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Common Issues with Old Laptops and Their Solutions

Old LaptopIn previous article we have come to know about uses of Old Laptop at home, Now we will discuss about some common issues found in old laptops. As we uses them for 3-5 or more years continuously so it is obvious to get some issues in your old laptop. If you identified issue yourself it is better, Otherwise visit to a service center & let them know you about status of various things about your Old Laptop.  We have listed below some of issues which will help you in taking a decision about what to get repaired and how to in your Old Laptop.

Laptop’s Battery life is over

If Only Battery have issue:- Laptop’s battery has life span of it. If there is only Laptop battery life is over then no need to worry. Laptop battery is very replaceable part in Laptop. Simply visit to nearest store & find a replacement battery for your Laptop. Here you have option to select local manufacturer or branded battery as per your expending capacities. If you got longer use plan for your Old Laptop then you should buy original & branded Laptop battery for it.

If Battery + Charging system got an issue:- If you found that your Old Laptop has battery charging issue, You have two option to use laptop further. One is to get repaired your Old Laptop charging which will cost you more than you expecting. Second option is to use your Old Laptop with direct AC powering. It depends on what is uses of old laptop for you. If you want for specific time running for old laptop you don’t need to get it repaired. If you want to make your old laptop 24*7 working then you should get its charging & battery option repaired.

USB Ports stopped working

If one or more USB port is still working:- As you uses your Laptop for longer time, its USB ports also have becomeUSB Hub non-working. If still there are one USB port is working in your Laptop than you are not needed to get it repaired. You can extend one USB port into many USB ports in easy way. Simply buy an USB hub which works with self power. It will avoid power failure when you plug in many USB devices in that Hub.

If all USB port has stopped working:- If there is all USB ports stopped working, then it will surely need hardware replacement in your Laptop. Or you can choose your Laptop to use for some tasks where you don’t need to plugin external devices to it.

Flip of Laptop Display become loose

Old Laptops normally becomes loose in their flip joint of display & downside laptop body. It makes trouble in keeping display in sight of our to use it. As a solution of this issue, We can do two things. First we can put our Laptop display aligned by vertical wall or other equipment surface. Second option is that we can bought a stand for putting behind laptop display to keep it stable in sight of ours.

Laptop is Slow in responding

Install Fresh Window again:- If you have rights to install windows again, You should try to install windows in your Old Laptop formatting all data on it. If there is something important in your Old Laptop, get backup of that data in various storage devices. After fresh installation of Windows your Old Laptop will start working smoothly. This time only install minimum programs which you will need to use it further.

Linux Installation:- Linux is very easy to use operating system for any kind tasking. Plus you don’t need to buy an OS as Linux is free open source software to use.

CD/DVD Drive has stopped working

external portable DVD PlayerAlthough in current time it is not so important to have CD/DVD in our Laptop. It shouldn’t be major issue for anyone. But if you need some kind disc writing or other need then you can buy external portable dvd player for this purpose. This external portable DVD player will help you in installing games/ videos from CD/DVD to your Laptop. You can enhance your use of Old Laptop by buying such portable external DVD player. You will be able to use this portable external DVD player with other computers/Laptops as well.

Laptop inbuilt Speaker sound has become terrible

If your old Laptop got issue with inbuilt speakers it have, Just get them replaced in a service center. Or second option is to use external speakers or headphone for audio listening.

Onboard Keyboard keys have become loose/un-usable

Onboard Keyboard keys becomes loose due to regular use of them. If the keys are missing on your keyboard, You can get those keys placed again onboard through a mechanic at service center.

WiFi has stopped working

WiFi is no longer working properly in your Old Laptop? For this problem you can buy external WiFi adapter or you can start using internet via a LAN cable with your Old Laptop.

Auto-Restarting problem in Laptop

Sometimes Old Laptops begin auto-restarting problem in them. It may be due to over heating in laptop. For solution double check your old laptop fan & cooling system. If there is bug, get fixed it.

