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Free iPad Game apps For You

The apple app store has thousands of quality apps as of now. You can do many different task and fun with those apps easily. Playing game apps is very entertaining on iPad. We have found some best free iPad game apps for you. You will have real time fun while playing these game apps on your iPad:-

Plants vs. ZombiesTM 2

Plants vs. Zombies - Free iPad Game appIt is a simple game to have fun with more challenges in recent version. Plant trees in your house garden and fight against Zombies. If you are a person who love and believe in creating things, then this game app will enrich your soul by playing. It has clear graphics with nice sounds to play. It is kind of different game for entertaining.

Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans - Free iPad Game appIt is nice game to play on iPad. It has nice story telling for playing game in easy way. This is lovely game audio instructions for game. Tap on screen to call warriors for attack. Those warriors will fight very hard for victory. You have full responsibility for securing village from enemies. So plan to play it in better way to save village and feel proud for serving a village.

Game of War

GameofWar - Free iPad Game appIn first run this game app requires more content downloading for starting game. Playing such game is really awesome on iPad screen with nice graphics and audio. You need to fight hard against your enemy. It has nice warrior friendly game environment to play and enjoy. It will bring hard gaming experience in easy way on your iPad device.

Hill Climb Racing

HillClimbRacing - Free iPad Game appIts awesome game for racing type game lovers. You will have different vehicles to drive on hills like as car, bus, bike etc. Its frequent fuel refilling system is encourages & challenging for users to play game. If you are expert in playing racing games you make extra score by air time at driving. It is addicting game for better time passing.

Jetpack Joyride

Jetpack - Free iPad Game app

It is nice game with easy to play controls. You have to play safe from obstacles in game via using Jetpack jump. It has good graphics with exciting audio sound. There is a real hero in this game app which can jump using a Jetpack. The longer you will survive, You will make higher score.

Talking Ben the Dog for iPad

The dog - Free iPad Game appThis is another good game app for iPad device which will entertain you with pet playing experience. The Dog will hear your voice & play it as you said. It is quite interesting fun making game with friends, family members and other contacts.

Avengers Alliance

avengers - Free iPad Game appDo you want some of your favorite super heroes in a game app? If yes this game app will let you bring all super heroes actions in a single game play. You can be Thor, Superman, Iron man etc. super hero while playing this game app.

Jurassic Park Builder

JurrasicPark - Free iPad Game appJurrassic park is adventurous and curious place to build in this game app. You will enjoy this game on your iPad as you seen in most popular Jurassic park movie sequels. It is really awesome app based on a extra ordinary imagination of Jurassic park concept.

Mutant Roadkill

Mutants Roadkill - Free iPad Game appIt is another good car racing game for survival in nice game environment. It has nice game graphics & game audio. It is easy to control game. There are many missions for you to complete in this game to get good reward. You can customize your game playing experience via selecting from Store in game.

And there are many more entertaining free iPad game apps you already enjoying. Let us know below in comments, If you have any query regarding above listed free best iPad game apps.

Transfer Android Phone Photos By Date, Folder on Computer- Organize By Folder

Everyone wants to organize photos taken on Smartphone (Android, iOS) or Camera.  You want to import photos in organized folder to your windows computer, If yes then you need to backup photos to computer for past memories.  But when you will have the large collection of pictures you are unable to find picture by your desired date, year or event. This question consists in mind that how to import photos on computer in organized folder format.

I have thousands of pictures on my computer. These photos are organized in folders by date/month/year and tags. Year month & tags let me decide what about are folders or what kind of photos i want to watch at that time. so organizing photos is good if you want to memorize your memories in near future.

Why Photos Should Be Organized on Computer in Folders, Date, Month, Year or Tags

  • Importing photos in organized folders on your computer. It helps faster finding memories of an event.
  • Imports photo taken time, date, year and your GPS Location (longitude & latitude ) in photo details.
  • Easily share desired photos with anyone with less time-consuming.
  • Save the time in organizing folders later and accurate information.

