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Uses of Consumer 3D Printers in Customized 3D Printing


3D technology has changed many areas of technology field. It have made possible to view 3D in images and videos in various screens from mobile to cinema hall. In recent trend 3D technology is growing more & more. It have great upcoming features in term of Consumer 3D printers, 3D home maker machines and other […]

How to Use Smart Bluetooth Devices for Wireless Tasking

Sony LiveView

Bluetooth is personal area networking service which works with various tech devices for wireless tasking. It has been a long time since Bluetooth has maintained its place in most of tech innovations as well. There are many tech devices which helping users in their day to day life with ease of Bluetooth access. As new […]

External Portable Battery Charger Solutions for Tech Devices


We all have many tasks to do with Smartphones, tablets and Laptops in our daily routine. Many times we face low battery issue in our tech devices. Some services like WiFi connectivity, Video playing are causing faster battery drainage in our tech devices. These battery issues are ok to manage when we are at home […]

Future Smartphone Technology will bring Human UI benefits


In first part of future Smartphone Technology you will love, we have found some interesting and hopeful innovations Image Credit: Pixomar via which may be possible in near future. In the same way below are some more ideas and possibilities in upcoming future in the technology area. These kind tech innovations will not only change […]