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ABC for Kids All Alphabet FreeAndroid Games for Kids -ABC for kids (Mobile)It will provide two modes to play and learn. In first mode it explains Alphabet characters to kids. It will show for first 2-3 characters with more pictures and after that it will explain each character with single photo. If you buy pro version, It will explain you via more pictures to all characters. In second mode of app it asks kids to match alphabets on screen. First it will show solved matching cards on screen, then it will hide them to let kid match them again. Thus it makes possible understanding different characters in easy way.

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Android Games for Kids -Lightbot - one hour coding 2 (Mobile)Lightbot – One Hour Coding ’14 – It is nice app to learn coding by kids. It explains kids the game logics and patterns in game playing environment. It gives instructions to kids how they can complete an task in game. The task will require some steps to complete. Completing these tasks will become like coded programs patterns. It is easy way to make kids smarter and curious in creating code logics. It is helpful for your kid if he/she is keen about technology.

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Android Games for Kids -Talking tom cat 2 (Mobile)Talking tom cat 2

Hopefully most of you already know about this app. It is popular fun play app which is entertaining for kids and all age group persons. Talking tom cat 2 is more advanced in fun tasks. It has new actions to entertain you. It will mimic your voice like previous version. It can fart as well. It can climb via jump on hanging decorative items at home in the app. On screen slap on face of cat it will become unconscious but you need not to worry for awaken up it. The second character of app will throw a bucket full of water to awaken the cat. It is upgraded version for making fun on smart phone. If you will keep the screen without any activity for a while the second character of app will appear in glass window to entertain you.

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