How to Import Pictures from your device (Android Phone, iPhone, iPad and Camera ) to Windows

Follow these simple steps to transfer android phone photos in organized folders :

Connect your device ( Android phone, iPhone, iPad and Camera ) to computer’s USB port via data cable. After connect windows will launch Auto play, select “Import Pictures & Videos” (If Auto play doesn’t open then go to My Computer then right-click on device and select Auto play). After Clicking “import Pictures & Videos” windows will start searching for pictures & videos on your device. You need to click on “Import Setting” before importing. Now select options in what way you want to import photos.  Select Setting for “Camera and Portable Devices”, then select Images and videos folder on your computer where you want to store pictures  & videos.  Next option is folder name, this option is most import option for importing photos in organized folders. I will recommend you to select “Date Taken + Tag” or “Date Taken Range + Tag”. Now need to select file name option, select “Original File Name” in this option. Click on, now let search for pictures & videos on your device. Before importing pictures it will ask you to tag your pictures. Tag you pictures by your desired tag.

import pictures & videos by date on windows

If you select Erase then all imported pictures to your computer will be deleted on your camera device.import pictures from android phone

Image above showing “Transferring Android Phone Photos to windows computer”

I hope this article helped you in organizing your pictures to your windows computer from Android, iPhone, iPad and Camera devices.

Best Browser for iPad are Chrome and Dolphin

Nowadays Apple iPad is most advanced Tablet in the Tablet world. Today we will discuss about why Best Browser for iPad is Chrome and Dolphin?. It is well known for high speed processing and working capabilities on a tablet device and Safari web browser which provides smooth browsing experience. The iPad is best internet browsing device after personal computers. The Apple provides advanced data security on iOS devices(iPad/iPhone), for business work iPad is best because iOS is advanced operating system and Apple store apps are check from Apple developers before the are on App store. So there is no security threat on Apple iPad.  We found Best Browser for iPad is Chrome and Dolphin in current time.

Here we are talking about best browsers you must have on your Apple iPad/iPhone-

Chrome Browser :

Google Chrome browser is popular on computers for its speedy performance on computers. This browser is easy to use. Google Chrome browser is available for iPad and iPhone. Download Google Chrome browser from iTunes

Features of Google Chrome:-
1. Browser website faster on iPad, Sync your computer or Android bookmarks, tabs on iPad.
2. Search fast – Most reliable feature i like on Google Chrome is voice search, just tap on voice icon and speak what you want to search in google. Search results will appear quickly.

3. Open unlimited numbers of tabs on Google Chrome.



Dolphin Browser:

Dolphin is most popular web browser for Android and iOS devices. It gained quick popularity on Android and iOS devices for its unique feature gesture for touch screen devices. The CNET Ranked it on rank 2 from top 100 apps and PC Mag’s ranked 1 in top 40 apps. The Dolphin Browser gesture and sidebars make web surfing faster and easier. Full screen mode provides more beautiful browsing experience on the iPad/iPhone screen.



After Apple Safari i found best web browser Chrome and Dolphin as mentioned above.

Official YouTube App for iPad Features

I think Youtube is best source for free entertainment in these days, so everyone wants Youtube on their mobile devices. In iOS 5 Youtube App was preinstalled. The Apple iOS 6 didn’t have Youtube app installed. So if you have iOS 6 on your iPad then you will be missing Youtube app, Don’t worry Youtube officially app for iOS 6 is available on App Store. You can download Youtube iPad app from App Store.

youtube app for ipad home screen playing video in small screeen playing youtube video in full screen mode

Features of YouTube for iPad -

  • Play HD/SD videos on your iPad instantly.
  • Find videos and channels more easily with voice search.
  • Subscribe to YouTube channels and instant access your subscriptions.
  • Read comments, browser related videos, enable subtitles.
  • Share YouTube videos with your friends with easy sharing button.

So download Youtube App on your iPad and make it more entertaining.