And there are many problems causing old laptops not working properly. If you aren’t much tech savvy and not familiar with all the Laptop related stuff, You can get your Laptop repaired by service center. If they told something is faulty at hardware side in Laptop then ask them what is alternative ways to solve that issue in laptop.

Let us know below in comments if you have any query, suggestion, feedback about it.

Think Again about Uses of Old Laptop at Home

Technology has been ever changing thing since stone-age. In recent years we have seen rapid changesOld Laptop Say I can help you more growing in technology field. We also need to go with latest trending technology as time passes. First Desktop computers, Then Laptop Computers and now Smartphone & Tablet devices are trending in current tech field. As of now many devices are coming in hybrid mode(tablet + Laptop). So we need to buy new devices for being with latest technology. After buying these devices you will not need Laptop for your regular uses. Or secondly you have bought new Laptop with advance hardware & OS, then you will not need Laptop for regular uses. Below we have listed some cool ideas to think again about uses of Old Laptop at home.

Use as Secondary TV for different channel viewing

It is very common thing in a family that different members want to view separate channels of their interests. Your Old Laptop may be good solution for your this problem. You can make your Old Laptop second TV for your home. For this you will need to buy a USB TV Tuner Card for Laptop and have to setup that. After Setting up connect it to your Cable line or DTH service to make channels available for viewing.

Webcam & video conferencing maker

You can use your Old Laptop as webcam & Video conferencing maker device whenever you are aren’t at home. For this you will need Skype, WhatsApp, Facebook messenger etc. IM installed over Old Laptop with internet connectivity. When You are on travel or out of house and You want to make conference call at home with family members. This Old Laptop will be good medium of communication maker.

For Home Theater and Entertainment media device

Mainly Home Theater system has two parts in it one is Music/Audio System and another is Projector for displaying media on screen. You can configure your Old Laptop to be a Media stream for Stereo/music System and Stream for Projector device for entertainment. You can use hard drive storage of your Old Laptop to store various movies in it which you want to view in Home Theater.

Security System Installation

You can use your Old Laptop as CCTV Camera for your home security. It is useful idea for turning your spare Laptop into a intelligent security CCTV Camera. To do so you need to download Dorgem software which is open source to use. After download software install & configure it watching this video

Use for home automation

Home automation is one of the very recent trend to follow. You can use your Old Laptop to configure automation at home. This home automation may include auto lights on/off, Auto Door unlocking/Locking and controlling other electronic equipment within house. There are many commercial home automations systems to buy and install on your Old Laptop for making home automation. For example one resource for buying automations systems is

Gift to Someone who need it

Is there someone in your neighborhood, relation, family, friends for whom your Old Laptop is useful? If your Old Laptop isn’t in proper running condition, You can donate its hardware to someone who does research/experiment with such devices. You can also make your Laptop available for donation to someone who can’t afford to buy a Laptop device. It is better than throwing your computer to dustbin.

Let your kids & Family connect with Technology

Is there any member in your family who aren’t familiar with technology? Or they know less about computer technology and want to learn it. In this situation use your Old Laptop for teaching them. Let them play with your Old Laptop to learn things. Thus they will be able to connect themselves to the latest tech world. If your wife is housewife only then tell her to connect using your Old Laptop and do many things at home in spare time. Your Old Laptop also have a lot things to do with creativity.

To do practical of Computer Hardware Learning

Your Old Laptop is very useful for someone to learn practical things about Hardware courses. You can yourself learn about computer hardware by following some Youtube videos or tech articles at home. Or if there is another member in your family who doing such tech related courses then such practice will be very useful to learn things more accurately.

Make it as a Guest computer

It is also good option for your Old Computer to make it public as a computer of Cyber Café for your guests. Let your guests enjoy free internet at your house. It will make them happy to have such facility at your home. Plus one advantage that it will also help you in less disturbance if your guests need some kind tasks on computer.

