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Import Bookmarks and Settings from Firefox, Internet Explorer to Chrome

google chrome web browserChange is Law of Nature? Yes it is true. This era is about faster, smarter, easiness & uniqueness. In past years only Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Safari & Opera web browser was in top choice list of internet users. But Now Google Chrome created a milestone in web browsers. The Chrome web browser tops in share of current web browsers list. The Chrome web browser has 40% share in October 2013 as shown on status counter . So it is best trending web browser for browsing internet. Although Chrome doesn’t increase speed of internet rather than it renders web pages faster. As Google is founder of this web browser so Google focus on faster website page render. Below are ways to import setting from Internet explorer and Firefox. This importing features is inbuilt in chrome web browser.

Import Bookmarks and setting from Internet Explorer to Chrome

To import bookmarks and settings from internet explorer click on customize and control google chrome“customize and control google chrome” (this icon is just below of window close, minimize and restore buttons). Now click on setting. In setting go to users section and click on “Import bookmarks and setting “.

import bookmakrs and setting to chrome

Now select Microsoft Internet Explorer, select items you want to import. After selecting just click Import button and you have done importing all settings you have selected through check box.

importing bookmarks, saved passwords, browsing history and default search engines from internet explorer

Now close and reopen chrome browser and start browsing as you were doing on previous web browser. You can import Browsing history Favorites/Bookmarks, Saved passwords and Search engines.

Import Bookmarks and setting from Mozilla Firefox to Chrome

To import bookmarks and setting from Mozilla Firefox web browser click on customize and control google chrome “Customize and control Google chrome” (This icon is just below of window close, minimize and restore buttons on chrome). Now Click on Setting, In setting go to users section and click on “Import bookmarks and setting“.

import bookmakrs and setting from firefox to chrome

Now select Mozilla Firefox from drop-down list, Next select check on items you want to import. After selecting just click Import button and you have done importing all settings you have selected through check box.importing bookmarks, saved passwords, browsing history from firefox

Now restart chrome web browser (Close and reopen it). You have successfully imported all setting you have checked when importing.

The Chrome web browser is lighter, faster and it can be used multiple web browsing using tabs. The chrome plug-ins makes it different and user friendly. There are a lot of plugins, games & apps in chrome store. This let you do more with a web browser. The chrome web browser is available for all internet devices like android phones, iOS (apple iPhone / iPad ), Mac and windows platforms. So it is ease to select chrome as default web browser as it will sync all you settings between all of devices you have signed in. No matter on which device you accessing internet.

Above is a simple guide about how to import settings from internet explore, Firefox to Chrome web browser.

If you have any questions you can ask me below in comments.

Different Google Search Techniques For You

One of popular spot for any kind problem solving, research & information is Google search engine. It satisfy people in knowing their curiosity, news or other needs. The simple way to use Google search is typing words (query) in Google search bar & hit enter. It will show all results including that term as per Google search pattern. These results will be in millions of pages to look for. Google has introduced many features & techniques in Google search to make it more specific and useful for users. It is becoming smarter day by day in showing search results. Try below Search tips, tricks & techniques to use Google like as professionals:-



View Time of City

It is very simple search query. If you want to know time of New york, Simply type Ney work time in Google & search. It will show time of city instantly.


Know upcoming festival date

Google remember all upcoming festival dates. Just simply type name of festival in Google & hit enter. For example Search Deepawali in Google. It will show festival coming on Sunday, 3rd November.


Know Currency conversion rate

Currency conversion is very easy task to do with Google search. for example search 1 USD = INR  in Google search. It will show you current conversion rate of currencies.


Flight Information

Searching flights from one airport to another is very easy. For example if you want to search flights between New york to London. Simply search as fly New york to London. It will show all flights in search result showing their time schedule.


Operator Use in Search

(i)Google search could be refined in a more efficient way using Operators while searching. We can search for exact query in Google using Quotations as “Query words”. It will give you exact answer for the query. By searching this way you will get exact results having same pattern of words searched in query.


