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Free Useful Home and Gardening Apps for Windows 8 Users

Windows 8 app store is growing day by day bringing useful apps for users. There are various kind of useful apps available on Windows 8 app store having apps related to various tasks of our lives. In current scenario we can find a lot of free apps to do many household and Gardening tasks properly. These apps will help you in doing tasks like Gardening, personal health care at home, Latest home automation using etc. Below is some of free useful home and gardening apps for windows 8.

House & Home

It is app from which is providing users a lot information and guidance about  decorating home, cooking recipes etc. There are many resources available within this app to entertain with modern designs, Doing DIY Projects at home and Makeover for better living at your home. It is available free of cost in Windows 8 App Store.   house and home


Are you using Homeseer products in your house? If not they are providing Home Automation Systems to make our home living easy and wirelessly controlled. For more information you can visit their site .InControl app will let connect your Homeseer Systems to Your Windows 8 Device wirelessly. Using this app you can automatically lock doors, lights off, Manage security devices etc. from anytime anywhere. It is good option for a person who love home automation system at their places.InControl

Home Cooking Recipes

If You got Windows 8 Tablet or Computer at your home, then you can cook some delicious recipes at home adding some extra flavors. In this app you will have videos to learn about recipes for home cooking in easy way. It is great fun to have new recipes trying in free time if you love cooking. Generally home cooking is found healthy and tasty food, So it worth try to do at home.   Home Cooking Recipes

Home Remedies MD

It is must have home lifestyle app available free of cost in Windows 8 Store for you. This app covers information and treatments about health and wellness in our day to day life. You can cure common illness at home using this or You can try remedies for skin care, weight loss, fitness, hair care and much more. It is good app to learn more about health and wellness ways sitting at sofas in home. Home Remedies MD

Home Workout Routines

This is great app for finding resources to do some Gym workouts at home. It will help you in doing fitness exercises at home with minimal equipment. It will help you in weight loss program or weight gain program you want as per your health conditions. It is great app for regular home workout routine making even in your Living room. It is good if you haven’t much time to visit Gym, It will bring workout exercises at your hand to lean and practices.  Home Workout routines

Work with Nature

It is free app having latest gardening related videos to learn more about organic gardening at home garden. It gets weekly new videos add for latest information and to do’s with your home garden. If you love home gardening concept than you will enjoy this app a lot. This app will bring nature more near to you. It is very relaxing thing in current rushing time.   Work With Nature

Garden Gaurdian

This app will help you in growing shrubs,vines,roses flowers and other plants in your home garden. It will show you about conditions, environment and procedures for growing these plants. You can access this app without internet connection as well. You will learn about what kind of environment various plants need to grow them healthy and quickly. This app will help you in making your home garden more beautiful than it was previously.Garden Gaurdian

Gardening Guide

This is nice app for nature lovers who love to plant garden at their homes or they will love to do so. This app will let know users about what kind of hardware and resources they need for gardening. Plus it will help in growing specific theme based garden areas like vegetable garden, flower garden etc. Thus you will know more about how to make your gardening needs  full fill via this app. Gardening Guide

Fine Gardening

It is another kind gardening app which will provide you access to slideshows, plans, new varieties, seasonal reports of plants etc. This information is very helpful to plant your garden accordingly the reports you seen on this app. It is good app for knowing detailed information about how to maintain outdoor home gardens. Plus it will teach you about soil, pest control and landscaping via various resources available in app. Fine Gardening

DIY Garden Project Hub


It is another free app available for doing DIY Garden projects at home. You will have access to Tweets, videos and images in this app for learning how to do yourself home gardening projects easily. There are other garden projects listed with app to see how one can plant trees and maintain them on regular basis for better look and healthy environment in home garden. It is good app for learning DIY tasks for home gardening.DIY Garden Project Hub

And there are many more apps available within Windows 8 App Store to maintain and learn things for home gardening purpose. Let us know below in comments if you have any query, suggestion or feedback regarding home and gardening apps available in Windows 8 Store.