For making WiFi repeater for signal boosting at home

Your Old Laptop is very useful in signal boosting of WiFi in two ways- First You can place your Laptop in low signal area and it will have good signal for connectivity to other devices as well because Laptop WiFi have stronger capacity to receive signals in comparison of Smartphones and Tablets. Secondly you can make your Old Laptop as wireless repeater between various devices. It is very effective to do way for signal boosting of WiFi.

For internet surfing & Downloads from less-trusty sites

Internet has a lot of sites to do various things online. There are some sites on internet which is more risky to browse and download stuff from. You can use your Old Laptop for download stuff which is less trustable for you. It is very good way to enhance your online security and re-using of an Old Laptop. Some people are also taking risks of watching adult videos on sites which aren’t safe for users at all. In such case you can use your Old Laptop for this.

For various Home Tasking

Below is some cool ideas to use Old Laptop in a enhanced way:-

Digital Wallpaper:- Set your Laptop to be Digital Wallpaper for your wall side. To do so you can arrange a Stylish custom made stand for putting laptop on it. This digital Wallpaper will have unlimited wallpaper showing for your wall.

Recipe book:- Put your Old Laptop in Kitchen to be used like as a Recipe book. We always afraid of putting Laptops and other devices in kitchen because of risk of getting dirty it. So solution has come up to you. Your Old Laptop is very good device to be used in Kitchen showing you various recipes and methods of cooking.

Your Digital Library:- Are you book reading lover in a library? Go find a place in your home to make your own digital library using Old Laptop. Just make silence zone with installation of various E-books in your Old Laptop. Or you can manage subscriptions of digital libraries available online for this.

DIY Project analyzing on it:- It is great option for DIY project makers at home to use their Old Laptop as projection tool. Put all your DIY project researches, analysis and data on Old Laptop for better classification from other business documents. You no need to put your personalized DIY projects on a newly bought Laptop.

Schedule making for different household things:- At home we need to schedule many things like watering in garden, wake up alarm setting etc. You can use your Old Laptop for making all schedules available on desk and let them alert by sound on fix time as per schedule.

Home server making

You are habitual to work on server based environment at office? It is good chance to make your own server at home for taking advantages of a virtual server. It will make good environment for sharing files between various devices in home area. To setup home server follow instructions here.

Use like a Game Console

Playing games over game console is really different for us. You can also install dedicated game playing solution on your Old Laptop PC using some connectors like Easycap. You need to install some software as well to work this game console for you. For more understanding this watch this Youtube video:-



There are many more ideas for using your Old Laptop at home. It differs from person to person how they love to use their tech devices. So there are many more options to use old laptops as per individuals. There are many advantages of using a Old Laptop beside throwing it to dustbin. First it will help in less environment pollution by its re-use. Second it will be useful for people who can’t afford it or buy it. Third advantage is that you can enhance your home environment using such old Laptop. Plus it solves some problems as viewing different channel interest in TV from separate members, CCTV solution, Home automations and so on. You can also gift your Old Laptop to tech savvy person, he/she will love to do experiments on your device. And there are many countless ways to enhance uses of a Old Laptop.

For sure there are ideas in your mind also about using an Old Laptop, Let us know them below in comments.

Tips To Do Speedy Copy Paste files from USB Flash Drive

USB2USB memory stick or flash drive is very popular medium for removable storage solution for computers. Even Android,Windows tablets are following this useful trend for moving data between devices. In current time we have a number of devices, computers available around us for using data and files. These USB flash drives are very helpful for data copy/paste needs. We always need to do them quickly.

Below are some cool tips and ways to do speedy copy files using USB Flash Drives:-

1. Drag and drop:- It is very common way to copy speedy files /folders to USB Memory stick from computer. Just simply drag and drop file you want to copy computer to flash drive as we do for moving files in computer itself.