(ii)Another popular Operator search is use of – operator in Google search queries. For any query we can exclude words by putting – sign before the word as recipe –potato. This query will show only results about recipes which haven’t potato included in them.


(iii)Same way we can use + operator in searching. It will show results focusing on specific word. For example recipe +tomato. It will show results having tomato in recipes.


(iv)We can search using reference numbers in search queries. To use this we need to put query like this Nokia phone $100..$300. This query will show results in reference range of phones having value between $100 to $300 only.


(V)Synonyms searching ~word  putting ~ sign before any word in Google search will search synonyms of that particular word.


Direct Calculation in Google Search

Google search is good solution for your quick calculator needs. To do so simply type calculation figure in Google & search. It will calculate & show result in calculator by Google.


Public Data Statistics

You can find public data statistics result in Google by searching related terms. If you want to know population of a city. Search Population of New York, and it will show you population statistics of New York. Same way you can know unemployment rate, gender ratio etc. in Google Search.


Travel Attractions in a popular City

To search for travel attractions in a particular city, search Attractions in New York. In search results you will see all travel hot spots within New York with cool images. It is good way to look for travel destinations in a city you are a stranger.


Sunrise/Sunset in a City

It is really helpful to recognize sunrise/sunset when you traveling another city. To get sunrise time in a city search like as  sunrise New York. The same way you can search sunset New York. And it will show you time of sunrise/sunset.


Movie Showtime in a City

To search movie show time in your city search this way movie riddick. It will display show schedule in your city of that particular movie in various popular cinemas. It is a cool tip to know any movie playing timings in cinemas.


Filetype:pdf/doc/ppt/avi   File extension search

If you want search results to show in some specific file types, You can guide Google to do so. Just add extension of that filetype adding .pdf/doc/ppt/avi  etc. file extensions with searching words. It will show result in specific file format to you.


Google Scholar

It is not a Google search trick. It is a kind of Google search useful for students. Everyone can search via Google Scholar at here . It is very useful in finding study related articles, research papers, reference books etc.


Intitle:word, Intext:word  searching

It is advance search option for users if they want Google to limit to search online titles or text only of results listed in search result. Intitle:word will let you search query within the titles only of results, It will ignore body text of result. Intext:word will search only for text part of any search result.


Know Stock details

You can know latest Stock details directly via Google. To do so you should have remember the stock name of a brand. Search Stock:brand name to view stock value. For example to view Stock value of Google, We need to search Stock:Goog.


Search related sites

Searching related sites in Google is really helpful feature to look site on similar purpose. For searching similar sites we need to query as Related:siteurl. For example to view sites like we will query it . And it will show us similar results.


Parcel Package Tracking

You can track your courier parcel directly on Google via putting general acknowledgement parcel tracking number directly in Google. It will show your parcel tracking status in results.


Search Google Patents

Google patents is another good feature to view patents all over the world. It is useful for businesses to view and download about any particular patent. It have all kind information about a particular patent as design, sketches, styles, technology etc. You can search patents here


Google Cache search using

Cache is most recent version of a page when Google crawled that page. It maybe different from current version because in meanwhile there maybe other content updates on that page. A normal user can use cache for view specific page of site even when site is down. To view cache of any site simply search cache:site url .


Google Groups

Google groups is good option for users to look up search results within existing groups in Google. You can search in Google groups here!overview


Searching in Google Maps

We all use Google maps to view places in different locations. You can use it in more smart way by following below technique:-

(i) if you want to know about petrol pump in a zip code place, search Petrol Area Zip code. It will show all petrol pumps available in that particular area.

(ii) If you want to know about sweet shops in an area. Search Sweet Area Zip code. It will show all sweet shops nearby in the area.

(iii) If you want to know about restaurants in an area. Search Food Area Zip Code. It will show listing of all restaurants in that area.


