome to have bag packed battery charging solutions. These Laptop charger bags have inbuilt battery in them which is removable also. Plus you will have pockets to put devices for charging with these bags. Using these bags you will able to do your Smartphone and Tablet battery recharging while you doing rock climbing or horse riding. It is much attractive thing specially for youth who always love to have such tech innovations with them.

Tips for Battery saving while Car Driving

  •     Plug in Your Smartphone to Stereo of car via USB
  •     Connect to Mobile Charger to your Smartphone or Tablet when you are in car
  •     Disable WiFi/Bluetooth Connection While You Driving Car
  •     Make low Screen Brightness of Smartphone when you travelling, It will help in less battery consumption.
  •     Close all apps whose not being used While you are going for outing.



As of conclusion we should carry external portable battery charger solutions if we are going for travel and we need our tech devices to use there a lot. Second aspect is that we should also focus on battery power saving tips which may help us in getting more backup hours. There may be some other methods, tips, suggestions you are already following to save battery backup of your tech devices, Please don’t hesitate to let know us in below comments.

Wireless Router Tips and Tricks for Better Connectivity

In current time most of people love to use Wireless Router for their home and business WiFi needs. These Wireless router are so popular that we love to use them with a wired internet and wireless internet. These Wireless router simply help us to use internet within complete home area. If you have enough space available surroundings of home, you can use internet sitting in home garden or swimming pool side via these routers. The very common problem we have seen with these routers are as signal strength and low connectivity. Here is Wireless Router Tips and Tricks we have tested so far for better connectivity.

Wireless Router2

Higher connectivity positions of Router and Adapter

Analyze WiFi Signal in different places at Home

If you have android Smartphone or Tablet you can download WiFi Analyzer app to measure where it is getting maximum signal through a router. There are other dBi measure tools available online which shows WiFi Signal strength at various points. Analyzing this way will help you in finding best places to place your WiFi Router and Network adapter. You should check what amount of signals you getting in bedroom, living room, Computer desk etc. places as per your need of internet connectivity at particular place.

know technical aspect of signal strength

First of all you should know what dBi is perfect for connectivity. Secondly you should know that radio waves transmits perfectly to literally and downsides.

Line of sight propagation factor

Radio waves transmits to a longer distance in their line of sight. It is the main reason cellular network towers are able to transmit waves to a longer distance for better connectivity. Once in a testing project, we were able to get 3G signals in a rural area approx. 20 KM straight in line of sight from Cellular Network Tower. Generally Cellular Network Towers ranges upto 3-4 KM for a 3G transmission. So Line of sight is nice factor for signal strength.

Passing Signals by metal and mirror objects

When WiFi signals passes through a metal object it reflects radio waves which cause low signal strength for connectivity. Even mirror windows also have thin metal layer added to them which cause reflection in radio waves which cause ultimately low signal strength.

Best Choices to place Router

Keeping attention of above points you should decide to place Wireless Router on best position for high connectivity. Some pre-defined well places for putting WiFi. First place is Wall Mounting straight to corner where you use internet most. Second place is Mid of House to circulate WiFi Signals properly to whole area. Third place is putting Wireless Router to Top Roof side so it may transmit signals to downside with more quality signals.

Distance from Neighbor WiFi Router

No doubt your neighbor may also have Internet Connectivity through a Wireless Router. So such in case you should try to keep your Router to a maximum distance. If you are not so much familiar with your neighbor that you may know location of Router where it is, You can use WiFi Map app to know about WiFi for measuring distance and for searching nearby WiFi access points with a Android Device.

Setup Your Wireless Router Via Various Methods

Connecting router via LAN cable

Sometime WiFi broadcasting got interruption for working properly. So in that situation you should try doing setting in WiFi Router via attaching LAN cable. Only attaching LAN cable WiFi Router to PC can solve the issue sometime. Thus it is easy to try tip if you have unstable or improper WiFi Connectivity.

Restarting Wireless router

It is very easy to do task with your Router. You can restart router by its browser based management panel or via software and apps. Another way to restart Wireless Router is by physical button it have to on/off.

Disconnect and re-connecting WiFi Connection

Sometime connected WiFi Smartphone, tablet, Laptop may cause temporary issues in your Wireless Router. So disconnecting and re-connecting to WiFi connection may help you to recover connection.

Browser based setup of WiFi Router

You can manage your wireless router like you manage things over computer in control panel. For this you need to enter or in browser window. You need to enter username and password to login to interface. After logged in you will see all options and settings for your wireless router. For more tasking you need to read user manual came along with your router. If you missed that manual you can visit vendor site for more information about how to use that router settings.

Use Software to fix problem

Software for Tablets and Smartphones

You can fix WiFi related issues via Android tablets and smartphones. There are many free android apps available to manage WiFi connectivity. There are a lot of Android apps available to manage you wireless router tasks wirelessly.