Must Have Features in Windows 9 (Newer full version releases rumor)

With Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 version launch windows has developing tablets, handheld PCs and Windows phones with advanced touch screen and gesture operating experiences. Still it is in starting point at Microsoft side to implement touch screen to their products, but we can expect better in coming versions. Due to this there is huge decline from users for Windows 8 tablets. If it were advance in touch functionality as of android or iOS tablets, these tablets from Microsoft would be best device as of now.

There is no official saying from Microsoft about newer version of Windows. As of now Windows 9 (new completed Windows release version) is a rumor. All we can say is that Windows is planning new full release version. Innovators and developers of Microsoft are planning a way to enhance user experiences with their products.

  • Touch screen enabled devices:- Windows newer version will come with new touch screen experience for users. They would love to do tasks on touch screen of their phones, tablets. Windows 8 and 8.1 versions have done a lot of in this field but still it need improvements. Touch screen implement will make them faster to use devices with ease.
  • Gesture, Voice command enabling, possibly 3D cameras:- We always love to operate machines by sending signal, voice etc. It is will make windows newer version more human friendly. Today the time is switching us from GUI (Graphical user Interface) to HUI (human user interface) in latest OS. Operating devices by gesture will be enhanced by 3D cameras to have more specific 3D actions to run device.
  • All in one OS for Tech Devices:- If You have choice given to get all in one printer or a simple printer in same price which will you select? Obviously you will prefer all in one solution. Users will love to see Tablet, Phone, Game consoles and Desktop PCs coming with a single OS. It will give users limitless experience of sharing, syncing & mixing tasks over different devices.
  • Advanced and Improved Windows app Store Experience:- Connectivity issue resolving, smoother browsing, installing experience from app store. No more hassle and confusion in app store opening, installing, switching to other apps (navigation will be easy). There will be easy to go Windows app store without less errors & communication breakdowns. Hoping it will be more responsive in coming window versions.
  • Free and Quality apps in Windows app store:- Chances of having same app for all window tablet, Windows phone and Desktop versions. It will make option of buying app one time and use that on all devices you have. In current time iOS and Android is having major advantage of high quality apps they have available in their app store. Those apps are brining of many developers skills and creativity to their handheld devices by paying a little amount.
  • More battery backup & hardware improvements:- Some rumours are there that Windows 9 will be 64 bit OS only. Rather than this we can expect more battery life with their tech devices coming with newer versions of Windows. For sure excellent team of Windows is planning some newer hardware structure for running newer window versions with smoothness.
  • Different media boot screen:- There may be boot model in windows 9 which will start device according to media it has been attached. For example if it were attached to TV, USB, Internet, WiFi, Game console etc. it will open boot screen media option to start device.
  • Cheaper Tablets and devices with new version of Windows:- Windows tablet are very expensive as of now. Possibly they will be cheaper in future. In current competitive era it will be plus point to have less expensive devices in market.
  • Hopefully Window will implement old Windows advantages to latest devices:- user need easy to understand OS system and Windows has great advantage of this in their previous versions. Microsoft Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 versions can’t help people in using Windows xp like experience on touch screen devices.
  • Innovation in Internet services (Cloud computing, social integration, live media streaming):- In coming years we can expect huge media uses by users. Mostly user will focus on audio, video, animations for their tasks and it will be easy to communicate by latest 4G LTE technology.

And many countless features we can’t imagine or expect from newer versions of Windows. Let me know below in comments which features you will love in newer windows full release?

Smooth Running and High Quality Free Windows 8 Apps for PC

Windows app store is growing slowly in comparison of Apple and Android app Store, By September 2013 there are 115000+ apps in it. Windows 8 has lack of apps in comparison of all other major platforms. Microsoft is promoting developers for developing more apps. We all want more in less paid. If Windows will be able to bring all in one solution for mobile, tablet and computer platform, then it would be best option for us.

Here are some of smooth running and high quality free windows 8 apps for PC


 Evernote free windows 8 apps for PCIt has both touch and desktop version. It will keep everything you want to do on fingertips. It is a good Note making app. Its desktop version is better than touch screen version. Cloud integration feature of this app will let you access all taken notes on any device you want to use. It make you use taken notes anytime anywhere.


