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Facebook Chat Emoticons & Shorten text message for smart chat

Internet revolution has given us many gifts. Chat messaging services are one of them. Now we can chat anybody located in world anywhere free of cost. Even most of chat service providers make it free to chat with audio & video as well. Chatting is also a skill to do in a smarter way. Some people ignore it saying its not much to do with. But in fact it does effect much on person you chatting with. So why not you also start chatting in a smarter way starting today. Read More

Connect to Internet using Mobile Phones on Computer or Laptop

Connect to Internet using Mobile Phones on Computer or Laptop

Welcome, i have big tutorial for you to connect internet on computer using your mobile phone. Here i will tell you how to on connect to internet easily.  There are three ways for internet access on your computer using mobile phone- Below are the option to Connect to Internet using Mobile Phones on Computer or Laptop :- Using mobile Phones inbuilt wifi hotspot Using Bluetooth Using Data Cable 1. Using mobile Phones inbuilt wifi hotspot If you want internet sharing using wifi then there are inbuilt options in major Mobile Read More

Best chat applications for your Desktop – Get download Today

Online chatting is a good option for users to interact each-other. They can use it to share media such as photos, videos, links, music etc. Via chatting on a perfect application you can share your thoughts, emotions, ideas to others. Online chat is important for both education purpose & fun purpose. So get started with best chat applications all you have to select which suits you best for your purpose. Below is list of online best chat applications available for your desktop :- paltalk:- It is a video chat messenger Read More

Mozilla Firefox 11 New Features – Available for download

We are already getting ease with cool version firefox 10, And another latest version of Mozilla firefox 11 has been released. Due to conflicts with Microsoft’s patch its currently on manual installation. Automatic installation/upgradation option is not currently enabled. Get download latest version manually from here . It has come with two new developer tools. One is 3D page inspector view (Tilt) And second new tool is New Style Editor & WebGl Visualisation Tool. Mozilla Firefox 11 features overview:-Firefox has come with following new features to make easy to access, Read More