Indian marriage culture, customs & Traditions

Indian marriage customs and Traditions, culture Marriage is a social contract between two person who made this for living together for sexual, emotional, economical & family needs. Different cultures having different ways of marriage, main point is same all over is living persons with sex, emotions & economics sharing each other.Marriage makes legal to have sexual relations within two persons in most countries. Different culture related to marriage specially in North India:- 1. Indian Marriage Engagement ceremony :- People do engagement before marriage in INDIA. Some ways are below of Read More

Samsung Galaxy Note n7000 Features and Review

Finally Samsung Galaxy Note launched in India. This 5.3 inch screen note phone had many features such as powerful processor, andriod OS and many more features. We will tell you features and about can do or can’t do with this smartphone (Some people says this is smartphone cum tablet). The Samsung Galaxy Note is an oddity: while technically a smart phone. Its gigantic 5.3-inch screen shows it towards tablet territory but it is too large for pocket size for become a smartphone. There is stylish sketching pen for making notes Read More