 Metrotube free windows 8 apps for PCThis app is good solution for viewing youtube videos on windows 8. It is available in windows store and windows phone store. You can view full HD videos via this app. It has nice browsing experience and navigation is easy to view videos. It will bring your Favorite Youtube viewing to Windows Metro UI in more advanced look for the Windows.


Netflix free windows 8 apps for PC This app works great on modern window touchscreen and with older keyboard/mouse control as well. You will no more missing your favorite Netflix subscriptions. It is much customized version of Netflix to use on Windows 8. You will have easy access to new releases, recommended videos and genres. So start enjoying your Netflix subscription in your Desktop or Touchscreen Window devices.

Pinball FX2

 Pinball FX2 free windows 8 apps for PCHave you enjoyed pinball previously on Desktop? Again You can enjoy it in a better way. It has more features and improvements than the previous versions. It has art physics model which is awesome in look and play the game. Enjoy the old game with modern technology and environment. You can install this from windows store.

Halo: Spartan Assault Lite

Halo Spartan Assault Lite Windows appJust get ready for a battle like Spartans do. It has trial version of 30 missions to play. If you love trial playing in this game you can buy its paid version. You will have cool weapons to fight in a awesome game environment to play and enjoy. It has easy control to play. It has good storyline telling for players. Let’s start aiming and shooting enemies for fun.


 PhotoFunia free windows 8 apps for PCUse this app to make some fun creativity on pictures. Lovely picture frames, light effects, nice filters to apply on Images. Make your photos professional by this app. Make effects like face simile, softening, big eye making etc. You can make HD image using this app. This app will let you edit photos in a fun way.

Bamboo Page

 Bamboo Page free windows 8 apps for PCAre you creative person? You can rrange your creativity with this app. It has responsive pen and marker tool. You have plenty of paper options to select as textures, colors and grids. Draw easily. Awesome tool for enhancing your creativity. Lovely app for artists. Even normal users can do things in radical way.

There are many more free windows 8 apps for PC which you will already enjoying. You can share them in below comments. Ask me if you have any query about above listed apps.

Windows 8 Close App in 5 easy Ways

It has been around one year since Windows 8 is available publicly. After release we all found Windows 8 with new UI which looks charming than previous one. But this new UI is hard to understand and to be habitual for old Windows version users. Although this Window version has poor OS performance history for Microsoft, still we can expect its new versions Windows 8.1 and Windows 9 will possibly boom in market. The new UI has a lot of illusions for first time users like as how to uninstall apps from windows 8, How to close apps, how to browse desktop, where is start-up option? etc. In this article we will discuss about how to close apps after opening from Windows 8 Metro UI.

Simple Windows 8 close app options

1. Windows 8 close app By Dragging app to bottom side

In windows 8 app screen move cursor to highest possible up side, It will change in form of a hand. When it changes to hand left click and drag it to bottom side. When you do this it will show you app in minimize form. You need to drag it till bottom of screen to close the app. It is very easy to use option. For touchscreen device simply swipe it in same way up side to bottom to close the app.

windows 8 close app by Dragging


2. Windows 8 close app by Old Keyboard shortcut

We all know the common window close shortcut Alt+F4 of previous Windows versions. Simply apply this option to close any app instantly. No hard things to do in this way, Just you need to follow a repetitive way we have used in older windows versions.

3. Windows 8 close app by Using Task Manager

Task manager is life saving tool from Windows to close when any particular program hangs computer. To close app using task manager simple press CTRL + ALT +Delete buttons altogether. When task manager appears to you simply End task of app which you want to close.

4. Switch between other Applications Use

You can use Alt + Tab to switch other running programs. It is better option when we need quickly to go out of the interface to other running apps. It is better to switch between app and other programs if we need to return to that app after a while.

5. Windows 8 close app by App management Options bar

See running apps by moving mouse cursor to slight down top at left side of screen. It will show Active apps this way:-

windows 8 close app by Top Left View

When you right click on any active app it will show you close option to close app. This is good way to close app when you have a lot of apps running in your device. Just select a particular app in app management options bar and close it easily.

windows 8 close app by Top Left View and close app

You can also switch between apps by moving cursor to very top left side corner of Windows UI.