There is lack of YouTube iPad app You can’t change quality of video (if you want to watch videos in your desired quality then choosing picture quality option isn’t available). But still YouTube is good app for your iPad, You must have it on your iPad.

Snapseed Best Photo Editing App for Android and iOS

First of all thanks to Nik Software for developing best photo editing App “Snapseed”. The Snapseed is best photo editing app for your  iOS (iPad) and Android devices. This App changed the way of photo editing because previously i was editing photos on my computer because there was no app like Snapseed to editing photos on TouchScreen based Android and iOS devices. Although Snapseed for Android was released a few days ago but i tested it on my iPad (iOS).

You can download this app – iOS devices from here and for Android devices from here, it supports iOS 4.2 or later and Android ICS 4.0 or later. Snapseed supported file types are JPEG, TIFF

Features of Snapseed App

Basic Adjustments
• Auto Correct – Automatically analyzes your photo and adjusts color and exposure to perfection.
• Selective Adjust – Make precise selections and enhancements to specific areas of your photos in seconds with Nik Software’s revolutionary U Point technology.
• Tune Image – Use Ambience to create depth and vibrancy that uniquely adapts to colors and textures. Adjust White Balance, Saturation, Contrast, more.
• Straighten & Rotate – Rotate 90° and/or straighten photos with simple gesture controls.
• Crop – Easily crop images to remove distracting parts of your photo with standard aspect ratios, or a free crop.

Snapseed for android-best photo editing app Snapseed on iPad Snapseed Photo editor for ipad

Creative Enhancements
• Black & White – Get that classic Black and White look with this darkroom-inspired filter.
• Vintage Films – Make any photo look like a vintage color film photo from the 50’s, 60’s or 70’s.
• Drama – Add style with a custom effect specifically tailored to your photos, ranging from subtle textures to wildly artistic effects.
• Grunge – Give your photos a totally unique, hip, and dingy look.
• Tilt-Shift – Create a narrow in-focus area designed to simulate depth of field, common in a Miniature Scene look.
• Details – Enhance details with traditional sharpening or the unique Structure control found in the Nik Software professional products.
• Center Focus – Draw attention to the subject of your photo by blurring and adjusting the brightness of the surrounding background.
• Organic Frames – Add stylized borders to photos for the perfect finishing touch.

This app is really great i hope you will like this app. If you have any questions you can ask them in comments below.

Bollywood Music and Movies on Apple iTunes- Rent/Purchase in HD or SD

Now you can purchase Bollywood Music and Movies on Apple iTunes Store. It has been launched a few days ago in India. The Bollywood  lovers can buy high quality music/movies from iTunes. I was thinking that what is utility of iTunes in India because no Bollywood movies/music  were available in India for purchase, Finally it is now available and i believe that now i worth having apple devices on my hands as i am Bollywood lover.

Pricing and Availability

Music: –  Both Old and latest Music on iTunes is available for purchase, Choose your favourite artist, album from iTunes store.


The pricing of music album is approx Rs. 96, 108 and depends on tracks as single tracks are priced Rs 12, Rs 15.

full-album-96-single song-is-rs 12


Choose single song in Rs 12-15 as shown in image above.

Movies: -  All latest and old Bollywood hits are available on iTunes Store.


You can purchase movie or rent movie in cheap price, HD movies are priced according to movie.


You can save money and data choosing SD instead of HD but HD graphics are best if you have apple retina display or HDTV.

SD-price of

Size of Movie in HD/SD on iTunes


HD Movies on iTunes are 3 to 5 GB it means if you purchase a movie from iTunes it will take too much time to download on 3G and slow speed broadband. The SD format movies are half in size instead of HD movies. So beware of 3G data charges, download movies when you are on unlimited broadband or Wi-Fi.

Although Pricing set on iTunes is too high in Indian market for Middle class Because middle class will prefer to use other movie on demand services like Bigflix, and many others.

If you have any questions ask them in comments below.