2. Right click and use Send to option:- Just simply right click on a particular file for copying to a specific USB stick or external disk. After right click there will be option named “Send To” where you will find flash drive listed. Simply send file to that flash drive for copy/paste.

3. Keyboard shortcut for Copy/Paste:- Simply copy files via CTRL+ C And paste files in USB memory stick or Flash drive via CTRL + V. It is traditional way for copy pasting files from one place to another. Using Keyboard shortcut will let you do things quickly.

4. Right click on file and folders to do copy/paste files:- When we right click on any file we see option for copy and paste files. We can simply copy and paste following this way to copy files to a flash drive. It is popular mouse click copy and paste option within Windows.

5. Ejecting drive:- Ejecting drive every time you have finished writing on a USB memory stick will let keep drive safe. It will help you in better accessing & copying next time you will plug it to computer.

6. Formatting USB Memory Stick:- Sometime we found USB memory stick very slow responding due to some read/write errors and conflicts. You can do quick or normal format for clearing all mess ups on flash drive.

7. Showing Shortcut problem solution:- It is common problem in flash drive, We have seen in many flash drives. In this problem, your flash drive will show shortcut icon when you open flash drive shown in computer. To solve this issue you should enable show hidden files and folders option in View>>Options>>Show hidden files and folders option selection.

8. Readyboost Storage allocating:- It is helpful in making fast ready boot to your flash drive setting specific disk storage size. It will help your disk in speedy boot anytime you plug it in computer.

9. Avoid Scan and fix drive error Solutions:- when you plug in USB memory stick to Windows by “Eject” option or “safely remove hardware” option. It is always advisable to use these options for better performance of USB flash drives.

10. Using USB 3.0 drive:- It is good option for faster data read and sync option between computer and other devices. USB 3.0 drives are very fast & responsive in comparison of USB 2.0 drives. If you are speed loving person always think to use USB 3.0 drives for speedy data copy/paste purpose.

Let us know below in comments if you have any other great idea for speedy copy/paste files using USB flash drives. You can ask your queries about using USB Flash Drives, We will be happy to assist you.

Transfer Android Phone Photos By Date, Folder on Computer- Organize By Folder

Everyone wants to organize photos taken on Smartphone (Android, iOS) or Camera.  You want to import photos in organized folder to your windows computer, If yes then you need to backup photos to computer for past memories.  But when you will have the large collection of pictures you are unable to find picture by your desired date, year or event. This question consists in mind that how to import photos on computer in organized folder format.

I have thousands of pictures on my computer. These photos are organized in folders by date/month/year and tags. Year month & tags let me decide what about are folders or what kind of photos i want to watch at that time. so organizing photos is good if you want to memorize your memories in near future.

Why Photos Should Be Organized on Computer in Folders, Date, Month, Year or Tags

  • Importing photos in organized folders on your computer. It helps faster finding memories of an event.
  • Imports photo taken time, date, year and your GPS Location (longitude & latitude ) in photo details.
  • Easily share desired photos with anyone with less time-consuming.
  • Save the time in organizing folders later and accurate information.

How to Import Pictures from your device (Android Phone, iPhone, iPad and Camera ) to Windows

Follow these simple steps to transfer android phone photos in organized folders :

Connect your device ( Android phone, iPhone, iPad and Camera ) to computer’s USB port via data cable. After connect windows will launch Auto play, select “Import Pictures & Videos” (If Auto play doesn’t open then go to My Computer then right-click on device and select Auto play). After Clicking “import Pictures & Videos” windows will start searching for pictures & videos on your device. You need to click on “Import Setting” before importing. Now select options in what way you want to import photos.  Select Setting for “Camera and Portable Devices”, then select Images and videos folder on your computer where you want to store pictures  & videos.  Next option is folder name, this option is most import option for importing photos in organized folders. I will recommend you to select “Date Taken + Tag” or “Date Taken Range + Tag”. Now need to select file name option, select “Original File Name” in this option. Click on, now let search for pictures & videos on your device. Before importing pictures it will ask you to tag your pictures. Tag you pictures by your desired tag.

import pictures & videos by date on windows

If you select Erase then all imported pictures to your computer will be deleted on your camera device.import pictures from android phone

Image above showing “Transferring Android Phone Photos to windows computer”

I hope this article helped you in organizing your pictures to your windows computer from Android, iPhone, iPad and Camera devices.