Router Software fix using DD-WRT (free)

It is Linux based alternative OpenSource firmware for many of routers available as of now. Although using these firmware may cause avoidance of warranty if your router is newly purchased. Otherwise it is good firmware update for easier and smoother wireless connectivity.

Antenna Making and Signal Boosting Tips

DIY trick for making Signal Boost

There is a simple DIY trick to do at home for boosting signals of your Wireless router. You can build Wifi signal strength by aliminium foil in a easy way. It will more work like an external antenna for your Wireless router.

Or you can make Long Directional WiFi Antenna as shown in below Youtube video:-

Signal Boosting Settings

For boosting signal in your Wireless router you can switch to a WiFi Channel which is not being used by nearby household phones etc. devices. You can also change Frequency of WiFi in settings for better performance.

Tips for Network Security (for Indirectly good connectivity)

WPA Authentication Key Enabling

WEP authentication key has become old method for secure connectivity. Now we should try WPA authentication key method for secure connection. It will keep your connection secure from unwanted risks.

Set Mac Address for WiFi Device to connect

You can provide unique Mac address listing in Wireless router setting panel to connect and use your router. No other device beside that list will be able to connect to wireless router even they enter correct username and password for connection. It is one of the best option I have decided for my WiFi connection to keep it secure from other hackers, unauthorized access etc. issues.

Hide Your WiFi Network from Thieves

One more option to make your WiFi more secure is making your WiFi SSID name hidden for public. It will not let other devices found your Wireless Router for making connection. It will add some extra layer to protection of wireless router from security risks.

WiFi Network Adapter Tips

Place Adapter also in right place

For better WiFi signal gain we should also place Network adapter on right place. You should put Adapter in a situation where it is less covered from solid objects and in a open area.

Download latest firmware for Adapter

Downloading latest drivers from Vendor of Network Adapter will enable you to better WiFi connectivity. It fixes some common issues in Adapter by updating to latest firmware.

Reflector and Repeater Devices for Signal Boosting

Buying New Device from Market

Repeater and reflector devices are cheap devices for making signal boost up for your Wireless Router. You can buy one as per you choice from Ebay, Amazon or any other sites providing it online. You can search for a device you are looking for.

Using Old devices as Repeater for Router

You can use your old wireless router as a repeater for WiFi signals in areas where signal is week. It will boost up your WiFi Signal again for better connectivity.

There are many more ways to improve your Wireless Router connectivity at home. Let us know below in comments if you have any idea, suggestion or query about Wireless Router better connectivity.

Best Free Antivirus Software for Windows Computer

Do you looking for free antivirus software for your PC? If yes, then here i am describing the best antivirus software available for free with high security of your PC.  Antivirus software keeps your computer secure from virus, trojan, worm, spyware, adware, dialer, kelogger and rootkit infections. Previously antivirus software just detected viruses and spyware removers just detected spyware but nowadays antivirus software comes with ability to detect virus, spyware and malware.

Myth About Antivirus Software

Keep in mind installing a antivirus doesn’t mean that your computer is virus free. To make your computer virus free, regularly scan your computer with antivirus software. Before scanning check your antivirus virus definition update over internet.  To ensure safety You need to update your antivirus software regularly, so you get protection from latest viruses, trojans, worms, spyware, adware, dialers, keyloggers and rootkit threats that perform malicious activities on a computer. With the huge increase in malware, antivirus software cannot keep up with detecting all of it. But using more than one real-time antivirus uses much more system resources, can cause conflicts and even reduce protection. So I recommend you only choose one antivirus for real-time protection. Instead, you can increase your protection using other security software.

I used several free antivirus software which are vital in protecting my computer’s from virus threats and other types of malware. Below are the free antivirus -

Microsoft Windows Security Essential and Windows Defender

You have Genuine Windows OS ( XP, Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8) installed on your computer. For windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7 download free security essential software and No need to download any software for Windows 8 (Windows 8 comes pre-installed antivirus solution). It protects from all antivirus, malware and other threats. Remember that you must update virus definition and scheduled scan for high security. Microsoft security essential screenshot as shown in images.

virus definition update by best antivirus software for windows

Scheduled scan set on Microsoft security essential for real time protection.

virus and spyware definitions up to date to avoid virus

You will see Microsoft Security Essential icon in taskbar when Microsoft Security Essential is active. Its taskbar icon convert in red when your PC is on risk (virus definition not updated, not scanned whole pc for long time). This is best antivirus software for Windows OS.

avast! Antivirus Software

Avast! free Antivirus is best free antivirus software in free antivirus software. Avast! real time scan provide you realtime protection from viruses whether you browsing internet, checking emails, sending IM or downloading software. Avast! new version 7 brings more features. Keep avast! antivirus update from internet and get real time protection from viruses. Get avast!