Use Google Maps on iOS 6- iPad, iPhone

Apple recently removed google maps from its devices in latest iOS 6 version. Apple used its own map app which has bugs, not works as Google Maps app. Apple Maps getting negative user reviews because users facing problems. Till date Google doesn’t launched iOS Map app, but you can use google maps on iPhone and iPad as you using before.

Using Google Maps on iPhone and iPad

Open safari web browser then open, Now safari will ask you to use your current location, Tap on “OK”.

google maps on ipad ios 6

Now add Maps shortcut to home screen as shown in image

add to home screen

Tap on GPS icon to see current location on map. To use directions tap on directions icon, it will show you directions to your destination.

If you disabled location services, enable it. Go to setting > privacy> location services> then On and allow safari to use location services.

use location services

Please don’t forgot to add google maps shortcut on your iOS device Home Screen. It works as Google Maps worked in iOS previous versions.

If you have any problems than ask them below in comments.

Apple iPhone 5 Performance & Features

The iPhone is a series of most popular smartphones in all over world. It is designed by Apple Inc. It runs on iOS most advanced mobile operating system. Previous releases are iPhone (2g), iPhone (3g), iPhone 3Gs, iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S. Now Apple’s latest smartphone is iPhone 5 unveiled on 12 September 2012 with many of new features and it is powered by latest iOS 6 Mobile Operating System.

Design of iPhone 5

The iPhone is 22 percent smaller, 20 percent lighter and 18 percent thinner than iPhone 4S. The iPhone 5 depth is 7.6mm and weight is 112g. The charging connector of iPhone 5 is 80% smaller than 30 pin connector comes with iPhone 4s. So charging and data connector pin changed in iPhone 5. Although you can buy separate connector for using old iPhones charging or USB. It is made by Aluminum and glass body, So it is stronger and scratch free. No micro SIM in iPhone now you need Nano SIM card, smaller than micro SIM Card. You will get stylish ear buds with iPhone 5.


Ear Buds for iPhone 5



The screen size of iPhone 5 is 4-inch with retina display although it is bigger but it’s same width as iPhone 4s. The Retina display at 326 Pixels per inch, has a higher pixel density that eyes can’t  find pixels. The resolution of iPhone 5 is 1136×640 pixel. Screen has fingerprint resistant oleophobic coating on the display. So enjoy higher resolution videos, pictures and text on iPhone 5.

retina display iphone 5



The iPhone 5 has Bluetooth 4.0 wireless connectivity, 802.11a/b/g/n Wi-Fi (802.11n 2.4GHz and 5GHz), 3G and LTE  (4G) connectivity. Now use your mobile phone on all networks 3G, LTE up to 100 Mbps lightening fast speed on iPhone 5. But it is sad that iPhone 5 doesn’t have NFC in its latest iPhone 5.


The iPhone 5 is powered by 8-megapixel iSight  main (Rear) camera for capturing movements.  HD 1080p video recording up to 30 frames per seconds with audio. Capture and View HD videos on iPhone 5 or on your HDTV. Additional features are face detection, LED flash light and autofocus and geo tagging of photos and videos. The front (FaceTime) Camera is 1.2Mp for photos and 720p HD video recording up to 30 frames per second.

Performance of iPhone 5

The iPhone 5 is powered by new A6 chip . Everything you will do on iPhone 5 will be faster than iPhone 4s. The A6 chip will offer higher graphics performance for playing games and higher graphic apps. The iPhone 5  will give 8 hours web browsing on LTE networks, 8 hours of talktime and 10 hours of video playback battery backup. Battery backup depends on many factors like apps installed, network signals .

More features you can read iOS 6 features


The iPhone 5 doesn’t have big surprise however it is best for you if you didn’t have iPhone before or if you have iPhone 4s than iPhone 5 doesn’t worth. Apple focused on many small improvements in iPhone 5, and I would like to buy only iPhone 5. Before buying you should also have a look on Samsung Galaxy S III and Samsung Galaxy Note 2.

