Apple iCloud Reviews – It is a need of this Gadget Era

Apple iCloud Reviews – It is a need of this Gadget Era

If Someone asks what is Apple iCloud service? My answer is ” It is a cloud created by Apple inc. to users. Users can get benefit from the cloud in live updates. This cloud is created on use of all devices content in real time on any device supported by this.” Its a service from Apple to have users experience of feeling cool in time they are surrounded by many gadgets, devices. They have not to worry about every device update they might willing to do. Why Apple iCloud is Read More Reviews – New Kind Shopping portal in India by Amazon

As per Govt. rules still 100% FDI is not possible in India. Govt. is trying to do so. Amazon has completed its first step to do E-commerce in India. E-Commerce concept is going to be boom in India in coming years as Industry experts has prediction. India has third largest E-commerce market worldwide after USA and China. So thinking about launching different kind of business model by Amazon is really need of Amazon to be in first row. Amazon has focused on market of India via launching their portal Read More

Blackberry benefits and disadvantages by year 2012

In last year we all know the craze about Blackberry smartphones, Specially in Business personalities. Blackberry has some advanced features in it which make it different from other smartphones. But in the current time where we have seeing boom in Android smartphones, iOS smartphones, Its time to reconsider blackberry benefits & disadvantages comparing to other latest smartphones. Blackberry benefits:- BB messenger:- It is one of the most important point of its usefulness. Get messages delivered to your friends, business clients, other peoples in real time basis. No more delays, no Read More

4G benefits – Changing your life with Speed, Quality, Easy to Go

Lets assume today I will say you to operate a P-II computer for some kind document editing. That will be very boring & most of us even can’t run that PC. And when it comes to speed, technology always loving it. Crazy loving aspect of speed is seen in Smartphone boom in USA. According to sources 50%+ people in USA having smartphone by today.  Same thing apply to telecommunication field.  These days 4G technology is advanced Technology in telecommunication sector. 4G is a fourth generation mobile internet connectivity service having Read More

Some free softwares and applications to use – Get them today

I have found an interesting website online. So want to share the features & services provided by the site. Some free softwares and applications to use – Get them today on site are as:- 7 Burn:- Its free software provided by for burning your discs.Sometimes it become very hard to find such utility which may burn all kind discs.  Whether you have CD, DVD, Blu- ray it will burn all kind disc. So why to waste money when you can get this software free of cost. If needed you Read More

Tablet Store opening by Google – Plus point with possible Google Tablet store?

In 2010 big Giant google had sold Nexus one device. It was opened for four months. But according to Google it was not according to their expected goals. So they discontinued selling Nexus one device. Again, according to Wall Street Journal Google has planning to open tablet store. Currently Store will have two companies tie up to selling tablets. Samsung Electronics & Asustek Computer Inc. ‘s tablets will be sold in their tablet store. Basically it is about selling Android smartphones as starting point. As we all know Apple is Read More

Experience Big screen with your Benq Joybee gp2 iphone / ipod Projector

Cheers iPhone, iPod users because now BenQ has made possible more larger display experience for your device. BenQ has launched BenQ Joybee GP2 Projector with specially designed option for iPhone/iPod devices. This projector has come along with many features, which is as below:- DLP Projection System:- This projector is based on DLP (Digital Light Processing) technology of modern projectors. Its coming with LED display type. Good Furnishing body:-This projector has come with good furnishing body on top. It Looks smart physically. Mini Size Portable:-Its mini size & portable Projector device. Read More

Facebook Chat Emoticons & Shorten text message for smart chat

Internet revolution has given us many gifts. Chat messaging services are one of them. Now we can chat anybody located in world anywhere free of cost. Even most of chat service providers make it free to chat with audio & video as well. Chatting is also a skill to do in a smarter way. Some people ignore it saying its not much to do with. But in fact it does effect much on person you chatting with. So why not you also start chatting in a smarter way starting today. Read More

VLC Media Player features review for PC & Android Phones

VLC Media Player features review is positive mostly. All users like this media player for its easy & best performance in playing any kind of media. Whether you have to play DVD, VCD, Real media or Flash drives, Hard Drive files stored in your computer, VLC Media Player is best option to play. It supports all platforms such as Windows, Linux, Unix etc. . So no issue if you are using this on different platforms. Its open source program for playing media any kind. Its free of cost to use Read More

what is a character map? Using Special characters, Creating Private Characters

What is a character map tool in windows? answer is simple. it is system tool of windows. Its used for keyboard input using Alt + Code for any special character. Special characters can be used in any document using character map easily. Or if you know the Alt + code for particular character then its plus point at your side. You can do quick typing if you can remember that Alt + Code. what is a character map? Using Special characters, Creating Private Characters :- 1. Click Windows Icon at Read More