How to Check & Remove Viruses, Spyware, and Malicious Software on Windows

Viruses, Spyware and malicious software may infect your computer. If you didn’t updated windows antivirus for a long time then surely your computer will be infected by virus, spyware and malicious software. These virus, spyware and malware enter in your computer through external data storage devices or internet downloads and infect windows system files and other removable usb drives. These virus, spyware and malware may cause many problems in your computer.

Common problems persists by Viruses, Spyware and Malware

  • Infect folders and change them to exe on removable devices.
  • Some windows applications doesn’t work when you open applications nothing happens.
  • Wrong association of file extensions and edit  windows registry.
  • Crash the windows system files and cause computer boot failure.
  • Infect removable USB drives when you plug them to infected computer.
  • Spyware may theft your internet passwords or activity then send them to spyware maker.
  • Malwares shows unwanted ads in browsers and when you search on yahoo, google then they lead you to unwanted websites.

How to check and remove Virus, Spyware and Malware

Best trusted option to remove viruses, spyware and malware is Microsoft Safety Scanner.  You can download latest Microsoft Safety Scanner from

Microsoft Safety Scanner is valid for 10 days after download because it update virus, spyware and malware database in timely manner.

Open Microsoft Safety Scanner and start scan for viruses, spywares and malwares.

microsoft safety scanner

After scan it will show results.

removed spyware, virus and malware

Please update your antivirus software through internet to avoid virus or if you have genuine windows then download windows defender.

If you have any questions you can ask them below in comments.

How to Block Websites and Track Child Activity on Your Family Computer

Today internet is part of life.Most people do use computers at home. In such time kids also have to use computers for many tasks. It is confirm that we can’t keep them away from using computers, So it is important to guide them properly to use computer & internet. This will help in proper use of internet and keep all online dangers away from kids.

Common Online Risks for Kids

Below are the risks for your child over internet -

Over Sharing on Social Platforms

Now a days it is trend to share everything over internet. Not only kids but also adults are involved in this kind sharing. Kids have a limited area to think so they can’t imagine risks related to Over sharing. They just do love share as all happening around. Sometime kids share something which impact their life (profile) negatively. So in this case proper guidance of parents will be surely helpful for children.

Sexually exploitation

It is not wrong to say in current time ‘money’ & ‘sex’ are effecting society a lot. They are impacting in a negative way. Kids doesn’t know much more about sexual issues. In this case they make friends online, do chat with them, & may do share something which may be problem for them as publicly. Some people who are criminal type over internet, they may misuse unawareness of your kids about these issues. So when sharing photos, videos it should be not exploiting one, parents should care about it.

Financial & career issues

Generally kids doesn’t take seriously all things over internet. That’s why they share their address, Credit related information to unknown person over internet. Which may cause fraud, fault credit report etc. Many companies have rejected/ selected employees on basis of their past record on Social profiles.

Profile hacking

On social sites Identity can be hacked by experts if there is no precaution using those social sites. Kids are not so aware about this, so they may get trapped by hackers. Those hackers may steal their username, password, profile information And it may be cause of cyber crime by them. Due to illegal activity on behalf of hacked account they may create unnecessary problems for your kid.

End of Privacy

Individual Identity & privacy loss is common issue to worry when using internet. So careless act of kids over internet may cause problem for the kids. For example if kid share I am today alone my home till 3 PM to 8 PM, anybody who has criminal intentions within his network may plan something harmful for the kid during that time. Commonly we heard accidents cause by making fake friends over internet & looting them by meeting physically.