Useful and Best iPhone Apps List for You

Apple has changed the way we think about technology. Before this revolution applications on mobile phones weren’t so much popular. Although there were some apps available from Nokia to install & use in top models till year 2010. Now everything is changed, Apple,  Samsung, Blackberry are looking for apps world improvements. Apps world popularity is also considered today as a achievement & plus point for a device.

Here we have tested some of the Useful and Best iPhone Apps List for You :-


App Name

Category/ Use of App


CNN News App
2 Time Mobile News App
3 Reeder News App
4 BGRMobile News App
5 Scanner 911 News App
6 Weatherbug Weather App
7 Accuweather Weather App
8 WeatherEye Weather App
9 Myweather Weather App
10 Twitterfon Twitter App
11 Simply Tweet Twitter App
12 Twittelator Twitter App
13 TweetDeck Twitter App
14 Tweetie Twitter App
15 Twitterrific Twitter App
16 SimCity Game app
17 Scrabble Game app
18 PriceisRight Game app
19 7CitiesTD Game app
20 Force Unleashed Game app
21 5th Grader Game app
22 Mondo Game app
23 Space Monkey Game app
24 FreeCellLite Game app
25 BomberMan Game app
26 Solitiare City Game app
27 Solebon Game app
28 StarWars Game app
29 Tetris Game app
30 MS Pac-man Game app
31 Dactyl Game app
32 HUarongDao Game app
33 PigShooter Game app
34 Pool Game app
35 Mahjong Game app
36 DR. Awesome Game app
37 CrashKart Game app
38 Enigmo Game app
39 Deblob Game app
40 Topple Game app
41 Cro-Mag Game app
42 Chopper Game app
43 Jelly Car Game app
44 Live Poker Poker Game App
45 GTSWR Game app
46 Scoops Game app
47 TapTAp Game app
48 FerrariGT Game app
49 Fieldrunners Game app
50 HoldEM Game app
51 iCopter Game app
52 Ironman Game app
53 Labyrinth Game app
54 Midnight Pool Game app
55 Monopoly Game app
56 Motochaser Game app
57 Moto Racing Game app
58 ParkingLot Game app
59 Photohunter Game app
60 PolePosition Game app
61 pool Rebel Game app
62 Touch physics Game app
63 Touchgrind Game app
64 Resurrection Game app
65 The Sim3 Game app
66 Sonic1 Game app
67 Hero Of Sparta Game app
68 iDracula Game app
69 Cube Game app
70 Assasin’s Game app
71 AwCasino Game app
72 BackBreaker Game app
73 Blackra1n Game app
74 AWSolitiare Game app
75 Toybot Game app
76 UNO Game app
77 Falling Gems Game app
78 FlickFishing Game app
79 Gravulous Game app
80 iSlots Game app
81 iSTarFighter Game app
82 Blue Skies Game app
83 BIA Game app
84 Tunnel Game app
85 GalagaRemix Game app
86 Gamebox Game app
87 Cannon Cadet Game app
88 Air Hockey Game app
89 Ant Smasher Game app
90 Collapse Game app
91 Cut the Rope Game app
92 Death Worm Game app
93 Slice it Game app
94 Gangstar Game app
95 THSP2 Game app
96 NFSU Game app
97 papiriver Game app
98 Bejeweled 2 Game app
99 Scrable Game app
100 PaperToss Game app
101 Topple2 Game app
102 VectorBAll Game app
103 DoodleJump Game app
104 Tris Game app
105 Biiballlite Game app
106 S.Deadbeef Game app
107 Maze Finger Game app
108 Poker Trainer Game app
109 Fastlane Racing Game app
110 iNXES Game app
111 Tangram Pro Game app
112 CookingMama Game app
113 Deer Hunter Game app
114 Everest Game app
115 EliminatePro Game app
116 iGem Game app
117 Canabalt Game app
118 Worms Game app
119 Goaaal! Game app
120 HRBattle Game app
121 FlightControl Game app
122 HarborMaster Game app
123 Boardwalk Game app
124 Fruit Ninja Game app
125 iVamp Online Game app
126 Ycal Game app
127 Meteor Blitz Game app
128 Xgps Game app