Hoping this will help you in using and closing Windows 8 apps in more efficient way. Let me know in below comments if you have any query about this post.

How To Make Your Computer Run Faster

how to make your computer run fasterWe all need fast running device in current time whether it is computer or handheld device. Any device which runs slow in current time irritates us. It leads us to disappointment for personal or business computing. To avoid this situation we need regular maintaining of our Computers. Most of us use Windows computer OS for personal desktop experience. It requires our attention for better performance in longer run. If We continue to do required task, It will work smoothly.


We have found 20 tips about How to make your computer run Faster

1. High Computer hardware resource uses:—We have to look out programs and processes which are using more hardware resources like as RAM, CPU etc. Task manager option will help you in managing all these things.

2. Storage hard disk space – Delete movies, audio, video files which is not so important for you but using a lot space on your computer hard drives.

3. Viruses and infected programs:- Making your computer virus, adware, malware free is key for faster computer running experience. If you have Windows 8 you can manage it via Windows Defender.

4. Device Drivers:- Device manager hardware driver status. Driver not installed? Driver is not supported? Is there a program and its driver installed in your computer which you will no longer use? Like as USB Datacard.

5. Window status messages:– Is there any kind update pending? Any critical error showing on system? You should follow the messages shown by to make your computer run faster - View Active programs

6. Auto Run Programs:- Stop program auto run which you rarely use as Adobe reader, etc. Unnecessary messenger, sync app, other tools are running automatically? If yes you need to stop them.

7. Registry cleaner:- It is good way to make your computer running faster. But you need to be cautious in fixing registry cleaners.

8. Defragment computer Disks:- Computer hard drives need regular defragmentation for better working. It reduces the burden for hard disk in writing & reading.

9. One running program is causing slow running?  You can stop that particular program or restart for better running of your PC.

10. Bluetooth And WiFi:- These are not often needed Network applications for you? As Bluetooth, Wifi etc.. in a case you need them rarely  you don’t need them to run automatically.

11. Non-Compatible Program:-Is there any program which is having compatibility issue with your current window version. It is better to uninstall those programs or finding a program which is compatible with your current version of windows.

12. Brand Updates:- Is your Laptop/Desktop computer brand(e.g. Samsung, HP) is pushing some kind updates for software? You can update some drivers from brand updates for better experience.

13. Un – organized computer files and folders:- It is not about system slowing. It is about navigation time-wasting of a user who want to use files over computer. Organizing Computer files and folders in proper way will surely make you to run computer more faster.

14. Desktop Background and Screensavers:- Don’t place heavy or animated desktop backgrounds which cause your computer slow running.

15. Computer Scan & Backup process:- Schedule Computer Scanning And backup task in hours when you use computer very less.

16. Eject CD/DVD from computer disk drives when you not using them. Keeping those in computer will cause your computer to run slow.

17. Upgrading Hardware:- Upgrade your computer hardware components if required. Such as RAM, Hard Disk etc.

18. Device not recognized:- Reconnect any attached USB or Serial port devices showing as Device not recognized status in computer. If there is software bug for that program, Reinstall program to fix it.

19. Fresh Window Installation:- After some years. It is recommended to reinstall windows for better computer running. It is common thing we can see that using windows for longer time cause running it slow. So we should go with fresh installation again.

20. Startup Program:- Startup Programs may cause slow computer run. You can disable them for better running of computer.


There are many small actions we can do for your computers to run faster them. It helps in better computing experience and saves a lot of time. If you have any particular suggestion for making computers faster let us know we will be happy to add that valuable suggestion here in comments.

Transfer Android Phone Photos By Date, Folder on Computer- Organize By Folder

Everyone wants to organize photos taken on Smartphone (Android, iOS) or Camera.  You want to import photos in organized folder to your windows computer, If yes then you need to backup photos to computer for past memories.  But when you will have the large collection of pictures you are unable to find picture by your desired date, year or event. This question consists in mind that how to import photos on computer in organized folder format.

I have thousands of pictures on my computer. These photos are organized in folders by date/month/year and tags. Year month & tags let me decide what about are folders or what kind of photos i want to watch at that time. so organizing photos is good if you want to memorize your memories in near future.

