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Common Issues with Old Laptops and Their Solutions


In previous article we have come to know about uses of Old Laptop at home, Now we will discuss about some common issues found in old laptops. As we uses them for 3-5 or more years continuously so it is obvious to get some issues in your old laptop. If you identified issue yourself it […]

Think Again about Uses of Old Laptop at Home


Technology has been ever changing thing since stone-age. In recent years we have seen rapid changes Image Credit: suphakit73 via   growing in technology field. We also need to go with latest trending technology as time passes. First Desktop computers, Then Laptop Computers and now Smartphone & Tablet devices are trending in current tech field. […]

Transfer Android Phone Photos By Date, Folder on Computer- Organize By Folder


Everyone wants to organize photos taken on Smartphone (Android, iOS) or Camera.  You want to import photos in organized folder to your windows computer, If yes then you need to backup photos to computer for past memories.  But when you will have the large collection of pictures you are unable to find picture by your […]

How to Check & Remove Viruses, Spyware, and Malicious Software on Windows


Viruses, Spyware and malicious software may infect your computer. If you didn’t updated windows antivirus for a long time then surely your computer will be infected by virus, spyware and malicious software. These virus, spyware and malware enter in your computer through external data storage devices or internet downloads and infect windows system files and […]

How to Block Websites and Track Child Activity on Your Family Computer


Today internet is part of life.Most people do use computers at home. In such time kids also have to use computers for many tasks. It is confirm that we can’t keep them away from using computers, So it is important to guide them properly to use computer & internet. This will help in proper use […]

How to Speed Up on Windows 8 with Shortcuts


Microsoft Windows 8 Pro is available in market for upgrade and Windows RT for Tablets (pre-installed). If you upgraded your pc to Windows 8 Pro or Purchased Windows 8 Tablets the you got very new interface on your windows 8 computer or Windows 8 RT Tablet. Here is my past 6 months experience with Windows […]

Play Games in Computer – Easy & Interesting gaming

Start playing games in computer to make some fun in free time. The best way to do this is selection of nice games which will make your computer rock during playing. Below are four games with full review for you to entertain in best way:- 1. Demon’s Souls:- Are you lover to view horror movies […]