129 Spore Game app
130 Toybotfree Game app
131 Sportacular Game app
132 Sudoku Game app
133 SP2Lite Game app
134 Asphalt4 Game app
135 PapiJump Game app
136 gameboy Game app
137 ExpandoFree Game app
138 Bskies Lite Game app
139 Dice Game app
140 Driver Game app
141 AgencyWars Game app
142 Cannon Game Game app
143 Monkey Ball Game app
144 Joost movie, music, video app
145 Sling Player movies app
146 Flixster movies app
147 Movies movies app
148 Remote Remote control App
149 Airsharing File Sharing App
150 EarthScape Google Earth like app
151 Dynolicious Data logging tool app
152 Yelp Yelp App
153 Photobucket photo sharing app
154 ifFound Lock Screen App
155 AptBackup Backup of Jailbreak apps
156 Bible E-book app
157 Stanza Ebook App
158 Units Unit Converter App
159 WhiteNoise Best Sleeping App
160 Beejive IM IM app
161 dtunes Download music app
162 Boss Tool Move Applications to jailbreak, free space app
163 LolCats Entertainment App
164 WebMSGr messaging app
165 Scratch fun app
166 Sega Genesis Fun App
167 Ants fun app
168 Sketches Art & fun app
169 Disk portable drive app
170 Grocery iQ grocery shopping app
171 personal finance app
172 mail hotmail app
173 MySMS Sms app
174 Keeper Password Security App
175 NyTimes Journalism app
176 Easy Writer productivity app – e-mail creating
177 Night Stand productivity alarm clock, weather app
178 Target lifestyle app
179 Ponder Entertainment app
180 LineRider entertainment app
181 FML Pro entertainment app
182 VuvuZela entertainment app
183 FML entertainment app
184 TFLN Entertainment app: Text from Last night
185 EyeTV entertainment app – Digital media collection
186 i.TV entertainment app
187 Tivo Entertainment app
188 Backgrounds Entertainment ,,, Wallpaper App
189 What’s On TV TV app
190 iOwe You Keep track of Owe with friends or other person app
191 Arcade Hoops basketball game app
192 Big2 Poker poker game app
193 ChinesePKR poker game app
194 Dance Dance app
195 Pandora Radio apps
196 EmerRadio radio apps
197 AOL Radio Radio apps
198 WunderRadio radio apps
199 BiteSMS SMS app
200 SMS Counter Sms app
201 Lemonade education app
202 iDBSports sports app
203 Weekly Deals catalog app
204 AroundMe lifestyle app
205 Have2Eat food & drinks app
206 Metal Quotes finance app
207 iTranslate productivity app – translation use
208 Craigsphone craiglist app
209 Fring social networking app
210 UrbanSpoon food & drinks app
211 Lose it weight loss app
212 MyWi wifi network app
213 iFile file storage, document viewing app
214 Bargain Bin shopping deals app
215 iSip VOIP apps
216 Trapster With GPS speed tracking app
217 Planets utilities app
218 GEICO utilities app
219 AppBox Pro utilities app – professionals tool
220 Air video utilities – video library app
221 CameraMan utilities app
222 Redlaser utility app
223 VNC utility app
224 Contact Flow utilities app
225 Jaadu RDP Remote Desktop app
226 Netshare Network Sharing app
227 AirMouse wireless remote for computer app
228 Pdanet Wireless Router App
229 Vonage social networking app
230 Bump social networking app
231 HeyWay social networking app
232 Blogpress social networking app
233 Challenge social networking app
234 Boxcar social networking app
235 AutoStitch panaroma making app
236 SportsTap sports app
237 ScoreMobile sports app
238 WCP2009 sports app
239 Major League Baseball app
240 CBSSports sports app
241 GoGiants! sports app
242 SportsTap sports app
243 GolfShotGPS sports app
244 FoxSports sports app