Game & Computer Addiction

There is highly dependency on homely entertainment for kids because parents are working & haven’t much time to play with them at home. So there may be addiction to kids for computer use. They may waste their whole day on computer without doing anything special. They may be game addict over computer. So parents should be alert about it.

So now we understand that it is highly recommended to guide kids for using internet. But parents can’t sit home whole day to guide them. That’s why it is required to have such software installed on Family computer which manage all things for kids safety. Action alert is such a software which is perfect to use for the purpose.

Introduction of Action Alert iParenting solutions

 It is a software which may control whole activities of family computer. In this software parents may decide security & use standards for the kid to use family computer. This software is available in both free & paid versions.

How to keep Family computer safe using Action Alert Software:-

  1. Limiting Time allowance to kids use:- By installing this software you may decide in which hours your kids may be able to use computer in whole day. By limiting the use you will avoid them being addict of computer games & other things. And kids will be able to do all work in timely manner.
  2. Shutting Down Computer Remotely:- If kids will try to access restricted content over internet, parent will get e-mail or SMS as they have configured in software. If they want to stop it they may shut down computer remotely using Action alert program.
  3. Internet Chat Logs:- Action Alert save chat logs of social profiles, chat IM’s. So it will be helpful to know all what chat is going on between your kid & others. If there is something wrong parents can easily stop them at right time.
  4. Control over Facebook & Youtube uses:- By Action Alert software you will be able to watch your kids activity over Youtube & facebook site. And if needed you can limit the use of those sites.
  5. Video Recording of Computer use:- Action Alert Software can record video of computer screen upto 20 hrs. So you can know what your kid have done over computer since you were away from home.
  6. Uninstalling unwanted software immediately:- If your kid had installed a program, which you think it may be harmful for your computer. You can uninstall that program by this software. So it will keep your family computer away from Spyware, adware, keylogger software.

After the whole things I will say everyone should have installed Parental control software installed over their Family computer to protect your kids from online dangers.

How to Speed Up on Windows 8 with Shortcuts

Microsoft Windows 8 Pro is available in market for upgrade and Windows RT for Tablets (pre-installed). If you upgraded your pc to Windows 8 Pro or Purchased Windows 8 Tablets the you got very new interface on your windows 8 computer or Windows 8 RT Tablet. Here is my past 6 months experience with Windows 8 (Because i installed Windows 8 Consumer preview) which will help you to do faster jobs on Windows 8.

Quick Open or Switching between Programs and Desktop

In Windows 8 it is very easy to  open or switch desktop and Apps. If you want start menu just press Windows key on your keyboard, Press again to switch to desktop (or use windows key + D).  For opening a App quickly just press Windows Key and start typing App name and press enter.

Example:- I want open Google chrome browser on Windows 8 then it is very hard to select app from a lot of apps. So press windows key and start typing app name “chrome”.


App search results showing Google chrome just hit enter Google chrome is open. It takes maximum 2 second to open App on windows 8 (Press win key then start typing App name and hit enter).

quick open apps and programs in windows 8

To open other program press Windows key and start typing that app name, select and hit enter it is so easy.

Other Shortcuts of Windows 8

  • Windows Key + E- To open windows explorer “My Computer”.
  • Windows Key + C – To open side bar which contains setting, devices, start, search and date time.
  • Windows Key + Tab – Switch between Apps
  • Windows Key + PrintScreen – For taking windows snapshot.
  • Windows Key + I – Open setting menu.

And others you know already on previous version of windows?

If you have any questions you can ask them in comments.