Weather of a City

To get climate of a city simply type City name followed by weather. To search New York weather, You need to query New York Weather. And it will show all weather related information about site. It will show temperature, humidity, wind speed etc. conditions of that city.


We tried to include all most used search tips & tricks here but still seeing the wideness of Google search concept, there are some other good search techniques in your mind. Let us know if you have any suggestions or query about it, We will be glad to know that.

Manage Things over Facebook for Better Social Communication

No doubt these days Facebook has great value in field of Social Networking.  Almost all over world people do like to make friends and share things with friends. We can say this as magic of Social Networking has come up in revolution after Facebook has been invented.  Now everybody can share anything he/she want to share with others over Facebook. But it has created some problem to other users in matter of Privacy & their private space.

Facebook for better social communication

how to manage things over Facebook for a healthy and better Social Communication:-

  • Manage things related to your Timeline Posting and viewing by others:- Visit Facebook settings page via button on upper Right side options on Facebook profile page. Let’s decide who can post things on your Facebook page.
  • Manage Tags by people and tagging suggestions:- Sometime people do tag in you such a weird, ugly pictures in which you don’t want to be tagged in. In such case you need to set permissions about Tags by people. You can even personalize tagging suggestions from your friends or public.
  • Turn off whole chat if you don’t want to chat with anyone at the moment:- Imagine if You need to browse stuff only on Facebook. And you don’t want to be disturb, Then you may Turn Off whole Chat. It will help you in making better social interactions without any disturbance from unwanted messages, chats.
  • Turn off Chat for individual if they are unexpectedly chatting with you:-Some person in your friends list over Facebook may be keen to do chat with others. And this may lead you to unwanted formalities, conversations which may waste your time and mood for a healthy Social Conversations. You have option to turn off chat for individuals if you want to chat with others but not with the person who will possibly disturb you.
  • Hide Chat Sidebar if you want to focus only on Timeline things:-  Is there something important for you in only Facebook Timeline things? Ok. You can hide Chat Sidebar if you want to focus only on Timeline things.
  • Show Ticker Option:- You have choice to show or hide Ticker option in your Facebook page. You can utilize this option as per you own requirement of use.
  • Unfriend People who you think making you disturb over Facebook:- What is always suggested about a person who making you disturb again and again?  Simply unfriend them who making your Social Communication worse. It will make your social communication more useful and friendly.
  • Don’t add friends who you think are not in your contacts:-  Have you ever met or know somehow to person who sent you add request now? If answer is not, It is not advisable to make them friends. Or if you want to make them friends, Simply add them and focus on their activities for few days. You have always option to unfriend them at later time.
  • Don’t accept all App requests on behalf of your friends:- Some apps are using Facebook for solely for their advertisement needs. We get App request sometime on behalf of our friends, which is not always advisable to join. Because there may be false request on behalf of our friends Or our friends might got it accidently.
  • Never reveal very personal things on Facebook timeline:- People like to share everything over facebook profile, Which is not advisable for both their Personal and Social life. Some things are needed to be private in life, So don’t make it worse posting over Facebook.
  • Use Facebook Report and Abuse posts option:- If you found any post, image abusive, offensive, or somehow not appropriate for Social community. Simply let them know by Facebook report and abuse option.
  • Use Facebook emoticons for better communication in less words:- As per a famous Chinese say “an Image works of a thousand words”, Chat emoticons and graphics make summarize of things in Social profile. So use them for better communication.
  • Don’t post everything on Facebook, Post only value which is good for Social Communications. It will help in making good social communication.
  • Facebook has got some advertising things to do over with it… Keep attention while giving payment, credit card details there.
  • If you only want to chat someone over Facebook, Simply use Facebook messenger for desktop, mobiles.
  • Never post things which hurts any person, community, religion or feelings of the public in any way.