245 IMDB movies & tv app
246 gpsPhone GPS app
247 GPS Nav Gps related app
248 Red Rocket Navigation App
249 CopilotNA Navigation App
250 geoCoaching Navigation App
251 MapQuest Navigation App
252 Sleep Cycle Health & fitness app
253 WhiteNoise Health & fitness app
254 Videorecoder3g video recorder app
255 cycorder video recording app
256 Recorder Sound Recording App
257 iDicto voice recorder app
258 Instagram photo sharing app
259 Momentile Moment sharing app
260 PixelPipe Upload your video in HD to youtube etc. sites.
261 Mitube Youtube Stream & download app
262 My DJ DJ app
263 Touch DJ DJ app
264 Tuner music app
265 Midomi music app
266 AMPkit music app
267 Astrology astrology app
268 Seize The Day productivity app
269 Ebay Ebay app
270 IMPlus Instant Messenger app
271 Mxtube Download youtube to iphone directly app
272 Zenbe List yourself at home app
273 WhitePages People & business searching app
274 Moon Globe Education app – satellite imagery
275 Things productivity app – todo lists etc.
276 uYH Gold business – Handwriting app
277 AnyRing Customize ringtone app
278 CheatSheet lifestyle app
279 Tapatalk forum browsing app
280 Mover + Move stuff between two iPhones app
281 Clipish share text messages with animations, emoticons app
282 MenzalWord fun & time pass – word searching app
283 Hulu Plus Media streaming app
284 iMobile ICICI Bank mobile banking client app
285 Picasa Web Albums Web album app
286 DrinksFree Make drinks yourself app
287 CheckPlease Finance app
288 PkgBackup Backup phone app – Package installer
289 Recall Its like reminder app
290 Speet Test speed test checking app
291 Bookmark bookmark managing app
292 Todo Task managing app
293 TMZ site app
294 Slydial Voice messaging app – New way to voice mail
295 Cardstar lifestyle app
296 Fifa10 football game app
297 Funbooth photo & video fun app
298 HavaPlayer Media Player app
299 iDisk Remotely docs, media access app
300 IntelliScreen screen customize app
301 Installus app installation manager
302 QIK photo & video app
303 Nimbuzz nimbuzz messenger app
304 iRealSMS Sms app
305 Season8 fruits & veg. app
306 Ovucalendar calendar app
307 AllRecipes food & drinks app
308 Wattpad Ebook Reader app
309 Chase finance app
310 ICY apps manager
311 EPOcrates medical app
312 iheartradio music app
313 Compass Utilities app
314 Spend finance planning app
315 Amazon amazon app
316 DVR Remote Remote control App
317 Engadget Technology news app
318 Snaptell pictures, video sharing app
319 Fedex Mobile shipping app
320 Jott Daily Schedule, Contacts, sharing app
322 MIM medical images app
321 iBlackList Blacklist contacts app
322 Rock Package installing app
323 MyLite lightening app
324 Show times Local movies shows app
325 iFlix Movie app
326 Phonezap content sharing app
327 Shazam Music app
328 Snapture snapshot app
329 SwapBT Bluetooth app
330 AIM Messenger app
331 Bloomberg casual stock app
332 Mobile fotos Photo App
333 Koi Pond Pond & aquirium Apps
334 SwirlyMMS MMS Apps
335 iNetworkTest Network Speed test app
336 Mobile finder Mobile finding app
337 Navy Federal Navy Federal app
338 BofA Bank Of America app
339 palringo Messaging App
340 Wikipanion wikipedia app
341 HolyBible Ebook app
342 5.0 MPX camera app
343 NiceKicks lifestyle app
344 Jaadu VNC Remote Desktop app
345 InFormant Arrange your life schedule app
346 1Password productivity app – password app
347 DoodleBuddy Painting, drawing, sketching app
348 KAYAK travel app