Play Games in Computer – Easy & Interesting gaming

Start playing games in computer to make some fun in free time. The best way to do this is selection of nice games which will make your computer rock during playing. Below are four games with full review for you to entertain in best way:-

1. Demon’s Souls:-
Are you lover to view horror movies kind of Hollywood Monsters movies? If yes then this game is surely going to make you excited during the game playing. You have to enter in dark areas with courage & activeness. Warrior is in a Stylish look.

Put your steps very carefully during playing the game. There may be hidden attack on your warrior, so be careful. This game has option for you to turn back to see if somebody is behind you. So you can fight with them in a easy way.

There may be wide animals, giants to fight with warrior in this game. The Dragon bird is very interesting character in this game. It will be very interesting to play game with this Dragon. It can fire to kill in seconds.Be careful in moving the palace. It may be act of seconds to burn out your warrior. Keep attention to make it fight in really a strong way. Warrior have no fear to Death. Its moto of warrior to move forward in darkness as well.In Dark side of the palace you have to show strength to Old king. This is time to do or die. Option is at your side, What you want to select in this situation.

2. Contra

This  is a special game for you. You have gotta responsibility of saving Humanity over the world. So be prepare for the big fight.Below 2 persons become Contra. Game is going to be very exciting with these people.Move on straight. Fire on enemies. & have real time suspense to have fight.You can fire by led down on surface, Saving yourself from firing of the ridiculous bots. Its good strategy to go for a win.Obstacles are spreading all over the destiny. So you have to fight with safe steps in the game. Reward is also awesome if you are doing well.3. The Oregon Trail

No doubt, many people have hobby of hunting animals. This game is specially entertaining for them. So target animals & shoot them.Your score will appear as below in picture. Here is you will see all info what you achieved & what can you carry with yourself.Its overview of your supplies. Which is very useful for you in shooting. This game is full of fun game.4. Super Mario Bros

New Super Mario Bros game is having superb graphics. There is blue sky, Piramyd & other attractive structures in the game.Mario will hang to do activity in game. Collection of reward points and rescue from other obstacles in the game is very fun act in game.This is perfect way to hit by Mario. Mario will hit by throw to attack on enemies & kill them.The Mario Riding is very exciting. Riding in blue sky is thrilling experience for Mario to kill enemies.This Dark light scene for playing game in a different way. Mario has got more challenges this way. But no worry, activities of Mario will help by extra ordinary task in dark scenes.Below points are delivering Round black obstacles for Mario in a continue manner. Mario now need more attention for such challenges.Moving Round cubes are next challenge for Mario. But this warrior is very smart to deal with such objects.Greenery & reward points is encouraging for Mario. Surely it will work like as charm for Mario.This scene is having a skelton for Mario to move on. Come on Mario, Do it your way. Show something clever & active point to us.Personally I do like above 4 games very much for better time passing. Hoping it will be liked by Game lovers. Let me know via commenting below about exciting experience you have with such games.


Apple’s MacBook Pro with Retina Display Feature

Apple introduced its MacBook Pro with A Retina display with 5.1 million pixels. It will show high resolution like iPhone 4s and New iPad.  Again Apple is ahead for first Notebook with ultra-high-resolution, 2,880 x 1,800-pixel screen . Previously Apple introduced New iPad with retina display which impressed peoples too much.

This will show high resolution but currently OS and apps for MacBook is designed for 1,440 x 900-pixel on 15.4 inch. So practically, it is hard to get retina display on the MacBook until all apps are redesigned for higher resolution of 2880×1800 pixel screen on 15 inch display. Although the 15.4 inch screen size is already have good pixels but retina display add more physical pixels for better quality of display.

retina_one_screenAfter update OS and apps for retina display it will be amazing for reading text, images and videos, Experience HD quality display on a MacBook.  Previously introduced New iPad is still waiting for some high resolution apps update although all popular apps are available in retina display. However some users want high resolution for getting more desktop real estate. Hence apple has provided 5 screen resolution options ranging 1024×640 pixels to 1920×1200 pixels. You will get more space for your application icons with higher resolutions but it may affect performance. MacBook Pro with retina display have 3 million more pixels than HDTV. Hence, Apple MacBook Pro Display Quality is brilliant for experience realty on a computer. It has 5 million pixels in 15.4 inch display, when we fit 5 million pixels in 5.4 inch screen than eyes are unable saw pixels in image.