Facebook is best Social Community site but as always happens with good things. It has some worse parts also of it. We should be careful while using our Social profile over Facebook to make it less vulnerable & clean Social identity. What things you can suggest for better managing things over Facebook for Social communication? Let us know in below comments.

HTC First Smartphone with Facebook Home

HTC First smartphone announced by HTC with contract France telecom Orange, at&t and EE in UK with Facebook Home or could be purchased without carrier contract. The htc first is first smartphone coming with Facebook Home, It is inbuilt feature in HTC First. The htc first is 4G enabled smartphone for providing lightening fast internet from Orange, at&T and others.

HTC First Smartphone with Facebook Home

With Facebook Home, You will get friends updates directly on your htc first smartphone’s home screen, messages and notifications will appear asap on home screen, No matter what you are doing and will get your friends photos instantly on home. It is 4G supported smartphone  so it will load photos & videos instantly with quality.

htc first with facebook home

The htc first smartphone transforms the Facebook experience, featuring:

  • Cover Feed: A constant stream of photos and updates from friends that is always available at a glance. Swipe through to see more and interact with friends by liking, commenting, and sharing right from the Cover Feed.
  • Notifications: Thanks to Home’s deep integration with the HTC first, notifications from apps appear alongside updates from friends right on the home screen. It’s easier to see when you have a missed call, calendar reminder or new message.
  • Chat Heads: Keep chatting with Facebook contacts even when using other apps. Reply right from Chat Heads, or move them around if you’re not ready to respond, and send SMS and Facebook messages from the same place.
  • App Launcher: Set favourite apps and access them directly through Facebook Home.

HTC First Smartphone’s Hardware

The HTC First will come with a 4.3-inch HD screen (1280×720 pixels); a 5-megapixel camera with LED flash; a 1.6-megapixel front-facing camera; and a 1.4GHz dual-core Snapdragon MSM8930AA processor. It captures full HD 1080p video and playback 720p HD video. There’s support for NFC and Bluetooth 4.0, plus 16GB internal storage and 1GB RAM. The HTC First houses a 2,000mAh embedded battery. But 2000mAh battery will provide 14 hours talk time and 18 days of standby.

The HTC first will be available from summer 2013. For prebook your HTC First visit on facebook’s official Home page and get one.

Facebook introducesnew design & features for users, I hope this phone will impress facebook lovers because it makes you social on its home screen. Although facebook’s home app for other smartphone will be available on April 12.

Ebay India Census 2012 – Top Online Shopping Cities and Brands

Today everyone who using internet knows ebay, if you are new internet user than you should know that ebay is shopping website where you can buy or sell everything you want purchase or sell online.  Ebay is working worldwide and is ebay shopping portal for indian users.

Ebay revealed its shopping data of 2012 for buying selling online, In this data ebay shown top cities, brands and states using online shopping for purchase their needs.

Ebay India Census of 2012

Ebay Top Ranking Cities of 2012 –


  1. Delhi: Delhi ranks on 1st position for selling mobile handsets, new wrist watches, tool kits, car waxes and Republic of India Notes. delhi-no-1
  2. Mumbai :  Mumbai ranks on 2nd position for selling products on ebay. Mumbai no 2
  3. Jaipur : Fastest growing city of India and Capital of Rajasthan also called “Pink City”, it ranks on 3rd position for ebay products selling.jaipur 3
  4. Bengaluru :   Bengaluru ranks on 4th position in ebay top selling cities.bengaluru
  5. Chennai : Chennai ranks on 5th position for ebay online selling.chennai 5
  6. Hyderabad :  Hyderabad ranks on 6th position for ebay online shopping.hyderabad 6

To know more about census visit

Ebay India top selling states heat map

ebay census heat map

Top Ranking Brands

top selling brands on ebay

To know more about ebay india census of 2012 visit

Facebook New Design and Improvement – An overview

Facebook is redesigning it’s home page and improvements to news feed. On Facebook mostly shared content is photos, so new design improved photo sharing to friends. Now you can get your desired updates on your home page, just select what type update you want on your home page of facebook. Get Most Recent updates, updates from your friends, updates only for photos and updates from your following pages.

facebook rss feed updates


View above video and learn more on facebook about new design at

This update will come to the web, iPhone, iPad and Android devices.