If you have any other App which you think should be listed here, suggest me in below comments.

iOS 6 Bringing New Features to iOS Devices

Apple Previewed its latest iOS 6 on monday, it adds more than 200 new features to its most advanced mobile operating system iOS. Currently iOS 6 is in beta version. It will be launched later this fall. Apple claims that he is adding 200+ more features to iOS 6, including Siri enhancements and Facebook updates. Below are the main iOS 6 Features:

Improved Maps

trafficApple removed Google maps in iOS 6 mobile OS. Now apple is using self designed maps, Maps will give you turn by turn spoken direction on the move, maps are designed in 3D Views, and the stunning Flyover feature.  Apple maps are completely re-imagined by Apple, maps graphics are clear,  panning and zooming is smooth and responsive. Find and set your destination on your iOS device, it will guide your turn-by-turn spoken directions, a 3D view, and real time traffic information on driving. It is something like OVI maps, which already have these features beside 3D view.


siriSiri is voice driven personal assistant, it was arrived 8 months ago with iPhone 4s. Siri is enhanced in iOS 6, as you can ask about sports score and stats because it knows baseball, basketball, football, soccer, and hockey. Siri makes social networking easier as you can update your facebook and twitter, Post on your wall or tweet using Siri.

Siri helps you to find restaurant when you need food or recreation, tell the siri it will help you to find restaurants by cuisine, price, location, outdoor seating, or a combination of choices. Siri will show you a restaurant’s photos, price range, and reviews.

Siri will help you to find latest movies on your location and showtimes, you can watch movie trailer or a Rotten Tomatoes review. You can also know more about movie as who is actor, director and what is review of movie.

Integrated Facebook

facebook_titleIn iOS 6 facebook will be integrated so that you can connect with your friends, family and others. There is no need to leave app to do it. Share photos directly from camera or photos. Post your location update right from inbuilt maps app.  Post your highest score on facebook directly from game center. You need to sign in facebook only once, and you will be able to share everything on your iOS devices. It will remind birthday, facebook events are integrated into your iOS device calendar.




Store your passes, movie tickets, retail coupons, loyalty cards, and more are now all in one place. Passbook let you scan your iPhone or iPod touch to check in for a flight, get into a movie, and redeem a coupon. You can also see when your coupons expire, where your concert seats are, and the balance left on your card. Set location for passes and your passes will be on your iPhone or iPod screen where you are on that location. Passbook will alert you on location where you can use passbook app.


FaceTime now will work on cellular networks as it works on Wi-Fi, so you can make and receive FaceTime calls anywhere. In iOS 6, you can make FacTime calls on your iPad using phone number. That means you can use FaceTime anytime, anywhere, on any device.



iOS 6 adds some features like decline call with message, and remind me later when you don’t want to pick a phone call. If you don’t want phone calls then turn on Do Not Disturb and you won’t be bothered by anyone — except can’t-miss contacts like your boss or your better half.


mail_titleIn iOS 6 mail will add support for VIPs like Mountain Lion OS. Mark someone as a VIP, and  you will get quick notification on lock screen when their messages arrive, just like a text message. And you will get VIP emails in special VIP folder in mailbox.  Mail also makes it easier to insert photos and videos as you compose messages. Also new is the ability to open password-protected Office files from within Mail. And Mail also adds the now-familiar pull-to-refresh option to update your inbox.


With Mountain Lion, your iOS devices will sync your open tabs, bookmarks with iCloud, so the sites you visited on you one device will be accessible on other apple devices. You find some useful information then you can save them for offline reading and it will be accessible offline anytime you want  read it. On your iPhone you can view webpage in full screen within a tap.


Photo Stream

You can share desired photos to your friends, just select photos you want to share with friends, choose your friends and share with them. Your friends will receive push notification on their device screen, and photos will appear in an album in the Photos app. Friends can also comment on your shared photos.

Other details

iOS 6 Improved privacy controls to contacts or calendars, redesigned app store with new app buying features. Per account signature in email, Lost Mode for Find My iPhone which is currently available as external option.


Developers preview version was released on Monday. It supports iPhone 3GS and iPad 2, The New iPad, 4th generation iPod touch and iPhone 4s. First version of iPad will not get this update. So if you have first generation iPad than you need to buy new iPad.