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Android Games for Kids -Ocicat Tamagotchi virtual pet (Mobile)

Ocicat Tamagotchi virtual pet

Let your kid feel like feeding a pet. Yes you can do it via this virtual pet app. Your kid will love to feed the virtual cat via pressing a button. In this app your kid will able to change color of screen. There is game playing option as well with virtual pet. The joystick icon will let you play with virtual pet in this app. The app is free ads supported. It is a little embarrassing in game playing. At top bar the score bar will let you know how your active with your virtual pet.

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Android Games for Kids -Talking Ben the Dog Free 2 (Mobile)

Talking Ben the Dog Free

It is one of the coolest android games for kids entertainment. Talking Ben can do various little tasks to entertain your kid. Each section is possible via pressing on screen buttons at bottom. It can also do chemical experiments to entertain you. If you will inactive for a while it will do activities to gain your attention.

Via on screen top left buttons you can create a video recording of its actions. You can share that video with friends via social media options available in the app. If you have seen TED Hollywood movie you are familiar with this character already.

You can Download this app here:-

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