The next generation MacBook will ship with OS X Mountain Lion and free upgrade to next OS X mountain Lion, an HDMI port, Thunderbolt and Intel Quad-core i7 processor. The MacBook Pro and MacBook Pro Retina display have same technical features by your choice of customization, but retina display is good for high resolution viewing experience, So go for MacBook with retina display and create real using experience on your MacBook. It is priced from $2199 to $2799 with customization.

Which web browser to use – Firefox, Opera or IE?

In past there was a time when most of users were have no intention for selection of Browsers. Only the Internet Explorer(IE) was only browsing platform for the people that time. But as time & changes come in technology, Now there are many browsers for use. web browser use is different person to person. So we will know here which web browser use is best for a particular reason.

So here we will discuss about Which web browser to  use – Firefox, Opera or IE?. IE, Firefox & Opera are browsers which having all latest features to browse sites. Lets have an overview over these browsers below:-

IE (Internet Explorer):-

Plus points

  • Its the best browser if you are looking for all kind scripts support. It does support all kind scripts available over internet world. You never responded by browser that scripts not working here.
  • No need to install this browser. This web browser comes with Microsoft Windows package free of cost. So mostly users use it because they have not to install it.
  • Newer versions having options which is all similar browsers having. For instance its supporting tabbed browsing in new versions.
  • It giving Faster internet browsing experience these days.

Negative Points

  • It takes time in loading pages. Its slow browsing is the main problem which given chance to develop other browsers.
  • Although you can customize the look of browser as per your need, But still it having lack of impressive customization of look.
  • Internet Explorer is having lack of synchronize options to save your login details, bookmarks & many personalized items.
  • Lack of Add ons to enhance your browsing experience.

Mozilla Firefox Browser:-

Plus Points

  • Firefox is very easy to use browser. Its look is impressive to work with. Navigation of browser is another plus point.
  • It does support most of scripts available over internet. Although it having problems with some scripts. But its fine in most cases to work with.
  • Tabbed browsing is very cool in this browser. Computer will work fine even you have working on 10-15 tabs at a time. No issue will be in using this way.
  • Firefox has a developer community support via Add ons. You can install add ons as per your requirement. If you are webmaster you can install Adblock PLus, Pagerank checker, … And many kind add ons available.
  • Yes you can set up Synchronize account for your all kind personalized items you have in your current browser. If you need to reinstall browser in the same computer or have to install same personalization browser over another PC. You can simply use this account for setting up all in few clicks.


  • Firefox got sometimes sudden crash. It cause data lose. Its the problem which all browsers having. But firefox have this bug in most cases.
  • Some scripts are not supported by firefox.

Opera Browser:-


  • Setting up Synchronization for this browser is plus point. Every one wants to keep personalized items for all browsers.
  • Opera has Quick Download option. Which all browsers having lack of it. Simply paste download url directly in Quick download at download option in Opera.
  • Fastest loading of webpages is the most important advantage of this browser. Opera does brows first text then images. Thus it keeps browsing experience very cool in slow internet speeds.
  • Customization of look, Or customization for your own work comfort in this browser is very easy. You can add web pages to speed dial pages, You can add your regular use pages there.
  • Opera does support adding another extensions. It makes more usefulness of this browser.


  • It having lack of support for scripts.  So some sites may not be working fine with this web browser.
  • Its faster browsing sometime cause problem in browsing webpages properly.

All these web browsers have their own particular uses. A web developer may consider using IE, Firefox. A common user who surf internet for general cause may use Opera browser for fasting browsing. Let me know in below comments which browser is your best browser to use?