Microsoft Security Essentials

Microsoft Security Essentials  guard your computer against viruses, spyware, and other evil software. It provides real-time protection for your home or small business PCs.Microsoft Security Essentials is free and designed it to be simple to install and easy to use. It runs quietly and efficiently in the background so you don’t have to worry about interruptions or making updates. So go for Microsoft Security essentials, it is favorite antivirus software for me. Your windows should be Genuine for Download Microsoft Security Essentials. Get MSE

AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition

AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition is also a decent choice for a free antivirus. Although this venerable antivirus has had some shaky results in detection in the recent past, it now offers a high level of protection. This is probably due to the inclusion of a fully-fledged behavioural blocker that is the “Identity Protection” protection. This provides a very important additional layer of protection, on the other hand though a similar protection level can be achieved by using one of the free antivirus above alongside a separate behavioural blocker. Unfortunately AVG free has grown considerably in size, has very slow scan speeds and also advertisements. Get AVG

Avira Free Antivirus

Avira antivirus keeps PC clean from viruses, worms and Trojans. Blocks new viruses before they run your computer and also blocks criminal hackers using AntiBot.  AntiVira is still a good choice for a free antivirus scanner, particularly for high risk users. Get Avira

Above are the best antivirus software which i have used on my computer. Choose best suitable antivirus from above. I would like to recommend you to use Microsoft security essentials or AVG free.

Free Android Apps for WiFi Management and more Tasking

WiFi is one of the powerful medium to interact with other devices. Using WiFi we can share files speedily between devices. Basically we all love WiFi for its Internet connectivity using via a WiFi modem Router but we can use it for more tasks in home and business environment. WiFi feature in tech devices enabled us to use wireless tasking with many devices. We can do jobs like print, scan, sync, connecting to internet, file and media sharing etc. wirelessly.

Below are some good Android WiFi Management and Tasking Apps:-

WiFi connecting and Management apps

Wifi Analyzer

wifi analyzerIt is good app for analyzing your WiFi channel. It will show you smart graphics indicating where is specific WiFi channel is. And higher the graph shows in this app it means your device getting higher possible connectivity with particular WiFi access point. It is good app for analyzing how your signal strength is at specific place.


WiFi Manager

wifi manager

Using this app on your Android device you will be able to find WiFi connections around you on graphical channel radar.  You will have option to customize name of various WiFi connection names as per your easiness of later use. WiFi Network Switcher widget will allow you to switch your Android device to various WiFi Networks in easy way.



Wifi Fixer

wifi fixer

It is a nice background Android app for fixing small network connectivity issues easily. It will try to fix things in normal way whenever network connectivity will failure in WiFi connection. You can set your WiFi access point for minimizing disconnections using this app.




WiFi map – free Wi-Fi location

wifi map

This app will help you in finding free WiFi hotspots nearby your location. You can know their distance from your current location using this app. It is useful app if you are not willing to pay data roaming charges whenever you are travelling other cities.



WiFi booster

wif booster

This app will let your Android device to have more stable, good quality signal strength and downloads over a WiFi Network. Basically it doesn’t boost signal of a WiFi router because practically it is not possible. It only speed up WiFi connectivity by faster reconnecting via this app.




WiFi Utility Apps for more tasking

Wi-Fi Talkie Lite

wi-fi talkie lite

Firstly we can use this app as Walkie Talkie for voice communication to nearby smartphones using WiFi network only. We don’t need internet connectivity to do so. Secondly we can use this app for text messaging and chatting with other devices in Network range. And we can use this app for file transfer with other network devices in easy way.


WiFi Remote

wifi remote

This is good app for controlling PC using Smartphone via a WiFi Network connection. Using this app we can play music on computer screen via this app. Beside this you can do switch on/off monitor screen, shut down PC, mute PC volume etc. tasks using this app.



Remote Mouse

remote mouse

This app will provide you Mouse, touchpad, keyboard type experience on your Android Smartphone. You can double click, drag using this app as you do with physical mouse on a computer. It is good app for enhancing your remote PC controlling experience. Now you can operate desktop sitting on sofas or bed.



WiFi Pass Recovery & Backup

wifi pass recovery and backup

This utility app for WiFi connectivity will help you in organizing WiFi network passwords in a list. So user can view them easily and use at a later time. This app will help you in sending passwords and copy passwords to clipboard ready to paste anywhere.



Wifi Camera

Wifi Camera

It is very simple way to turn your Android device in a IP Camera. It doesn’t require any kind setup stuff for IP camera using of android device. It is good solution for creating your personalized surveillance area for temporary reasons. Using this app you can create surveillance at your home by old Android device. You no longer need to worry about how to use old Android Device beside throwing to dustbin.