Instant Check Currency Conversion Rate Online

You want to Instant Check Currency Conversion Rate Online ? Then Google Search will help you. To check currency conversion rate instantly enter currency code or symbol like – USD to INR

For specific amount conversion use amount with sign or currency code as below -


$ to inr

See the list of ISO Codes

Use bing search for currency conversion as shown below

use bing for currency conversion rates

Yahoo finance currency converter
Open and check multiple currency.

Google search is my best loved for checking current rates.

Skype Video Android- Text Messages, Calls using WiFi or 3G

Skype has changed the way we chat and call over internet. If you have internet on your Android Phone or Tablet, You can video call to Skype contacts using Skype App for Android over WiFi or 3G. You can send text messages, share photos, videos using Skype on your Android Device. Skype is compatible with multiple devices like iPhone, iPad, Windows, Mac, Linux, Blackberry, Modern TV’s and other smartphones. So it is easy to communicate using Skype with friends, relatives and others. It doesn’t matter on which device they are online.

Skype App for Android

Skype for Android

Skype is available for most of Android devices available in market. Skype supports devices who has front camera and have Android 2.3 or Above. Skype is supported by Samsung Galaxy Note, Galaxy S( II, IIII), Nexus one, HTC Sensation, HTC X one and other Android smartphones. To check whether your device is compatible with Skype App, Open Google Play Store on your Mobile then search “Skype” if Skype is available for download, then your device is compatible with Skype for Android App. After installing Skype on your Android device you can send text messages, share Photos, Videos and make voice or video calls  to your Skype contacts in a easy way.

Skype Video Android

Benefits of Skype App for Android

Skype is most liked Android app because of many features as below :-

  • Instant Messaging on Android Device
  • Skype to Skype Voice Calling using WiFi or 3G
  • Skype Video Android to your Skype Contacts
  • Call on International mobile or Landlines in low cost
  • Receive Skype Calls, Messages on Android Devices
  • Conference between multiple Skype calls
  • Share photos, files on Android
  • Connecting to Bluetooth devices

Video on


So Skype is useful for Android devices to call & share content.  You should have it on your Android phone to Video call, text messaging and Sharing content.

firefox 13 – New update for firefox browser

Mozilla Firefox has come up with new update to enhance browsing experience. This update is sure to make your browser smart looking & easy to navigate one. Update file size is approx. 10 MB, You can do this manually via Going Help >>About Firefox. As I started updating my browser from previous version to firefox 13, It asks me about suggestions about AVG safe search. AVG safe search will not work with new firefox version, If you have installed AVG as Antivirus program in your PC. Ok click no issue to proceed for updating it.

For completing update process Firefox will restart, and update will be completed. As update completes firefox 13 will come to you having a smarter look for browsing. What new features are coming with Firefox 13 :-

  • Clear & Smart Looking Browser:- Update in form of firefox 13 will make your browser look very clear & attractive. This sexy design will surely make you happy to browse over internet.
  • Speed Dial page improvement:- Pages over internet which is often visited by you, will automatically added to your speed dial page. This will make option for you to keep some of pages you want to keep offline data of pages for faster browsing. Speed dial helps in browsing sites fast.
  • Tabs on Demand Feature:- Tabs on demand in new feature coming with this update. In this option you can select to load specific tab when you click only on the tab. Say you have opened 3 tabs , in first Google, in Second Yahoo, in Third bing. every tab will only load when you select on tab to load.
  • Google’s SPDY protocol support for Browsing:- Google SPDY protocol is supported via this newer version of firefox. It will make you to browse sites in searching via Google search.