Why Photos Should Be Organized on Computer in Folders, Date, Month, Year or Tags

  • Importing photos in organized folders on your computer. It helps faster finding memories of an event.
  • Imports photo taken time, date, year and your GPS Location (longitude & latitude ) in photo details.
  • Easily share desired photos with anyone with less time-consuming.
  • Save the time in organizing folders later and accurate information.

How to Import Pictures from your device (Android Phone, iPhone, iPad and Camera ) to Windows

Follow these simple steps to transfer android phone photos in organized folders :

Connect your device ( Android phone, iPhone, iPad and Camera ) to computer’s USB port via data cable. After connect windows will launch Auto play, select “Import Pictures & Videos” (If Auto play doesn’t open then go to My Computer then right-click on device and select Auto play). After Clicking “import Pictures & Videos” windows will start searching for pictures & videos on your device. You need to click on “Import Setting” before importing. Now select options in what way you want to import photos.  Select Setting for “Camera and Portable Devices”, then select Images and videos folder on your computer where you want to store pictures  & videos.  Next option is folder name, this option is most import option for importing photos in organized folders. I will recommend you to select “Date Taken + Tag” or “Date Taken Range + Tag”. Now need to select file name option, select “Original File Name” in this option. Click on, now let search for pictures & videos on your device. Before importing pictures it will ask you to tag your pictures. Tag you pictures by your desired tag.

import pictures & videos by date on windows

If you select Erase then all imported pictures to your computer will be deleted on your camera device.import pictures from android phone

Image above showing “Transferring Android Phone Photos to windows computer”

I hope this article helped you in organizing your pictures to your windows computer from Android, iPhone, iPad and Camera devices.

How To Set Folder Icons in Windows – Simply Organize Folders

We all know importance of Organizing things in our daily life. The same rule works fine even in digital world as well. We should always keep our computer files & folders in a organized way. Today we will discuss about how to organize folders by giving them specific folder Icons. You can see example of organized folders by custom Icons in below picture:-


Folder ican chaged view



Need of icons to choose for folders?

  • It is helpful to identify folder within many folders seeing icon of folder. Any folder can given unique icon as per choice of user which will let them find folder easily.
  • It makes your computer viewing experience more beautiful & clearer. No more same boring folder icon viewing in your computer.
  • It makes your browsing experience more user friendly. It increases your speed of using computer.
  • These Icons are making look of our Computer more clear & attractive.

How to Plan for choosing Icons for folders?

Generally people do organize their same file types in a folder. So we should consider to select icon for a folder which is more near to that specific file type. For example we put Mp3 folder name for main folder which having audio songs folders in it. We should try to give best matching folder icon for specific folder. Below is few of file types to select specific folder icons (Shown in above image as well):-

  • Movie Icon for Movie folders
  • Monitor & app Icon for Software folder
  • Small pictures icon for photos folder
  • Disk & audio symbol Icon for Audio file folders
  • Movie reel & audio Symbol for Video songs folder
  • Camera Icon for folders having pictures taken by Camera
  • Text Icon ‘A’ Shown on folder for Text Folder
  • Recycle bean Icon for Junk folders
  • Lock Icon for Secure files
  • Internet Explorer Icon for Internet related file folders
  • Handycam Icon for folder which having Recorded videos by Handycam.

How to Set Icons for folders?

Setting custom Folder icon process is very simply. Follow below steps:-

  1. Simply right click on any folder for which you want to change icon.
  2. Next step is to click properties out of shown options. Now select Customize tab above. This will look like this:-


3. Next step is to select change Icon option there shown as in above picture. It will show you all available Icons to select for that folder. Now select any Icon out of the collection to use for that folder. After selecting click ok, apply it & select Ok. See in below image how to do it:-


Now your folder Icon has been changed as per your selection. If still it not showing you that Icon for folder, Refresh your computer it will start showing that Icon.


Thus you can organize all folders in your computer as per your own selection out of the available folder icons. You have plenty of options available there to choose from. Or you can download more icons from various websites offering these. Let us know in below comments if you have any query about it.