We all live in a world of lack of timings. We can’t remember every time to switch on/off wifi in our Smartphone devices which cause battery drainage at higher speed. This app is good solution for this kind problem. This app will help you in connecting with WiFi networks in easy and efficient way.




WiFi calling and VOIP calling



This app will turn your Android Smartphone into a VOIP calling device using WiFi Network. This app has made easy to do mobile VOIP calling. It has cheaper VOIP calling rates for international callings. This app will bypass your regular carrier to make VOIP calls using a WiFi Network.






You can make free calls, instant message, share photos, and chat with friends on messaging services using this app. It is free to use app. Over 15 million people are using this great app for their messaging needs. You can make free calls as well using this app.




WiFi file sharing apps for android

WiFi File Transfer

WiFi File Transfer

It is easy to share WiFi file sharing app for Android devices. You can upload/download multiple files at same time using this app. It has built in file interface for file edits. This app runs as background service to do anytime sharing without any problem.



SuperBeam | WiFi Direct Share


Using this app you will be able to share large files using WiFi Direct. You can use device connecting by QR codes or NFC Tags as per your own custom needs. It has web interface also for supporting devices which aren’t having SuperBeam feature in them.





And there are much more tasks will be available in coming time. Short wave WiFi enabled technology NFC is doing a lot in this field. It is helping users in automation of home and business tasks. So there are many more opportunities in future with WiFi Technology.

If you have any other way of using WiFi connectivity, we would be happy to know in below comments.

Free Text and SMS Messaging Quotes Apps for Android

Quotes and sayings are better way to express our feelings to contacts. These Quotes not only make us more sensitive towards relations but also it inspires us to go for positive side in life. Since mobile use has been widely accepted worldwide, people started to send SMS and text messaging to their contacts for hassle free communication. It is great communication medium which even works when two person are too busy in their lives. Still they can communicate via SMS doing their stuff. Sometimes we need find cool and heart touching SMS text. In this Android SMS collection apps will help you a lot. So we have found these cool and free text and SMS messaging quotes apps for Android Smartphone.

SMS Messages Collection ♥ FREE

SMS Messages Collection  FREE

It is nice app for different kind of SMS collection categorized over there. Love SMS, Wife/Husband SMS, Good morning SMS, Birthday SMS, Quote SMS etc. categories is having a huge collection for users to find a cool SMS for them. It have black screen display for longer battery life and better readability for users. It has about 50000+ SMS related texts available for you to use.


Best Quotes and Sayings (Free)

Best Quotes and Sayings (Free)

There are about 100+ categories to search your best quote and saying in this collection app. This app works in offline mode as well. It has picture Quotes as well for sharing with friends and contacts. All quotes in this app are organized in categories like as Love, Anniversary, Friendship, Funny, Heart Breakup, Good morning and night, Miss You, Flirt etc. So it is less time consuming in finding superb Quote and saying within a huge collection.




It is good app having 1000+ Best Quotes and sayings wallpaper to use over various Social networks. It have listed nice inspirational, love, emotional Quotes wallpapers to enlighten life of reader. So download this app and start sharing Quotes wallpaper and backgrounds to your social contacts in a easy way.


Best Poems & Quotes (Free)

Best Poems & Quotes (Free)

It is good app for finding romantic love poetry for SMS and Text messaging. All Quotes and poems are categorized in over 100+ categories for easy user finding. It has text to speech feature as well to listen any poem. It has pictures poems as well there to be used for social sharing by users. It gets updated regularly with content. You can try to be a poet to express feelings to your loved one using these Quotes.


Brilliant Quotes & Quotations

Brilliant Quotes & Quotations

It has hand picked Quotes from 250+ people to use for SMS and Texting. In this app you will able to see “Today’s staff pick” and “Quote of The Day”. It will be inspiring and useful in your busy daily routine. This app will give you access to filter out result showing on various customization you can do in this app. You can also use simple search for a Quote  and author you are  looking for.

Love Quotes Free

Love Quotes Free

Every lover want to send a romantic and heart touching message to his/her lover. This app will help you in finding such a romantic SMS for your lover. You can share these love Quotes via SMS, Twitter, Facebook etc. mediums for better bonding of your relationship. Plus it have proposal Quotes also to help you in saying you have to say. There are flirting Quotes as well available if you want flirt with someone in day to day life.


Sad Love Quotes

Sad Love Quotes

It is really hard moment in life when someone has broken your heart. This app have good love Quotes to deal with broken heart. You can share these apps on social networking sites as well beside SMS messaging.  You can hand pick some quotes for later use and make them mark as favorite in this app.



It is one of the basic feature every phone having as of now. So it have larger communication base for users than any other method for messaging. Just find a SMS suited to your mood at particular time and send to your contact. And let them know how you feeling at that time.

For sure there will be some other apps you have used previously for finding SMS to send loved one or contacts. Let us know below in comments if you have any query, suggestion or feedback about it.