Firefox has contributed for better browsing experience since the time it comes to internet world. Firefox 13 update is also in the process of doing something new. New firefox update is easy to go with some new features.

ooVoo Video messenger to make 12 way video chat

Why to Join ooVoo Free Video chat for making Friends?

Ooovoo is a video chat messenger to make your community more realistic over internet. Today we all are crazy about sending update messages, texts, tags etc over social networking sites.But in this whole networking process picture & video sharing is liked very much.Infact without sharing media there is no existence of current social networking fun.

What plus we got over facebook? we  got there easy connectivity with sharing pictures, videos etc. media in a few clicks.Its Quite interesting to have video calling option over Facebook or any other social networking platform these days.

oovoo has come to make it possible for you to do video calling with facebook friends or other community friends. Lets have look over ooVoo Video messenger to make 12 way video chat :-

  • Chat with 12 people at same time:- With this video chat IM you can make video chat with your 12 friends at a time. Do gossip with friends as usual you do offline. Group video chat with all friends together is really cool environment for friends circle.
  • Instant Messaging anytime:- With oovoo you can send video message to your friends anytime anywhere. So its 24*7 connectivity for friends want to do enjoy with friends community.
  • Mobile video chat app:- There is no doubt most of people out of us today having latest mobile devices. Which supporting all major applications available online. Oovoo has apps for your android, iOS, windows phones to make video calls instantly from your phone.
  • Make new friends using oovoo:- ‘Friend’s friend is my friend’ Its very common between us. So having upto 12 friends video chatting with each other will surely help you in growing your social network. This application will make feel as what we all do during hanging with friends.
  • Video message, greetings:- Till date you wishing all friends via Text messages, over phone? Lets have a change in a pattern. Say them congrats over oovoo using video message. So make them feel happy to see wishing you.
  • Connecting facebook friends:- oovoo has get advanced connectivity with facebook friends. You have to join oovoo community & you can connect your facebook friends even they haven’t oovoo IM installed. Facebook is synonym of social networking these days so having this connectivity is very nice specially being with community.
  • Video chat with facebook friends & other community friends:- You can video chat with facebook friends or other communities (google+, yahoo etc.) members using oovoo very simply.
  • Real time fun chat experience:- Can you kiss your girlfriend over a text message to make her please? Offcourse you can text a kiss to her. But having such kiss video messaging is really different than that. So you can do some real time fun with chat in this app.  Some people even do romance over video chat.
  • Latest Devices supports:- It supporting all major devices which is trending in current market. Android, iOS, windows platform are supported by this software. So got some modern with having  this modern video chat messenger.
  • Youtube video share:- Beside uploading some chat scenes in youtube, you can do some creative work as well to upload in youtube using this software. Video sharing & video messaging is growing these days rapidly. People like to do something which feel them more real over internet.
  • Video chat rooms service:- If you have a blog or website you can create video chat rooms option which is supported by oovoo to handle your customers, to suggest your blog visitors, to assist any person. Thus its very helpful in business prospect as well.
  • HD video supported:- HD resolution is like a eye protein in current life of rush. Playing a HD video over your pc, TV, or mobile feel your comfort than any other video format. So having support to this latest format of video makes oovoo more perfect.
  • Screen Sharing:- Over oovoo video chat you can share your screen of computer with other friends using this software. Its very easy to do so. You can present a report to many people at a same time.  a presentation, progress report, accounts or any kind reports can be shared in a easy with all persons who connected at that time.
  • Private & trusted video chat service:- oovoo is providing very secure environment for users to do video chat keeping information private. You can set your privacy option during chat who can call you , who can video chat with you, who can add you & many more. This all will make you surely confident about your privacy.

Having video chat with oovoo is really a cool experience for anyone. If you love to chat in video with friends (which is generally liked by most of people today), You can download oovoo free of cost. This application is useful for both personal & business uses. Let me know your experience about using this application for video chat.