How to find MAC Address on Windows

A media access control address (MAC address) is a unique identifier assigned to network interfaces for communications on the physical network segment. MAC addresses used for many network technologies and most IEEE 802 network technologies, including Ethernet. Logically, MAC addresses also used in the media access control protocol sublayer of the OSI reference model.

You want to know your computers mac address of ethernet hardware for Wireless or Lan . Finding mac address is too easy on Windows computer, follow some easy steps below you will find mac address of your network adapters.

How to find MAC Address on Windows

  • Go  to Start then Run CMD (To run CMD just type “cmd” in search then it will apear in results, click or press enter button to open or Go to Start>All programs>accessories>Command Prompt).
  • Now type ipconfig /all and press enter button on your keyboard. ipconfig all for finding mac address
  • See screenshot showing MAC address, i marked MAC address in red. mac address of windows ethernet
  • Physical address is the MAC address as showing in image above.

MAC address is commonly used for high security. I hope you have enjoyed this short tweak for finding MAC address. If you have questions then ask them below in comments.

How to Block Website on Windows Computer

Do you want to block specific websites on your working computer or laptop, if yes then there are many ways to block websites on computer. But it depends on hardware and software you have on your computer. Here we will tell you about blocking websites on windows computers (Win XP, Windows 7, and Windows 8).

Why we need to block websites

  1. Blocking a website save time :  If your working computers have internet then your employees will be waste most of time on websites like Facebook, Youtube and other social websites. So here blocking websites save time and improve working performance.
  2. Control on Data Usage : You have limited data plan in your office or home, exceeding limit may reduce your broadband speed or broadband bill. So  best way to reduce usage is not using high data consuming websites like Youtube and other video websites.
  3. Child Safety : You can block websites whose you don’t want that your family or child use.

Way to Block website on windows computer

  • Go to Start > Now type “Notepad” in search then right click on “Notepad” in search results, Now click on Run as administrator.
  • After opening “Notepad”, Go to File>Open or Press CTRL + O to open a file in notepad. Now type “C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts” (remember here C: is drive where windows installed, please make sure driver letter where windows is installed on your computer)  in file name and click open. Screenshot of opened file :-windows hosts file for block a webiste
  • After “::1 localhost” start a new line and type now tap the spacebar button on your keyboard, enter website name you want to block for example : . Here facebook will be blocked. Again for blocking enter “” , see screenshot below :- blocked websites on windows
  • Now save file, you have successfully blocked websites entered in notepad file.
  • Tricks for block websites  : Mobile site will work if url is different from entered url in notepad hosts file. For example: facebook’s main url is but mobile version of facebook is It means if not entered in notepad then mobile site will work. So check the mobile version url and enter them in notepad for full blocking a website.

Block Websites on ADSL Router or Wi-Fi Router

  • To block website on your Wi-Fi router open web browser and type or or  check these addresses one by one, no address work from these then read your router manual.  After entering correct address browser will ask your router username and password, default username and password for router you can found here
  • Now Go To “Access Management” or “Access Restrictions”, Enter content you want to block on your router. For this setting read your router manual because it is different by router manufacture and software version on your router. You can found your router manual online if you don’t have offline.

So Above are the methods for blocking websites on windows computer. There are plenty of software who let you monitoring of your child and family safety.

If you have questions you can ask them below in comments.

How to Create Windows 8 Bootable USB flash Drive from ISO Image

Your computer doesn’t have CD/DVD drive but you want to install windows 8 then another option to install windows 8 is USB flash drive (Please check your BIOS whether it supports USB HDD or flash drive boot). You need to create a bootable USB flash drive for fresh installation of windows on your other computer but you need to buy unique windows activation key, you can use same ISO image for installation.

Creating Windows 8 Bootable USB flash drive from windows ISO image

There is Windows 7 USB/DVD download tool, Download it from here.

Open Windows7 USB/DVD tool, now it will ask you to select ISO image.


Now select media device USB flash drive or CD/DVD drive.

choose CD or flash drive

Select target flash drive as mine is F: (as shown in image below).

select traget flash drive

Click on Begin Copying, after successful you will be able to install windows using flash drive.

If you have any questions you can ask them below in comments.